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Adopted Ship Cover PowerPoint Presentation
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Adopted Ship Cover

Adopted Ship Cover

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Adopted Ship Cover

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  1. Presentation for the Structural Design of Ship Cover By Design Group 7on Friday, 13thDecember, 2013

  2. Adopted Ship Cover Reasons the Ship Cover was adopted include: • It complied with the client’s brief • It has the required dimension that will enclose the ship • It is stable and able to transfer both self and imposed load to the foundation

  3. The Ship Cover Reasons the Ship Cover was adopted include: • It is cover is generally in compression

  4. Alternative Scheme Reasons this alternative scheme was not used • Laterally unstable • No adequate means of transferring load to the foundation • Would be difficult to prevent deflections in 100m+ member • Lots of wasted space on top floor

  5. Alternative Scheme This alternative scheme was not used because: • It was not stable • Complicated to build • Too simple/unefficient

  6. Design Process

  7. Artistic work Structural steel ship cover built around the artistic ship Artistic ship used to model the ship cover Section of the artistic ship

  8. Compliance with the Brief Ship model used in modelling the ship cover Ship cover elevation from the brief Erection of stanchions with horizontal Ship section from the brief Section of ship model depicting the section of the ship from the brief

  9. Structural Arrangement (Site Plan)

  10. Structural Arrangement Suraj Stay cables used to provide stability Semi-elliptical arcs transferring load from peak to the supporting Stanchions Bracing of the lift lobby provides prevents sway. Auditorium housing the lift lobby that leads to the crow’s nest

  11. Stability Suraj Stay cables round the structure provides stability against sway Bracing at the edges of the ship cover, Auditorium and the Lift area provides stability

  12. Method of Construction Suraj Erection of stanchions with horizontal rafters and stay cable for stability Erection of the elliptical arc members and braces Continuation of the arc and more stay cable as the height of the structure increases Completion of the ship cover, erection of the Auditorium and Lift Lobby

  13. Design of primary members Eric Composite beam Column design Design of connections

  14. Energy Usage Eric Transparent glazing: self illuminated during the day Roof-mounted photovoltaic cells: • Maximize natural daylight • Cut carbon footprint • Need little maintenance Grey water flushing toilets: reuses rain water

  15. Thank you for listening Any questions? Eric