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FLEET COMPLETE. Corporate Overview. ABOUT COMPLETE INNOVATIONS. Founded in 1998, Complete Innovations is a leading global provider of mission critical fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions

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  1. FLEET COMPLETE Corporate Overview

  2. ABOUT COMPLETE INNOVATIONS • Founded in 1998, Complete Innovations is a leading global provider of mission critical fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions • Complete Innovations has provided dispatching, fleet tracking and mobile resource management solutions to over 5,500 companies worldwide • One of the fastest growing companies in North America – Profit200 & Deloitte Fast500 • Based in Markham, Ontario, Canada

  3. PARTNERSHIP WITH AT&T • AT&Tis US’ second largest wireless carrier whom CI have successfully partnered in a co-sell relationship since 2009. • In May 2011, AT&T launched CI’s product portfolio on their bill. • AT&T has over 7000 sales reps representing CI’s product portfolio.

  4. AT&T MOBILE SOLUTIONSVALUE PROPOSITION AND STRATEGY • Increase productivity through the deployment of integrated mobile solutions • Connected devices, mobile applications such as tracking, field service automation, fleet management, application development, machine to machine integration, tech support and full lifecycle management etc. • Provide professional services to design, integrate, deploy and manage across all areas of a solution

  5. WHY AT&T? • AT&T offers the nations largest most advanced 4G network • Covers 275 Million people • 2000 more US Cities compared to Verizon • AT&T operates the nations largest Wi-Fi network • Serves 105.2 million wireless subscribers • Includes more than 30,000 hotspots across the nation • Communication services to SMB include: • Voice, Data and Video • Bundles • Internet Access & Support • Local Service and Long Distance • Wireless

  6. 3 SOLUTIONS ON 1 PLATFORM • All 3 Fleet Complete solutions can be tracked and managed from: • .NET PC App • Browser + Mobile Browser (HTML5) App • iPadAppC Fleet Complete PC Application Fleet TrackerMGS100, MGS200 or MGS500 Asset TrackerAT1000 Handset SolutionsResource & Action Tracker, HOS

  7. GPS TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Data Centre Security & Redundancy GPS Satellite Internet Wireless Networks 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Fleet Office Resource Asset 7

  8. WHY FLEET COMPLETE? • A feature-rich software platform, that scales up to meet the needs of enterprise customers and user-friendly enough for SMB customers. • Bundled, no capital outlay solutions on one bill,exclusively offered through AT&T. • Fleet Complete offers Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking and Action Tracking in one platform accessible from a rich desktop app, web browser app, iOS app and Android app. • We are a mission-criticalcompany that is focused on providing the best possible customer service including free unlimited training and support.

  9. PRODUCT STRENGTHS • High Loyalty • Low customer churn rate, less than 1% • Proven technology • 10+ years in-market, owned and developed by Complete Innovations • In-House R & D • New features are often based on feedback from our large base of existing customers • Reliable • All customer data is stored in a AT&T Data Center • 3 year warranty on Fleet Trackerhardware • 1 year warranty on Asset Tracker hardware

  10. APPLICATION ACCESS ANYWHERE • .NET software application for your PC - FREE • Web Interface (IE9, Safari, Firefox) - FREE • Mobile application (Android/iPhone/iPad) - FREE • Permits search of location or vehicle from a single search bar and centres map on device • Located device user on the map so they can logout and see closest worker to them • Perform a trip replay (pc only) of any day including speed/speed limit, poi notifications, etc • Further development to be released monthly to include POI creation, rule editing, asset editing Download “Fleet Complete” from the Apple Appstoreor Google Play

  11. RAPID CUSTOMER GROWTH • Subscriber Count continues to grow • Adding over 1,000 subscribers per month • Less then 1% churn rate

  12. IN-HOUSE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Our Professional Services team has the expertise and resources to enhance The Fleet Complete platform, integrate it with it customer systems, and even build new components to compliment our products • The team provides: • Custom reports development Systems integration with other back-office systems • Custom mobile applications to accommodate specific business requirements related to the mobile workforce • Core product customizations and enhancements to accommodate any business requirements (Enterprise customers only)

