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Animated Robotics

Animated Robotics

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Animated Robotics

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  1. Animated Robotics with Mark Ingham

  2. Robots of Brixton by Kibwe Tavares

  3. A really short synopsis of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus would be: • A young Swiss student discovers the secret of animating lifeless matter and, by assembling body parts, creates a monster who vows revenge on his creator after being rejected from society. •

  4. Early Animation

  5. Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (1906) • by newspaper cartoonist J. Stuart Blackton

  6. Fantasmagorie 1908

  7. Emile Cohl - Fantasmagorie 1908 [French] • • Emile Cohl created the first fully animated film, Fantasmagorie (1908), and in the process lifted cartoons out of the realm of trick films and started them on the path toward animated features. The two-minute film Fantasmagorie (alternatively, in English: A Fantasy, Black and White, or Metamorphosis) is made up on approximately 700 double-exposed drawings, using what is known as a "chalk-line effect", a technique probably borrowed from early animator James Stuart Blackton.

  8. Winsor McCay - 1911 - Little Nemo

  9. Winsor McCay - 1911 - Little Nemo • • New York Herald comic-strip animator and sketch artist Winsor McCay (1869-1934) produced a string of comic strips from 1904-1911, his three best being Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend, Little Sammy Sneeze, and Little Nemo in Slumberland (from October 15, 1905 to July 23, 1911). Although McCay wasn't the first to create a cartoon animation, he nonetheless helped to define the new industry. He was the first to establish the technical method of animating graphics. His first animation attempt used the popular characters from his comic strip (and became part of his own vaudeville act): Little Nemo in Slumberland (1911) (with 4,000 hand-drawn frames), followed by How a Mosquito Operates (1912) (with 6,000 frames).

  10. Gertie the Dinosaur 1914

  11. Gertie the Dinosaur 1914 • •

  12. Gertie the Dinosaur 1914 • Walter McCay first prominent, successful and realistic cartoon character or star was a brontosaurus named Gertie in Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) (with 10,000 drawings, backgrounds included), again presented as part of his act. In fact, McCay created the "interactive" illusion of walking into the animation by first disappearing behind the screen, reappearing on-screen!, stepping on Gertie's mouth, and then climbing onto Gertie's back for a ride - an astonishing feat! It was the earliest example of combined 'live action' and animation, and the first "interactive" animated cartoon. Some consider it the first successful, fully animated cartoon - it premiered in February 1914 at the Palace Theatre in Chicago.

  13. [W]Ladislaw Starewicz - Cameraman's Revenge

  14. [W]Ladislaw Starewicz - Cameraman's Revenge • • Wladyslaw Starewicz' childhood passion for entomology led his career: he began producing short documentaries in Moscow around 1909-1910, beginning with a documentary about insects in Lithuania. In his spare time, he experimented with stop-action films using beetles, which he articulated by wiring the legs to the thorax with sealing wax! This, of course, led to his big breakthrough, released by the Van Kanjonkov Studio of Moscow: "The Battle of the Stag Beetles", the first puppet-animated film.

  15. Lotte Reiniger

  16. The Adventures of Prince Achmed • The little-known but pioneering, oldest-surviving feature-length animated film that can be verified (with silhouette animation techniques and color tinting) was released by German film-maker and avante-garde artist Lotte Reiniger, The Adventures of Prince Achmed (aka Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed) (1926, Germ.), based on the stories from the Arabian Nights. Reiniger's achievement is often brushed aside, due to the fact that the animations were silhouetted, used paper cut-outs, and they were done in Germany. And the rarely-seen prints that exist have lost much of their original quality. However, the film was very innovative -- it used multi-plane camera techniques and experimented with wax and sand on the film stock.

  17. Lotte Reiniger - Cinderella

  18. Japanese Early Animation

  19. Japanese Classic Cartoon (1933) • UGOKIE-KO-RI-NO-TATEHIKI(1933) (Moving picture -Fox and Asian racoon's cheats each other) Director: Ikuo Oishi In the temple that became ruins, the fox that disguises as the samurai does the fight of magic with Asian racoon's parent and child. •

  20. Eastern European Animation • Holló Jankó • • "Holló Jankó" (also known as Janko Raven) from the animated series "Magyar Népmesék" (Hungarian Folktales).

  21. Nowy Janko Muzykant

  22. Nowy Janko Muzykant • • Experimental animated film, telling the story of Janko, the musician.

  23. Jan Švankmajer

  24. Jan Švankmajer • Czechoslovak animator extraordinaire, Jan has been making intensely bizarre films since the mid-'60s. Most of his work is a mix between 3-D stop-motion animation, puppets and live-action, but it can involve any mix of the above. His stories are eerie, delightful, and surreal. His actors include real people, machines, socks, clay figures, antique dolls, pencil sharpeners, and skeletons or stuffed corpses of animals, among other things. His sets are usually decaying Czech buildings or landscapes, decorated with waste of the industrial age: rotting furniture, rusty nails, sawdust, oily screws, and the like.

  25. Alice by Jan Svankmajer


  27. BAGPUSS • BAGPUSS EP1 PT1 (A tribute to oliver postgate) • • Pre CGI, this saggy, old cloth cat first appeared in the shop window in 1974. Through a series of sepia photographs we were told the story of a little girl named Emily who owned a shop where lost items were placed in the window, in front of Emily's favourite stuffed toy, Bagpuss

  28. UK Children’s Animation

  29. Creature Comforts • Creature Comforts • • Politicians debate the war in Iraq (Creature comforts) •

  30. Japanese Manga/Amime • Naruto Manga 433 • [HQ English] •

  31. CGI • toy story 2 videos bloopers •

  32. Finding Nemo [07/11] •