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  1. Tanner Francis Mr. Powell 2ndhr

  2. What were some issues that caused the war of 1812? • British impressment of American sailors. • Violation of free trade. • British Provoking of Indian attacks. • British violation of American waters.

  3. British Impressment of American Sailors • The primary international issue was the impressment of American sailors by the Royal Navy and trade restrictions. Both the British and French impressed American sailors. • In fact American came close to war with France on the impressment issue. The impressments grew out of the war between France and England than any act aimed at the Americans.

  4. Violation of Free Trade • U.S.-British conflict arising from U.S. grievances over oppressive British maritime practices in the Napoleonic Wars. To enforce its blockade of French ports, the British boarded U.S. and other neutral ships to check cargo they suspected was being sent to France and to impress seamen alleged to be British navy deserters. • The U.S. reacted by passing legislation such as the Embargo Act (1807); Congress's War Hawks called for expulsion of the British from Canada to ensure frontier security. When the U.S. demanded an end to the interference, Britain refused, and the U.S. declared war on June 18, 1812.

  5. British Provoking of Indian Attacks • Britain provoked the Indian attacks on America because the British saw Indians as valuable allies. The British military supported the Indians by offering armed resistance to the expansion of the American frontier to the west, in return of attacks on the Americans; and the British had plans of creating a large neutral Indian state which would be located across Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

  6. British Violation of American Waters • The British Continued to send ships into American Territory and this caused much conflict between them leading up to the War of 1812

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