introduction to agriscience shop safety rules n.
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Introduction to AgriScience Shop Safety Rules PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to AgriScience Shop Safety Rules

Introduction to AgriScience Shop Safety Rules

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Introduction to AgriScience Shop Safety Rules

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  1. Introduction to AgriScienceShop Safety Rules 6th grade Instructor – Mrs. Shomo

  2. Safety Test • You must pass a safety test with 100%. • Who wants to work with someone who doesn’t know how to work safely. • Test will be 10 questions – true and false.

  3. Safety Rules • We follow safety rules to keep ourselves safe, as well as our friends and even Mrs. Shomo!

  4. 1. Always wear safety glasses! • While working… • While cleaning up… • Do not remove them from your face when in the shop!

  5. 2. No horseplay – ever! • Horseplay is when you do stupid things, which sometimes causes others or yourself to get hurt… no running, throwing, pushing, hitting, doing anything you know is wrong!

  6. 3. No more than 4 people are to work at a table! • Everyone likes to have their own space to work in. • The only exception to this rule is when we paint.

  7. 4. Use tools correctly! • Use tools for their intended use. • Listen closely when Mrs. Shomo demonstrates how to use the tools.

  8. 5. Clean tools properly. • After you use tools and before you return them to the cabinet, CLEAN THEM!

  9. 6. Share tools. • We don’t have enough tools for everyone to have their own set of tools, so we must SHARE!

  10. 7. Replace tools to the cabinets when finished using them! • Be sure and return tools to the correct cabinet so that other people will be able to find them!

  11. 8. Do not wear jackets when working in the shop! • Leave jackets in the classroom so that you don’t get them dirty or spill paint on them!

  12. 9. Vises are used for work! • Vises are not pencil crushers or finger smashers. • Vises hold the wood so that you can work on it safely!

  13. 10. Do not bother any projects that do not belong to you. • If there are things left out on the table, leave it alone. • If something is in your way, let Mrs. Shomo take care of it!

  14. 11. Do not bother any power tools or machinery! • Do not touch any of the power equipment. • Do not talk to Mrs. Shomo if she is using a power machine. • You can watch Mrs. Shomo work on a machine, just don’t get too close.

  15. 13. Work only on your project, not your friend’s project! • Be proud of what you do! Work only on your project. • No one’s project will be perfect. • Make this woodworking project a learning experience!

  16. 14. Clean-up duties will be done before class is dismissed! • You will work on a clean-up team with assigned duties. • The shop will be clean before you leave. • Clean-up starts 8 minutes before the bell!

  17. I agree to follow the safety rules while in Mrs. Shomo’s AgriScience class. Any violation of these rules may result in suspension of shop activities.


  19. The end…