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A Virtual Life

A Virtual Life. COLLEGE ENGLISH BOOK TWO UNIT FOUR. Unit 4 A Virtual Life. I. New Computer-and-Internet- related Vocabulary II. New Words and Expressions of Text A III. Vocabulary Test of Unit 4 IV. Cultural Notes of Text A

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A Virtual Life

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  2. Unit 4 A Virtual Life • I. New Computer-and-Internet- related Vocabulary • II. New Words and Expressions of Text A • III. Vocabulary Test of Unit 4 IV. Cultural Notes of Text A V. Text Organization and Analysis • VI. Translation • VII. Essay Writing

  3. New Computer-and-Internet-related Vocabulary • Prefixes: cyber-, virtual-, net-, Web-, E-(e-): • cyber-interaction网络互动 • cyber-culture网络文化 • cybernut网虫 • cyberpet电子宠物 • cyber-affairs网恋 • cyberlove网恋 • cyberdoc.(cyber+doctor)网络医生 • cyberize(cyber+ize)使联网

  4. New Computer-and-Internet-related Vocabulary • virtual life虚拟生活 • virtual world虚拟世界 • virtual space虚拟空间 • virtual office虚拟办公室 • virtual pet虚拟宠物 • netter网民 • nethead网虫 • netizen网民 • netsurf网络漫游

  5. New Computer-and-Internet-related Vocabulary • Webmaster网站维护者 • Website网站 • Webpage网页 • Webnomics(Web+economics)网络经济 • Webzine (Web+magazine)网络杂志

  6. New Computer-and-Internet-related Vocabulary • E-book 电子书籍 • E-journal 电子杂志 • E-business电子商务 • E-commerce电子商务 • E-card 电子贺卡 • E-tailing(e+ retailing) 电子零售

  7. 重要新单词及短语 New Words & Expressions virtualinterpretstretch submit communicatespitsymptomjar interactionsuckcommercialcue remarkprojectemotionalroutine abusecrimesuicidearrange appointmentrestoreinterview annoyhighlightat times but then wantset apart

  8. take in in sight

  9. Words and Expressions of Text A(virtual) virtual • a.1.虚拟的 virtual image 虚像 a virtual world a virtual library • 2.事实上的 e.g. Because the government was weak, the army became the virtual ruler of the country. 由于政府软弱,军队成了这个国家事实上的统治者。 • 构词:virtually adv.实际上,实质上   back

  10. Words and Expressions of Text A(interpret) interpret v.1.understand理解 e.g. They are worried that the students might interpret the new regulation as a restriction of their rights. 2.explain解释 e.g. Can you interpret the meaning of these passages?

  11. 3.translate 口译 e.g. I don’t speak German, will you interpret what he says for me? • interpretation n.解释,阐明 interpreter n.口译者 back

  12. Words and Expressions of Test A(stretch) stretch • v.1.拉长,伸展 e.g. He stretched a hat to fit his own head. • 2.伸出(手臂等) e.g. Can you stretch for the book on the top of the shelf? 用法:stretch oneself 伸懒腰,尽最大努力 stretch out伸开四肢;使延长

  13. 分辨: expand, stretch与extend: expand扩大,膨胀,指面或体积的伸展; stretch 伸,指由曲而直或由短而长的伸展 extend伸展,延伸,引申为扩展(势力,范围等). e.g. Metals expand when they are heated. The road extends for miles and miles. My garden extends as far as the river. back

  14. Words and Expressions of Text A(submit) submit • vt.1.提交,提出 e.g. He submitted his resignation.(辞呈) • 2.服从,听从 e.g. He is the last man to submit tamely to another’s opinion. 他决不是顺从他人意见的人。

  15. 3.投降 e.g. After being defeated, they submitted to the enemy. • 用法:submit sth. to sb.向… 提出,提交 submit (oneself) to 服从,听从 e.g. submit an essay to one’s tutor. back

  16. Words and Expressions of Text A(communicate) communicate • vi.1.通信,交流思想 e.g. Young people sometimes complain of not being able to communicate with their parents. • 2.传递,表达 e.g. Our teachers communicate their ideas clearly.

  17. 3.传染 e.g. School children often communicate colds to each other. • 构词:communication n.通讯 交流 • communicative a.通讯联络的 back

  18. want: (formal) not have enough of sth.缺乏(某事物) e.g. He wants the courage to speak the truth. After the disaster there were many who wanted food and shelter.

  19. Words and Expressions of Text A(spit) (symptom) spit (spat or spit) • vt.吐出 spit blood spit curses • 用法:spit at (upon) (表示轻蔑的)唾弃 e.g. They spat at (upon) her ideas. back

  20. symptom • n.1.征兆,表现 e.g. Civil unrest may be a symptom of the decline of a society. 内部不稳定可能是社会衰败的征兆。 • 2.症状 • e.g. The doctor made his diagnoses after studying the patient’s symptoms. back

  21. Words and Expressions of Text A(interaction) interaction • n.1.交往 e.g. There is a need for more interaction between staff and children. • 2.相互作用 e.g. His illness was caused by the interaction of the two drugs. • 他的病是由这两种药物相互作用而引起的。

  22. 构词:interact v. 相互作用,相互影响 interactive a.相互影响的,相互作用的 e.g. The psychotherapy is carried out in small interactive groups. 这种心理治疗是在一起活动的小组之间进行的. back

  23. Words and Expressions of Text A(jar) (suck) jar • v.1.(使)感到不快,刺激(神经等) e.g. His tuneless whistling jarredon my nerves. 2.冲突,争吵,不一致 e.g. My opinion jarred with his. back

