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Visual Merchandising PowerPoint Presentation
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Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

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Visual Merchandising

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  1. Visual Merchandising Rhiannon Gagin 1/30/12 3A

  2. Store #1

  3. Storefront • Doors: One main entrance that leads to the girls’ or guys’ side, 2 handicapped entrances on both the girls’ and guys’ side • Windows: Along the both sides of the front of the store • Signage: Signs that show the current promotion, Hollister Co. Logo on the sides of the entrance and on the billboard inside the entrance • Marquee: Has a marquee that covers the entrance

  4. Store Layout • Type: Retail Store • Divided into sections: first two rooms are the first girls’ and guys’ rooms, the middle section is the lounge and registers, and the last 2 rooms are the second girls’ and guys’ rooms.

  5. Store Interior • Color Scheme: Browns, navy blues, and natural colors • Lighting: Dim lighting with spotlights • Flooring: Tile, hardwood flooring, rugs • Hardware: Tables, closets, shelves, metal fixtures and hangbars • Atmosphere: Natural feeling atmosphere, loud music, beach/island feel, dim spotlighting

  6. Displays • Architectural: Wooden interior, doors made to look like shutters • Open: Clothing is displayed for customers to handle • Closed: Jewelry is displayed in a glass case • Point of Purchase: Magazines, perfume and giftcards are placed at the register • Decorations: Palm trees, lounge chairs, throw blankets, vintage suitcases, canoes, surfboards, tv on both sides of the lounge that displays a live feed of Huntington Beach.

  7. Fixtures Card Holder Wall Standards and brackets Tier table

  8. Target Market • Demographic: 14–24 year olds, middle class high school and college students • Psychographics: Hollister tries to have an image of a fun, casual brand that good looking and all–American people wear. • Geographics: Targets middle class people in cities and suburban areas • Behavioristics: Hollister’s brand popularity and association with the Californian beach has convinced teens to buy clothes

  9. Q/A • What feeling is communicated in this store? • This store has a warm, inviting, and upbeat atmosphere. It also has a very natural and beach–like feel to it. • Is the visual merchandising appropriate for the target market? • Yes, I think with the dim lighting, loud and upbeat music, and chill atmosphere, Hollister addresses the target market they’re trying to reach.

  10. Store #2

  11. Store Front • Doors: No doors, just a wide open entrance that invites everyone to shop there. • Windows: No windows, just on the glass doors leading to the outside • Signage: Classic Macy’s sign and logo • Marquee: No marquee

  12. Store Layout: • Type: Department Store • Store Space: Very large store divided in different sections based on the type of clothing (juniors, suits, make–up, watches, childrens, shoes, etc)

  13. Store Interior • Color Scheme: White, reds, and colorful merchandise that catches the eye • Lighting: Bright/regular lighting • Flooring: White tile flooring, carpet in some areas • Hardware: Different types of displays • Atmosphere: Warm, clean, and friendly atmosphere

  14. Displays • Architectural: Glass and wooden displays, different types of tables and fixtures to display merchandise • Open: Most items and clothing and footwear is put on open display for customers to handle • Closed: Some items are put in closed displays for security (Jewelry, purses, watches) • Point of Purchase: Bottles of water, Godiva chocolate, gift cards, or accessories are placed at the register • Decorations: Chandeliers, light fixtures, plants, mannequins

  15. Fixtures: Tier Table Draper Showcase

  16. Target Market: • Demographics: Targeting working women ages 25–60 • Psychographics: Macy’s tries to portray a “magical” shopping experience that caters to the needs of a fun, charismatic business woman • Geographics: Targets middle and upper class women living in cities or suburbs • Behavioristics: By having a variety of popular brands at Macy’s (Coach, Michael Kors, American Rag, etc) it triggers the buying behavior of business women.

  17. Q/A • Is the visual merchandising appropriate for the target market? • Yes, the store is very organized and has a variety of different types of displays to appeal to the wide range of customers that the store is targeting • What feeling is communicated in each store? • Business, casual, variety, everyone can shop here.