  13. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Developed by Complete Innovations • Exclusive national partnership with AT&T • Many large customers that are referable • Fleet Complete is a platform – track vehicles, assets and resources • Many competitors can only track vehicles • Complete Innovations has been in business for over 12 years • Complete Innovations reinvests into technology • Professional Services • Integrated billing with AT&T • After sales support (in-house dedicated training and customer support team) • Many of our competitors are small in size, and resellers of technology • Award-winning technology

  14. FLEET COMPLETE TARGET MARKETS Fleet Tracker Opportunities • Courier • Parts Delivery • Office Supplies / Furniture / Food & Beverage Delivery • Armored Vehicles • Passenger (Limo, Patient Transfer) • Environmental Services • Waste Management • Tow-Trucks • HVAC • Plumbers • Electricians • Technicians Asset Tracker Opportunities • Landscape • Property Management • Restoration & Repair • Construction

  15. FAST FACTS • Fuel is the #1 operating cost of most companies with fleets • Every 6 mph over 60 mph decreases fuel economy by 10% • Average truck uses ~1 gallon of fuel for every 1 hour of idling • Harsh braking and rapid acceleration reduce fuel economy by 33% on highways and 5% in the city • Driver behavior has a huge impact on fleet operating costs • Speeding tickets & accidents can result in an increase in insurance rates • Aggressive driving increases wear & tear and maintenance costs - up to $1,500 per year per vehicle • Maintenance is 5% of a vehicle’s total cost of ownership • Poorly-running engines can use 10-20% more fuel • Keeping tires properly inflated can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 19% • Efficient fleet utilization is key to ROI • Using fleet management, companies can reduce labour costs by 8% • Eliminate unauthorized use of fleet vehicles

  16. KEY BENEFITS • Real time fleet management • Enables businesses to track location, speed and direction your vehicles are traveling to be able to respond to customer needs faster and more accuracy • Operational efficiencies • Reduced speeding, idle time, off hours driving, reductions in payroll and paid overtime.  All of these can be achieved by monitoring your remote workforce • Vehicle maintenance • Scheduled proactive maintenance in the system allows for easier management of vehicles and prevent costly vehicle repairs • Increased revenues • Business can get more work out of existing field staff in the same time period • They can use GPS tracking to reduce wasted time, increase dispatch efficiency and route the closest worker

  17. KNOW WHERE THEY AREReal Time Tracking Owners need to know whether their workers are in the right place, when they got there and when they leave to run things effectively • Geo-fencing lets them create defined work area boundaries, and track all activity around them • Set boundaries in which they need to contain vehicles or equipment • Ensure their assets are being used in properly and in compliance with established rules • Fleet Trackers enables business to control their employees actions and the use of their assets • Create alerts for any breech of the geo-fence boundary to 'catch' any unacceptable activity • Follow up on employees who are constantly violating boundaries

  18. ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE Tracking will help you respond to customer need faster and with greater accuracy • Improve dispatching • Increase customer satisfaction • Save valuable company time Fleet Tracker can track and report on each vehicle in your fleet, enabling you to dispatch the closest worker, as well as provide proof that employees completed their jobs in a timely manner

  19. REDUCE EXCESSIVE SPEEDING Excessive speed is dangerous and burns extra fuel increasing risk & cost to fleet operations. • Reducing excessive speeding will: • Save fuel • Reduce unsafe driving • Encourage better driving behaviour • Prolong vehicle health • Each 6 mph over 60 mph decreases fuel economy by 10%

  20. MINIMIZE ENGINE IDLE TIME Reducing engine idle time will: • Save fuel costs • Extend life of vehicle • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Excessive idling wastes fuel: average truck uses 1 gallon of fuel for every 1 hour of idling, 60 min of idle time per day can use up to 300 gallons of fuel annually • Equivalent of $2,000/vehicle every year!

