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$5248 Per Month Make Money Online Blueprint Free eBook .pdf PowerPoint Presentation
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$5248 Per Month Make Money Online Blueprint Free eBook .pdf

$5248 Per Month Make Money Online Blueprint Free eBook .pdf

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$5248 Per Month Make Money Online Blueprint Free eBook .pdf

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  1. Make Money without investing Your Life Savings Disclosure: I take pride in all my Products. And work hard to make them the best I can with diligence, care, and professionalism. That being said, I wanted to take a second and let you know that there could be a few errors or typos in the Content below. To be quite frank, I have had dyslexia since a small boy. This is not an excuse on my part but just wanted to let you know as I have worked hard to make this Content as perfect as possible with much proof reading and even got others to help with this. But there may be a few errors that got by us. Nothing that will take away from the Quality of it, though. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy :)

  2. Okay Listen Up, Amigo! I should not have to tell you this but...This course is NOT public domain or for the general Public. You cannot resell, or resell as masters and you do NOT have PLR Rights to this course! They are intended for your use and your use only. Also, I cannot guarantee that this course will bring about Profits for you in any way, shape or form. They may but they may not. I have spent a lot of hours creating this course for my own business. And I am convinced that you will find this to be totally worthy and of high quality. If you apply the technique in an effective and constructive way there is a distinct possibility that this course can help you get started your online business. But no guarantees!!

  3. Introduction Well hello there.. I am so glad you joined me. And I'm excited to be able to provide and share this wonderful course with you. I think you are going to get a lot from this course to make your first dollar with me within next 7 days. But before we go any farther, I just want to touch up on a few things to help you. This course were meant to be a challenge to get your first online dollar within next 7 days/.. People who follow along with my course and take immediate action can start receiving money from Day 1. With this being said, I will say that this is just a push up from my side to bring your first dollar working from home online. If you don’t take immediate action or don’t follow me step by step then i can’t guarantee anything. Honestly, this course doesn’t guarantee any earnings but we believe if you follow along with us then you will see results.

  4. About The Company/ Platform: JOIN FOUR PERCENT NOW This online business training platform helps with sales systems and the digital marketing aspect of your company. 4 Percent was founded by Vick Strizheus. Strizheus has been branded and is well known as “The King Of Online Traffic”. Vick is no stranger to online traffic and marketing systems; he is not only the founder of Four Percent but he is also the founder of Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy. Strizheus has over 5 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs through traffic, sales and how to run a profitable and successful business quickly. He taught them about Product Launches, Sales Funnel Creation & Optimization, Traffic Generation / Advanced Media Buying, Business Strategies, and Lead Generation & Conversion.

  5. Vick is a true value provider. I have never seen anyone that provides so much FREE value! He is on a mission to TRANSFORM people’s lives. He truly wants to help people overcome their challenges, in any area of their life – not just financial. He is all about personal development, mind-set, belief and personal empowerment. He has strong family and spiritual values, and his goal for us is to become EXTRAORDINARY.

  6. How Does The 4% Group Work to Make Money Online? During the 7 Step Program, Vick grooms to cut yourself loose from the 96% of online marketers who barely make more than $100 a month. So that he mentors you to join an industry of bloggers, e-mail and YouTube marketers who makes as much as 6 figure a month from digital marketing. This is how the name “The 4 percent Group” came to be. By joining the group, you will commit to become one of The Four Percenter’s who make money online as a profession. By following the step-by-step program laid out by Vick Strizheus in the group, you can expect to make it to this elite 4%. You can and will make online marketing your full time job. The Four Percent Group is the summary of the best Vick’s online marketing strategies that he has acquired on his online journey. There are different ways to profit with the 4% group, all this following the formula to succeed: High targeted traffic + High converting funnel + Great product = Conversions = Sales = Money What you get from The 4 percent Group is a top class training, step-by-step video lessons and the only platform you’ll ever need to be in The 4% Group that is making thousands of dollars on the internet and dominating the industry. So, keep reading our Four Percent Group Review.

  7. How does 4 percent group can help you: The 4% group is the best teaching program that helps you to run your own business into the success. This program will also make yourself the digital entrepreneurs who are ready to take your business to the next level. ⇒ Start Up : The 4 percent group is easy to start-up with the simple steps to build the profitable online business all over the world. ⇒ Profit : This program will automate your online business systems and process to improve your profits forever. ⇒ Scale : In this 4 percent group, it will teach on how to scale your online business and improves your client's lifetime value. ⇒ Legacy : This program will help you to secure your family’s financial and leaves the legacy.

  8. The Main Features Of The Four Percent Group : ⇒20+ Hours Of Digital Business Video trainings & private Digital Client For Life Coaches: The 4 percent groups includes the seven easy steps to start-up, 3 easy steps to set-up, and 3 easy steps to promote your business successfully. You will get access to 1 on 1 coaching the world's best coaches who will help you to achieve your business goals. ⇒7 -Figure Sales funnels, Follow up Sequences and Sales automation: This Platforms comes with the automated sales funnel which have been developed by 7- figure marketers to automate your sales process. It will also teach on how to make the follow-up, automate and leverage your effort for greater profits.