  24. suck • v.吸 e.g. She was sucking milk through a straw. • 用法:suck in 吸引,使卷入 e.g. Britain’s high interest rates are sucking in a lot of foreign money. back

  25. Words and Expressions of text A(commercial) (cue) commercial • n.商业广告 e.g. The TV show was interrupted by many commercials. • a. 商业的 commercial education commercial vehicles 商用车辆 back

  26. cue • n.提示,暗示 catch one’s cue from 从… 处得到暗示 miss one’s cues 未注意某人的暗示 throw cues to sb. 给某人提示 back

  27. Words and Expressions of Text A(remark) remark • n.1.言辞,话语 e.g. make a few introductory remarks • 2.评论,谈论 e.g. None of those at present ventured to make any remark on this assertion. 在场者无一人敢对这一断言发表评论。

  28. v.说,评论,谈论 remark on/upon e.g. It’s rude to remark on a girl’s appearance. back

  29. Words and Expressions of Text A(project) • project • v.以为别人也有(与自己同样的情绪),把(自己的感情等)投射给别人 e.g. She easily projects her anxieties and insecurity upon other people. 她易于设想其他人与她有同样的忧虑和不安全感。

  30. n.方案,计划,工程,项目 e.g. They enthusiastically approved of his project. The government has begun a project to increase the size of the harbor. back

  31. Words and Expressions of Text A(emotional) emotional • a.1.感情上的 e.g. He has emotional difficulties. • 2.爱动感情的 e.g. Women are often said to be more emotional than men.

  32. 辨析:emotion, feeling与 passion: emotion 指喜,怒,哀乐等情感或情绪, 程度比feeling强烈,指由于受到刺激而心情激动; feeling 为常用词,受到外界刺激所产生的感觉;passion指不能自持的 “极强烈的感情”, “激情”。

  33. e.g. I’ve lost all feeling in my legs. She argued with great passion. back

  34. Words and expressions of Text A(routine) routine • n.例行事务,日常工作,报告 e.g. break the routine打破常规 follow a routine遵守惯例 business routines 例行业务手续 daily routines 日常工作 • a.例行的,常规的 e.g. a routine examination 例行体检 routine maintenance定期保养 back

  35. Words and expressions of Text A(abuse) abuse • n.1.滥用 e.g. an abuse of one’s trust 辜负某人的信任 an abuse of (privilege, authority) 滥用特权,职权 alcohol abuse 酗酒 drug abuse吸毒

  36. 2.虐待 e.g. child abuse sexual abuse v. 1.滥用,妄用 e.g. to abuse one’s power to abuse one’s kindness • 2.虐待 e.g. The prisoners were often physically abused. back

  37. Words and Expressions of Text A(crime) (suicide) crime • n.罪行 e.g. commit a crime犯罪 confess the crime 坦白交代 罪行 wipe out crimes 消灭犯罪 back

  38. suicide • n.自杀 e.g. attempt suicide试图自杀 commit suicide自杀 an attempted suicide 自杀未遂 back

  39. Words and Expressions of Text A(arrange) (appointment) • arrange • vt.安排 e.g. We have arranged a meeting for next week. • 用法: arrange for sb. to do sth.安排…做… • e.g. The company will arrange for a car to meet you at the airport. back

  40. appointment • n.约会 e.g. make (cancel) an appointment 订立(取消)约会 keep (break) an appointment遵守约会,失约 e.g. They arranged an appointment for next week. back

  41. Words and Expressions of Text A(restore) restore • vt.1.恢复 e.g. Winning three games restored their confidence. • 2.修复,整修 e.g. The factory was restored to full working order . 工厂已修复,完全恢复了正常工作秩序.

  42. set apart 1. set sb./sth. apart from使某人/某事物与众不同或优于其他的 e.g. Her clear and elegant prose sets her apart from most other journalists.

  43. 2. 拨出,留出(时间,金钱等) e.g. One day of the week should be set apart for relaxation.

  44. recover与 restore: recover指用自己的力量重获失去的东西,须以当事人为主语,用主动语态; restore指借助外力使事物恢复原状,也指人恢复知觉,健康或精力等. e.g. The skater quickly recovered his balance. back

  45. Words and Expressions of Text A(interview) • interview • n.1.接见,采访,访谈 e.g. allow an interview with 同意会见某人 give an interview to sb. 接受某人采访 have an interview with sb.会见某人 request an interview请求会见某人

  46. 2.面试,面谈 e.g. Big industrial companies hold job interview all over the country.  大工业公司在全国各地举行招聘面试. • interviewer n. interviewee n. back

  47. Words and Expressions of Text A(annoy) annoy • vt.使恼怒,使烦恼 e.g. The baby is always annoying his sister by pulling her hair. 构词: annoyance n. 恼怒,烦恼 用法: be annoyed at (by, about) e.g. He is annoyed at being left out in the cold.

  48. annoy与 irritate: annoy指外界的干扰令人讨厌或无法忍受,或指某人故意去妨碍别人; irritate 程度比annoy强烈 e.g. It irritated me to have to shout to be heard. back

  49. Words and Expressions of Text A(highlight) highlight • n.1.强光(效果) e.g. Rembrandt used highlights to focus attention in his paintings. 伦勃朗在他的绘画中运用了引人注目的强光色彩效果. • 2.最重要的事件,最精彩的部分

  50. e.g. The highlights of the match will be shown on TV tonight. • vt.强调,突出 e.g. The senator’s speech highlighted the need for reduced tariffs. back

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