  21. MANAGE VEHICLE MAINTENANCE Vehicles get the best gas mileage when they operate in peak condition • Staying on top of vehicle maintenance will help to: • Keep vehicles running efficiently • Decrease fuel costs • Automated maintenance reporting: • Mileage, operating times, duration and date

  22. CONTROL INSURANCE COSTS Speeding tickets and other moving violations are an unneeded expense of operating a fleet • A single ticket can raise your insurance rates, and • More than one can end up costing you thousands more each year • Controlling insurance costs requires: • Reduce speeding • Reduce unsafe driving • Reduce accidents, loss and theft

  23. STOP UNAUTHORIZED USAGE Over 90% of companies have take home fleet vehicles • Huge potential liability that can come from employees using company vehicles without approval or knowledge

  24. POWER TAKE OFF (PTO) Auxiliary equipment attached to a vehicle where power is required for operation • Examples: • Tow trucks, dump trucks, boom trucks

  25. REDUCE LABOUR COST & IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY Stop guessing if employee’s time sheets are accurate, and eliminate the effort of processing manually timesheets • Stop paying high overtime costs • Eliminate false time sheet claims • Save office administration time Know where your employees vehicles have been, when they arrived, and how long they have been there; productivity will increase because employees know you know


  27. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS Destiny Resources (TELUS Fleet Tracker) Orderit.ca (TELUS Track and Dispatch) Dynamex (TELUS Resource Tracker)

  28. DUNN TIRE BAE: Sharon Vincent IMAP Channel Manager: LuisBouza IMAP SCAM: Jason Blanchard MAC: Michael Beale

  29. DUNN TIRE Customer Problem / Negative Impact: Dunn Tire used a GPS system to track its fleet of delivery trucks while drivers used cell phones to communicate with dispatchers. The company wanted to gain efficiencies with a more robust mobile management solution – integrating tracking and messaging capabilities together.

  30. DUNN TIRE Solution: Fleet Tracker MGS200 with Garmin Integration in 71 vehicles Garmin Integration provides drivers with the latest delivery schedules and driving directions assistance Dispatchers are able to more easily communicate with the drivers using text messaging to enforce safety standards and enhance customer service “ With the new Fleet Complete and Garmin system, we intend to phase out the use of cell phones in the majority of our trucks for a savings of about $14,000 a year.” – Vince Wagner, Director of Distribution, Dunn Tire

  31. DUNN TIRE Customer Benefit: Increased visibility into the use of vehicles and driver behavior More efficient dispatching and communication with drivers Fleet Complete all-in-one tracking and dispatching platform allowed Dunn Tire to do more with less resources AT&T Benefit: 71 MGS 200’s with Complete Innovations – Fleet Tracker AVL Software Solution. ARPU $26


  33. FLEET TRACKER • Key business benefits: • Manage and monitor driver behavior • Reduce fuel costs • Increase vehicle life • Minimize unauthorized vehicle use • Optimize routing and fleet utilization • Increase driver productivity • Ideal for: • Small, medium or large fleet • Businesses looking to increase visibility on their fleet location and activity • Fleet owners who want to minimize fuel expenses and fleet running costs

  34. MGS100 SELF-INSTALL • Features: • Do-it-yourself install capability with OBDII connector • Built-in accelerometer for movement detection • Built-in back-up battery for tampering prevention • 3 year warranty

  35. MGS200 PROFESSIONAL INSTALL • Features: • Covert pro-install • Built-in accelerometer for movement detection • Variety of inputs for sensor readings such as emergency button, driver ID, temperature sensor, door sensor, PTO sensor, etc. • 3 year warranty

  36. MGS500 with OPTIONAL WIFI • Features: • Covert pro-install • Built-in accelerometer for movement detection • Variety of inputs for sensor readings • Ethernet cable for internet connection • Optional WiFi Adapter for wireless internet connection for up to 100 ft • 3 year warranty


  38. GARMIN INTEGRATION Garmin GPS navigation devices can be integrated with Fleet Tracker to provide in-vehicle messaging, dispatch and route navigation. • Features: • Pre-Canned Responses/ Messages • Two-Way Messaging • Automatic navigation for dispatched activities • Automatic job updates • Driver ID Login • Time-card reports • Application: • Couriers, Delivery Trucks, Landscaping Businesses, Technicians, Electricians, Construction, Restoration