  9. ⇒High Commission Back End Products and done for you Branding Solution: It is built in resellable back end products for you so that you can leverage top-tier commissions. It will also send our conversion and sales forever. ⇒Community, leadership, networking And Live events: It will give VIP access to the business leaders and experts to teach you every way to success. You will also get live events, networking events which make you believe it. The 4 Percent is an evolutionary online community helping other people reach levels of income that people can only dream of. This includes people from all over the world from any background, age, level of interest or in this particular method of expertise, river of opportunity. The Four Percent is fully loaded with excruciatingly simple design to resolve all frustration and problematic situations that occur on a day to day basis. The Four Percent team is for once a complete all in one, one in all divine intervention driving massive amounts of success to the members that sign up. The Four Percent Training is a one-of-a-kind automated marketing system that is focused on giving you the tools and information necessary to create a realistic $5,000+ per month income within 30-60 days and then doubling that in the following 60 days.

  10. The 4 Percent includes Information such as: ⇒ How to make $5,000+ per month within 30-60 days ⇒ How to Earn 40% Commissions ⇒ How to Change the Game of Internet Marketing ⇒ How to Build Your Lists and Generate Instant Traffic ⇒ Blueprints for generating 6-figures of Wealth ⇒ 24/7 Access to Vick’s VIP Trainings and Webinars ⇒ Limitless Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings & Much More… Inside The 4 Percent Group’s Members Area: I’m really happy and excited to say that this system works for me. Although results may vary, it gave me great results on the 1st day that I tried it. It still works after a few days, I implementing the course. This course is really easy and simple to follow and understand

  11. When you join 4 Percent Group, you will gain access to the member’s area where you will get access to readymade funnel, high quality training videos and two big archives of documents/tools/etc relating to email list building and commission generation. How Can The 4 Percent Group Support Us? The 4 Percent Group can do the best to train your way of money making strategy and also showing income levels for good by using simple methods. Once the training is 100% completed, you can you lead the competition in very high without saturated installation, just make money in the online market. If you want to put it in a legitimate system or business opportunity for good money than the truth is that you can make money without dropping blood, sweat, and tears to make money right now with The 4 Percent Group.

  12. The Four Percent Group’s Blueprint: Step 1: New members’ orientation: The first presentation by Vick, which there he reveals his vision and strategies in generally. As always, the first introduction is the most important and most recommended way to soak the entire perspective of what you’re going to get plus how it is going to happen. You will immediately notice that Vick is a very dynamic person (I would rather say a workaholic too).

  13. Step 2: Quick setup and activating multiple streams of income: * In this step you will be guided personally by Vick with a lot of informative details. * Step by step style as for how to set up your accounts in order to get the 4% system generating multiple streams of income. * To ensure you have a constant flow of incomes from several different sources.

  14. Step 3: Funnels setup: As mentioned, as a basic 4% member (or above) you will have a free access to the outstanding funnels directory of the group. These funnels are highly recommended to use for some reasons: * First, they all created by the Four Percent Group with an aim to convert well. * Secondly, during the learning process you will be taught how to use and master these funnels in order to maximize your commissions from the several channels.

  15. Step 4: Power base activation: Results today: Okay, this step comes right after you have set up everything and ready to go! In this step, you will be getting Vicks’ instruction as for what to do and how to act once you’re ready. Step

  16. 5: Plant your flag: This step includes general explanation. It basically meant to motivate people by showing them the whole picture. Step

  17. 6: The Miracles of live events: Here Vick explains about the virtual webinars in the group, including the FB live events, and explains the importance and worth of attending to live events that the Four Percent Group has.

  18. Step 7: Operation 100K: Well, we have done everything from Step-1 to Step-6 in order to get to the last step which is also called OP100K. This step is actually the beginning of the learning process. Or in other words, at this point you start to run your business! Once you are here, be rest assured that your journey as an internet marketer starts. In this Operation 100K, Vick will be teaching you his strategies of how to collaborate as a marketer in the industry with an aim to dominate the market, unlike many others who busy competing each other.

  19. Few testimonials video url of about four percent group is below..

  20. Conclusion: CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED If you are ready to start making money online, there has never been a better opportunity than now. If you enjoy surfing the web for countless hours looking for the next hot tip, never being able to get focused, being overloaded with conflicting information, and not making money online, you should probably leave this page right now and get back to that strategy. This program teaches you exactly how to make money with a unique way and teaches the same strategies that I am currently using to make up to $400 a day. If you join this system and start implementing what Vick teaches you I have no doubts that you’ll make money. JOIN FOUR PERCENT NOW

  21. If you are still reading this ebook then here is some more recommended money making ideas for you---- 1.The 8 Minutes profits 2.$500 CPA EveryDay 3.Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 4.10X Commissions 5.uProfit 6.Shareify THE END