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animated. sound. 33 slides. TRICKY PLURALS. RULES AND FINAL EXERCISE. feet. foots. feets. foot. Sorry, no dinner today!. sheep. sheeps. sheepes. sheep. No fish again?. childrens. childs. children. child. Nothing again?. fishes. fish. fishs. fish.

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  1. animated sound 33 slides TRICKY PLURALS RULES AND FINAL EXERCISE

  2. feet foots feets foot Sorry, no dinner today!

  3. sheep sheeps sheepes sheep No fish again?

  4. childrens childs children child Nothing again?

  5. fishes fish fishs fish You´ll be hungry!

  6. knives knifes knive knife What a fisherman!

  7. mens mans men man Are you hungry?

  8. womans women womens woman Where is your fish?

  9. leafs leaves leave leaf You´ll be hungry!

  10. mouses mices mice mouse Are you joking?

  11. teeth tooths teeths tooth Not exactly. Try again!

  12. means meanses meens means Go home!

  13. crisi crisises crises crisis Fish is swimming in the river!

  14. deer deers deeres deer Go and buy the fish!

  15. goose geese gooses goose It´s getting late. Give it up!

  16. ladys ladyes ladies lady Nothing again?

  17. datums data datas datum Fish is safe!

  18. toies toys toyes toy You should have more practice!

  19. feet foots feets foot What about having some bread for dinner?

  20. roofs roofes roofies roof Try hard!

  21. bikies bikes bike bike Try again!

  22. people peoples personals person Oh, no!

  23. tomaties tomatos tomatoes tomato Poor you!

  24. wifes wives wifies wife Your fish is laughing at you!

  25. shelf shelfes shelves shelf Come on!

  26. wishes wishs wishies wish Are you kidding?

  27. heros heroes heroies hero Not today!

  28. churchies churchs churches church It´s getting cold!

  29. boxes boxs boxies box Well, it´s not your lucky day!

  30. key keies keys key It´s not funny anymore!

  31. penciles pencils pencilies pencil You are hopeless!

  32. RULES • Most words that end in –s, -x, -z, -ch, -sh • Add –es. • dish → dishes • Some words that end in -f • Change the –f to a –v then add –es. • wolf → wolves • Words that end in -ife • Change the –ife to –ive and add –s. • wife → wives, knife → knives • Words that end in consonant + y • Change the –y to an –i then add –es. • berry → berries

  33. Some words don´t change • fish → fish, deer → deer • Some words ending in –o • Add –es • tomato → tomatoes • Some other words change a lot • person → people, man → men, child →children, woman → women, foot → feet, tooth → teeth, • mouse → mice, goose → geese, datum →data • Most other words • Just add –s. • cat → cats

  34. potatoes • wolves • feet • cherries • people • plays • wishes • women • watches • planes Write the plurals • person • potato • wolf • foot • cherry • play • wish • woman • watch • plane SOLUTION

  35. LINKS • http://animoteca.blogcindario.com/2006/10/00069-pelicano-pescando.html • http://www.infigration.com/aaishwarya/healthonomics/gear-up-to-beat-the-summer/ • http://clipartgarden.com/animatedgifs/flowers5.html

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