  39. DRIVER ID INTEGRATION Save time identifying drivers and individual road behaviors, while keeping vehicles and assets safe with built-in security features. • Features: • Unique Key Fobs • Multiple Key Fobs per one vehicle • Driver ID with buzzer • Driver ID with starter disabling for protection against theft • Time-card reports • Application: • Fleets with Multiple Drivers per Truck, Oil&Gas, Crew Transportation vehicles, Transit vehicles, School buses

  40. EMERGENCY BUTTON INTEGRATION Fleet Tracker can be integrated with an optional Emergency Button for increased driver safety in cases of emergency or distress. • Features: • Covert installation • In-app or email notification of emergency, accident or distress • Application: • Remote crews, Field workers, Lone workers, Oil&Gas, Emergency Response Fleets

  41. POWER TAKE-OFF SENSOR Fleet Tracker can easily integrate with a Power Take-Off connection and monitor accurate usage of the power required for auxiliary equipment. • Features: • Time of ON and OFF status of the auxiliary equipment • Accurate report on PTO usage to avoid under the table work • Receive alerts when the equipment is used, ex. when snow plow lowers the plow, the customer gets informed that their street is being cleaned • Application: • Tow Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cranes, Excavators, Forklifts, Liftgates, Snow Plows, Garbage Trucks

  42. TEMPERATURE SENSOR Monitor and regulate climate control for transportation of temperature-sensitive products. • Features: • Measure temperature in F and C • Transmits temperature status every 4 seconds • Receive alerts for any unnatural spike in temperature • Historic report of temperature throughout the transportation period for quality assurance • Application: • Pharmaceutical and Medical Transportation Fleet, Livestock transportation, Passenger and Public Transport

  43. DOOR SENSOR Monitor the times and duration of the open door status on your vehicles. • Features: • Accurate usage time on door and hood activity for increased preventative maintenance • Duration of open door status for accurate monitoring of passenger pick-up transportation stops • Application: • Public Transit, Bus, Taxi, Delivery Vehicles, Trailers

  44. ECM INTEGRATION Monitor true odometer and fuel economy readings to stay on top of your routine maintenance. • Features: • Accurate value of mileage and engine hours taken from the engine control module • Correct usage of fuel used by the engine • Application: • Public Transit, Bus industry, Passenger Transportation

  45. ASSET TRACKER • Key business benefits: • Visibility of non-powered assets such as trailers, containers, power generators, constructions equipment • Reduced theft and misplacement of equipment • Monitoring of rented equipment • Ideal for: • Businesses with large or expensive equipment that is routinely left on job sites for weeks or months • Businesses that rent equipment out

  46. AT1000 • Features: • Magnetic installation capability • Hardwire installation capability for recharge • 3 year battery without recharge (dependent on transmission rate) • Motion sensor • Rechargeable battery

  47. TEMPERATURE SENSOR Monitor and regulate climate control for transportation of temperature-sensitive products. • Features: • Measure temperature in F and C • Instantly transmits spikes in temperature in storage trailers, etc. • Historic report of temperature data during the storage period • Application: • Logistics, Cargo Transportation, Livestock Transportation, Medical and Pharmaceutical Product Storage

  48. DOOR SENSOR Monitor the times and duration of the open door status on your containers and trailers • Features: • Accurate usage time on door and hood activity for increased preventative maintenance • Alerts for unauthorized door activity to prevent theft or cross-border smuggling • Application: • Logistics, Storage, Warehousing, Cross-border Transportation

  49. FUEL LEVEL SENSOR Monitor the fuel levels, or any other measured readings, in your equipment, such as power generators, water towers, etc • Features: • Receive alerts in cases of fuel levels dropping when equipment is not powered to prevent theft • Accurate reading on the fuel levels to avoid unnecessary refueling trips • Application: • Construction Equipment Rentals, Oil & Gas Equipment Rentals, Mobile Water Towers, Irrigation Systems

  50. DIGITAL SENSOR Monitor any type of activity with ON/OFF, OPEN/CLOSE or UP/DOWN statuses. • Features: • Receive instant alerts when the status has been changed • Keep historic log of the activity on the equipment for accurate work-sheets, preventative maintenance and safety • Application: • Construction, Transportation, PTO Equipment, ATM Machines

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