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Figure S2

Strain. Country. Year. Biovar. IP1867. Algeria. 1945. Orientalis. IP532. Vietnam. 1955. Orientalis. IP513. Vietnam. 1964. Orientalis. IP772. Vietnam. 1963. Orientalis. IP940. Vietnam. 1965. Orientalis. IP820. Vietnam. 1964. Orientalis. IP989. Vietnam. 1964.

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Figure S2

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  1. Strain Country Year Biovar IP1867 Algeria 1945 Orientalis IP532 Vietnam 1955 Orientalis IP513 Vietnam 1964 Orientalis IP772 Vietnam 1963 Orientalis IP940 Vietnam 1965 Orientalis IP820 Vietnam 1964 Orientalis IP989 Vietnam 1964 Orientalis IP524 Senegal 1944 Orientalis IP507 Vietnam 1955 Orientalis IP567 Brazil 1967 Orientalis IP571 Brazil 1967 Orientalis IP568 Brazil 1967 Orientalis IP569 Brazil 1967 Orientalis IP521 Turkey UN Orientalis IP241 Madagascar 1989 Orientalis IP666 Madagascar 1992 Orientalis IP644 Madagascar 1989 Orientalis IP610 Argentina 1946 Orientalis IP696 Germany 1952 Orientalis IP304 Madagascar 1969 Orientalis IP685 Germany 1952 Orientalis IP695 Germany 1952 Orientalis IP528 Madagascar 1946 Orientalis IP529 Madagascar 1951 Orientalis IP1595 India 1994 Orientalis IP283 India 1994 Orientalis IP530 Madagascar >1939 Orientalis IP678 Belgian Congo 1950 Orientalis IP573 USA 1948 Orientalis IP1747 USA 1992 Orientalis IP574 USA 1950 Orientalis IP579 India 1908 Orientalis IP1535 South Africa 1982 Orientalis IP523 Senegal 1944 Orientalis IP577 Morocco 1940 Orientalis IP578 Morocco 1940 Orientalis IP15382 Namibia 1984 Orientalis IP1540 Namibia 1985 Orientalis IP1537 Namibia 1984 Orientalis IP1541 Namibia 1986 Orientalis IP1542 Namibia 1986 Orientalis IP612 Burma 1970 Orientalis IP613 Burma 1970 Orientalis IP516 Kurdistan 1948 Medievalis IP519 Kurdistan 1951 Medievalis IP562 Kurdistan 1947 Medievalis IP564 Kurdistan 1948 Medievalis IP557 Kurdistan 1963 Medievalis IP565 Turkey 1952 Medievalis IP537 Kenya 1952 Antiqua IP543 Belgian Congo 1953 Antiqua IP539 Kenya 1952 Antiqua IP542 Kenya 1952 Antiqua IP549 Belgian Congo 1953 Antiqua IP544 Kenya UN Antiqua IP545 Kenya UN Antiqua IP553 Kenya UN Antiqua IP550 Kenya UN Antiqua IP677 Kenya UN Antiqua IP552 Kenya UN Antiqua IP554 Kenya UN Antiqua Percent similarity 80 90 100 Figure S2

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