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Thursday 24th May 2012 Elite Athletes’ Briefing

Thursday 24th May 2012 Elite Athletes’ Briefing. Briefing agenda. Welcome and Introductions Competition Jury Schedules and Timetables Check-in and procedures The course Post-race procedures Weather forecast. Welcome and I ntroductions. Marisol Casado, ITU President

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Thursday 24th May 2012 Elite Athletes’ Briefing

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  1. Thursday 24th May 2012 Elite Athletes’ Briefing

  2. Briefing agenda • Welcome and Introductions • Competition Jury • Schedules and Timetables • Check-in and procedures • The course • Post-race procedures • Weather forecast

  3. Welcome and Introductions • Marisol Casado, ITU President • Alicia Garcia, FETri Secretary General • Enrique Quesada, ITU Team Leader • Eugène Kraus, ITU Technical Delegate • Howard Vine, ITU Race Referee • Jorge Garcia, Chief Race Official

  4. Antonio Miguel Jourdan

  5. Competition Jury • Eugène Kraus, ITU Technical Delegate • Shin Otsuka, ITU Executive Board • Alicia Garcia, FETri Secretary General

  6. Schedule and timetables • Thursday • after briefingRace package distribution

  7. Schedule and timetables Friday 12:30 – 13:30 Swim Familiarization13:30 – 15:00 Bike Familiarization

  8. Schedule and timetables Saturday 16:15 – 17:15 Athlete’s Lounge EW open and check in 16:45 – 17:30 Transition Area Elite women opens 16:01 – 17:30 Warm-up for Elite Women 17:46 WCS Elite Women Start 19:51 – 20:01 Medal Ceremony –shortly after finish 1/2/3

  9. Schedule and timetables Sunday 12:15 – 13:25 Athletes’ Lounge EM open and check-in 12:56 – 13:40 Transition Area open for Elite Men 12:56 – 13:40 Warm-up for Elite Men 13:56 WCS Elite Men Start 15:46 – 15:56 Medal ceremony – shortly after finish 1/2/3

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  11. The course Swim 2 lapsof 750m BIKE 8 LAPS OF 5,1KM Total: 40,8km Run 4 lapsof 2,5km

  12. Check-in procedures • Athletes Lounge • Uniform check (name, country, logos, ITU logo, zippers) – photos taken of each uniform. • Wearing other uniform during the race = DSQ! • Body marking check (both arms, both legs) • Timing chip distribution • Swim cap distribution • Leaveyour bags in theAthletes’ lounge

  13. Check-in procedures • Transition Area (T1) • Bike check: handlebars, clip-on handlebars & wheels (non authorized UCI wheels rule) • Helmet check- Don’t leave your helmet fastened in the transition • The athlete who doesn’t comply with this rule will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1. • Helmet on the bike • Bike mechanic available • To add any equipment to the bike, you must obtain approval from the Race Referee up until 10 minutes after the end of the Athletes‘ Briefing.

  14. Pontoon Athletes’ lounge Transition Zone Lake Expo AG Transition Area T Athletes Staff Area VIP Area TV GENERAL VIEW

  15. Pre-start procedure • Athletes’ Introduction • 10 minutes before start - line-up inside the Athletes’ village • Jog to the platform • Select your position • Blocking two positions – immediate DSQ

  16. Start procedure • Athletes in position: • The start can be given any time after the starter announces ”On your mark” • Air horn blast • The race starts • Athletes not moving forward at the start will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1.

  17. False start procedure • False start : • Several horn blasts • Kayaks in front of you • Everyone goes back to her/his spot • Valid start but with early starters: • If someone starts before the horn and everyone else starts with the horn, the athlete who false started will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1. • (During the time penalty the athlete can not touchany of theirequipment!)

