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DNA Lamarck vs. Darwin Activity Darwin’s Journey PowerPoint Presentation
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DNA Lamarck vs. Darwin Activity Darwin’s Journey

DNA Lamarck vs. Darwin Activity Darwin’s Journey

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DNA Lamarck vs. Darwin Activity Darwin’s Journey

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  1. Word of the Day:  missive (‘mi siv) (noun) - a written message; a long letter The two old friends like to fire off missives to each other filled with good-natured teasing and mock insults Pick your favorite animal. Describe what traits that animal has that makes it able to survive in its environment DNA Lamarck vs. Darwin Activity Darwin’s Journey

  2. Every living thing is made of cells • CellsTissuesOrgansOrgan Systems • Our cells contain the molecules necessary for our bodies to function

  3. In those cells, DNA is held in the nucleus • DNA is like a cookbook that holds the recipes to make proteins • DNA stands for deoxyribose nucleic acid • DNA has a ‘code’ made up of A’s T’s G’s and C’s • This code is what tells our cells to make certain proteins • Those proteins become our ‘traits’

  4. Mutations are changed in the DNA • The process of replicating DNA when we need to grow is complicated • Sometimes a problem occurs and the ‘code’ of DNA changes • This change is a mutation

  5. Mutations are not always bad • A mutation that causes you to not grow an arm is bad • A mutation that causes you to run really fast is good

  6. Lamarck vs. Darwin • Lamarck: • Darwin:

  7. Who am I? Why am I important to science?

  8. Charles Darwin • Born in 1809 into a wealthy, well connected, and Christian family • Came from a family of Doctors • Joined a five-year scientific voyage on the HMS beagle • He was 22 when he boarded the ship and began his journey

  9. Darwin’s ship, the H.M.S. Beagle

  10. The Voyage • The voyage allowed Darwin to spend a lot of time on islands around South America • He spent his days observing the creatures on the island and recording his thoughts

  11. The Galapagos Islands

  12. Galapagos Tortoise

  13. Marine Iguana

  14. Blue-Footed Booby

  15. Darwin’s Finches...

  16. How did these creatures help him discover anything?

  17. Darwin’s Finches • Darwin noticed that certain beaks were better at eating certain food types over others • Each finch had a beak that best suited its food choice

  18. How did the finches get so many different types of beaks? • Why did they eat different types of food? • How did they beaks become different?

  19. Homework: • What was more important? Lincoln or Darwin? • Read this article and answer the question • There isn’t a ‘right’ answer I am looking for, but only a good comparison between the two