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GRSC-8 Summary Report PowerPoint Presentation
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GRSC-8 Summary Report

GRSC-8 Summary Report

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GRSC-8 Summary Report

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  1. GRSC-8 Summary Report Zhiqin Wang, GRSC-8 Chair, CCSA Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

  2. General Overview • 41 attendees • 16 input documents • Noted meeting report from GRSC-7 (ITU) • 3 High Interest Subject (HIS) panel sessions • Wireless access including RLANs & ad-hoc Networking • Mobile Multimedia Broadcast & Multicast • Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS) • 3 Task Force Reports • IMT Task Force • Radio Microphone Task Force • Re-launch of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Task Force • WRC12 status Reports

  3. HIS: Wireless access including RLANs & ad-hoc Networking(ISACC) • Contributions: 02r2(ARIB), 03 (CCSA), 04 (TIA), 16 (ISACC) • Summary • Studies of technical specifications of the Wide Area Ubiquitous Network (WAUN) system towards development of the ARIB standard • The need for a WAUN frequency allocation being discussed • Update provided on evolution of SCDMA from narrowband to broadband to multimedia trunking system & the standardization timeline • McWill (Multi-Carrier Wireless Information Local Loop) included in ITU-R Recommendation on BWA technologies • Further development of standards, research and cooperation • Specifications developed to support cdma2000®-based Femtocells • Regulatory issues for Femtocells such as lawfully authorized electronic surveillance being studied in 2010 • Ongoing coordination with Broadband Forum for publication of Femtocell Management Objects and with Femto Forum to address industry considerations

  4. Resolution • Name of HIS changed from “Wireless Access including RLANs & ad-hoc Networking” to “Broadband Wireless Access, RLANs and ad-hoc Networking” • Revised for updated information.

  5. HIS: Mobile Multimedia Broadcast & Multicast(TIA) • Contributions: 05 (ETSI), 06r2 (TIA), plen-04(ARIB, for info) • Summary • Digital radio rollouts dependent on government support. European rollout with digital receiver profiles provide first step of unifying the market • Mobile TV based on DVB and FLO are not a major success today, but expectations are high. Several alternate technologies and devices are competing for the attention of subscribers. • ARIB continues standardization efforts in this area. • Resolution • Reaffirmed

  6. HIS: Reconfigurable Radio Systems (TIA) • Contributions: 07(CCSA), 08 (ETSI), 09 (TIA) • Summary • Expanded activity in China and Europe • Limited progress elsewhere • Resolution • Revised for updated information.

  7. Task Force Reports: IMT Task Force • Contribution: 10 (ARIB) • Summary • According IMT-Advanced process, The IMT Task Force encourages activities of exchanging information and views for the finalization of 2 ITU-R Recommendation/Reports which are: • Detailed radio interface specifications for IMT-Advanced [IMT.RSPEC] and, • Analysis and assessment of global broadband wireless services and marketplace for IMT [IMT.UPDATE]. • The IMT Task Force requests its PSOs to review their national/regional activities and to report on their progress to the Task Force and at the next GSC meeting. • Resolution • Propose following updates for Resolution GSC-14/01: • To update “Recognizing part” as appropriate • To add issues on [IMT.RSPEC] and [IMT.UPDATE] in “Resolves part”

  8. Task Force Reports: Radio Microphone Task Force • Contribution: 14 (ETSI +14a1 for info), 15 (ETSI +15a1 for info) • Summary • In Europe, reallocation of 790-862 MHz band to Mobile Fixed Communication Network will impact the use of radio microphones. • A Specialist Task Force STF386 was set up within ETSI to investigate Cognitive-PMSE. • PMSE stands for “Program Making and Special Events”. Relevant standard documents have or will be published in recent years. • Further to the work of ETSI-CENELEC JWG DD, consideration of appropriate immunity standards will take place. • ETSI are in the process of revising its standard EN 300 422 according to recent development of Assistive Listing Devices (ALD). • Resolution • Reaffirmed

  9. Task Force Reports: Re-launch Task Force • Contribution: 11 (ETSI +11a1 for info), 13r1 • Summary • Raised problems of current EAS technology from several aspects including frequency and potential interference with existing safety & distress systems, cost reduction, systems standards. • Proposed to re-launch the EAS Task Force in GSC to: • gather information and evaluate the possibilities of moving towards standard systems and frequencies around the world. • further investigate the issue of potential interference between EAS tagging systems and existing safety & distress systems through a measurement campaign. • Resolution • Propose to approve a new resolution on Radio Aspects of EAS and Create a GRSC Task Force on EAS.

  10. ITU preparation for WRC-12 • Contribution: 12 (ITU) • Summary • Timetable in preparation for WRC-12: • 3 Dec 2010: publication of draft CPM report • 31 Jan 2011: Deadline for contributions to CPM 11-2 • 14-25 Feb 2011: CPM 11-2 • April 2011: publication of CPM Report • Q1 2012: WRC-12 • Chapters of CPM report and corresponding WRC-12 Agenda items. The agenda items of particular interest have been highlighted. • Increasing activities of regional group meetings and information meetings for WRC-12.

  11. ResolutionsActions proposed by GRSC-8 • GSC15/15: Reconfigurable Radio Systems (Revised) • GSC 15/21: Broadband Services in Rural and Remote Areas (Revised) • Rename the Resolution and corresponding HIS to “Broadband Wireless Access, RLANs and ad-hoc Networking” • GSC 15/33: (GRSC) Radio Aspects of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems (New) • Create a new GRSC Task Force on EAS, convened by Jacques Hulshof (NEDAP, NL) from ETSI

  12. Final Status of GRSC Resolutions • GSC 15/13, Global UWB Standardization including UWB Radar and Sensor/Imaging Applications (Reaffirmed) • GSC 15/15, Software Defined Radio (SDR) (Revised) • GSC 15/17, Mobile Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast (Reaffirmed) • GSC 15/19, Facilitating Liaison in Relation to Measurement Methodologies, associated Measurement Uncertainty and Calibration (Reaffirmed) • GSC 15/20, Radio Microphones and Cordless Audio Standardization (Reaffirmed) • GSC 15/21, Broadband Services in Rural and Remote Areas (Revised) • GSC 15/33: (GRSC) Radio Aspects of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems (New)

  13. Closing remarks • Thanks to the GRSC-8 Vice-Chairs • Mr. Colin Langtry (ITU) • Ms. Cindy Cook (ISACC) • Thanks to HIS panel session lead PSO speakers