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  2. GEOTAB is an essential vehicle and driver productivity tool based on the GPS technology • GEOTAB offers: • Precise fleet analysis and management • Productivity tools and multiple reports

  3. GEOTAB solves: • Administrative complexity • Vehicles and drivers • Uncertainty of what is happening in the field • Driver and vehicle productivity and utilization • Vehicle abuses • Bad driving habit (Idling, Speeding, harsh braking,…) • Higher maintenance costs • Increases accidents occurrences • Unauthorized usage

  4. GEOTAB components: GPS module GPS antenna Driver interface (optional)

  5. How does GEOTAB works: Geotab is in constant communication with the GPS satellites. • The information recorded includes: • Vehicle and driver identification • Position and route of vehicle • Date and time • Traveled distance • Speed, idling, stopped times • Auxiliary sensors

  6. Driver identification and vehicle immobilization Driver insert the touch key into the housing. The driver is identified and logged. If authorized, the vehicle is mobilized.

  7. Transfer of data Data transfer can also be done through the key in seconds. However, in case of lost key, data remains in the unit and can easily be retrieved.

  8. Data transfer: Data can also be done through radio frequency. Transfer occurs automatically, once the vehicle returns to base and the ignition is turned off. The operating range is approximately 300 meters.

  9. Advance mapping software: • Windows compatible • Easy to use Variable map levels Route finder Advance zoning options

  10. Trip profile and exception report: • Green markers • Location and direction • Exceptions • Easily identifiable • Choice of colors • Immediate details • identifications • date / time / duration • speed / distance • exceptions

  11. Reports: • Easy to use • onebutton • Complete andprecise • by ID • by date • …. • Easy to read and export

  12. Maintenance reminders: The maintenance of the vehicles can be easily done through the Maintenance reminder module Basic schedule oil change tire rotation general inspection and more Customizable reminders licenses expiry emission testing …

  13. GEOTAB: Study case • Trial of 8 weeks on 6 sample vehicles showed • Speeding • High idling times • Unauthorized vehicle usages • Maintenance issues • Fuel tax possible savings

  14. GEOTAB : Study case CONTROL OVER SPEEDING Fuel Cost: Each kilometer per hour above 70 Km/h increases fuel consumption by 1.5%. Tires: Tire wear will almost double at road speeds of 90 Km/h or greater. Maintenance Cost: Increasing from 80 Km/h to 90 Km/h increases the cost by 80%. Accident Probabilities: risk doubles for every 5 Km/h above 60 Km/h.

  15. GEOTAB : Study case SPEEDING 1 instance of speeding over 130Km/h 7instances of speeding over 115Km/h 66instances of speeding over 100Km/h 79 instances of speeding over 80Km/h 123instances of speeding over 60Km/h

  16. Speeding

  17. GEOTAB: Study case IDLING COSTS Fuel Cost:Gasoline engines consume between 2.5 and 4 liters of fuel per hour while idling. Also, 10sec. of idling uses more gas than restarting an engine Environmental cost: Idling vehicle emits nearly 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 50Km/h Maintenance Cost: Increased mainly due to higher oil contamination.

  18. GEOTAB : Study case CONTROL IDLING WASTE Ottawa By law 2004-253: […]No person shall operate or permit the operation of an engine or motor in, or on, any motor vehicle […] for a continuous period exceeding five (5) minutes, while such vehicle is stationary […] Further city plan:Develop an Air Quality and Climate Change Plan that identifies ways to reduce the impacts of transportation through measures such as anti-idling regulations[…]

  19. GEOTAB : Study case CONTROL IDLING WASTE Over 6 days of idling (over 154 hours). That is 13hours per month per vehicle.

  20. GEOTAB: Study case CONTROL OVER VEHICLE USAGE Productivity of vehicle: You will know if your vehicle fleet is under/over used Unauthorized vehicle usage: After and during hours usage control

  21. Unauthorized usage Extra kilometers: 133 kms on Jan 15, 2005 Stopped for 2 hrs in Vankleek Hill

  22. Unauthorized usage Stopped at Lakeview Terrace for 50 min on Jan 03 Stopped for 15mn at Golf Course, Feb 06 Stopped for 2h36m at 71 James Byrne, Aylmer on Jan 3, 2005 Multiple trips and stops

  23. GEOTAB: Study case MAINTENANCE ADVANTAGES Better maintenance: Better scheduling and management Early warning: low battery voltage Maintenance reminders: Oil changes, Tire rotations, general repairs,… Other reminders:Driver licenses, plate licenses, end of leases…

  24. GEOTAB: Study case FUEL TAX ADVANTAGES Your company is exempt of fuel tax while PTO is engaged. The PTO was engaged for over 60 hours during the trial period, resulting on a potential fuel tax claim on approximately 240 liters. That is a claim of taxes on over 1,600 liters per year per vehicle.