  18. Swim course Today at 11:30am: Water temperature: 22.3°C Air temperature: 24.8°C 2 laps (total distance of 1500m) Distance to the first buoy 305mPass all the buoys on the left hand shoulder Swim behaviour will be closely monitored Take cap, goggles to transition into the box

  19. Transition area (T1) • Individual bike racks – number, name and country flag • Goggles & swim cap into the box • Mount line at the end of the TA (on the road)

  20. C T1

  21. Bike course 8 laps (total distanceof 40,8km) hillyandtechnical Two wheel stations - 1st before TA, own wheels - 2nd end ofthehill neutral wheels Forlocationsseethemap Lapcounteratthetransitionarea Lappedathletesare out oftherace

  22. Neutral wheel station Team wheel station

  23. Transition area (T2) • Individual bike racks– number, name and country flag • All used equipment in the box • Dismount line at the start of the TA

  24. Caution Caution signal: three sharp whistles and red flags

  25. Run course

  26. First runner/Last biker Aid station 1

  27. Run penalty box • The penalty box is for infringements in: TA1, bike and TA2 • e..x.: Mount before mount line, dismount after dismount line, discharge or store your equipment outside your designated area, rack the bike outside your own space etc • (Transition will be videotaped for infringements) • Location: Before the transition area • Information: White board to show race numbers • (Athletes need to read the board) • Procedure: 15 second time penalty served on any lap of the run • If you don’t stop - DSQ

  28. Run penalty box • Rule interpretation • Mount after the mount line: It has to be one contact of the athlete foot with the floor after the mount line. If this contact doesn’t occur the action is considered as mounting the bike before the mount line. • Dismount before the dismount line: It has to be one contact of the athlete foot with the floor before the dismount line. If this contact doesn’t occur the action is considered as dismount the bike after the dismount line. • Discharge or store your equipment inside your designated area: Leaving the equipment (swim cap, goggles, helmet, etc.) in the designated box. • Rack the bike inside your own space: • T1 – Rear wheel in rack, facing inside of Transition • T2 – Front wheel in rack

  29. Specialized Bike Prime • There is no Specialized Bike Prime for this event. • The prime system to be in lace after Kitzbuhel will be announced next week

  30. Post race procedures • “Mixed Zone” - immediately after finish winner with host broadcaster. • Medal Presentation - protocol – within 5 minutes after the winner finishing • Please follow the ambush marketing rules • Dress “up” – coaches assistance needed • Prize money will be wire transferred to the athletes. ??? • Please confirm your bank details with Adrienne Proseilo

  31. Ambush marketing rule • Ambush marketing is defined as: • “Deliberately using the opportunity of live television and media photographers to acquire additional exposure for your sponsor product, apparel or brand.” • The consequence for this behavior is: • 1.The athlete will immediately forfeit their prize money for that event, if any; • 2. If the athlete is part of the “gold group” this status will be revoked for the remainder of the year.

  32. Post race procedures • Medal ceremony sequence • Medals • Flowers • National Anthem (remove hats, face flag) • Group Photo (20 seconds)

  33. Post race procedures • Trophy Sequence • Exit Podium for Series leader (unless race winner). • Series Leader to top of podium • Series trophy • Photo of Series leader with Cup (20 seconds) • Champagne Sequence • Return of Race medallists to podium • Champagne – 3 medallists plus Series Leader • Corks will be removed. • Wait for all the presenters to clear.

  34. Post race procedures • Anti-Doping Control • Photo ID is needed for every athlete to have ready for Doping Control

  35. Coaches’ areas • Accreditations will be distributed to those that have been entered through the online system from their NF • They will have access to: • Athletes’ Lounge, • Swim start area, • Next to the penalty box

  36. Team Medical access • Only accredited team medical officials will be allowed to enter the recovery area and the medical areaafter ITU Medical Delegate’s permission. • Every NF can have 1 team medical accreditation.

  37. On the way to London… • RULE 50 • Guidelines regarding authorized identifications • ITU Uniform Rules for the London 2012 • Issues with wetsuits • Swimsuits to be submitted to ITU • Any question…? • Race Number allocation • Pontoon draw • Check for updates on Olympic page on the ITU website

  38. Summary • Summary Weather forecast • TempWeather • SaturdayMax: 23ºC • Min: 13ºCSunny • SundayMax: 25ºC • Min: 16ºCSunny

  39. Good luck!

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