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User Guide

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  1. User Guide

  2. Accessing the Data and Intelligence within the Aviation Week Intelligence Network

  3. Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) Homepage The homepage of AWIN is the entry to all the deep data and intelligence it contains • What’s new on AWIN – fast links to the latest new data, reports, etc. uploaded to the site • U.S. 2013 Federal Budget – all throughout the year, from when the budget is first announced throughout it being redefined, this link offers fast access to the latest budget updates and intelligence • AWIN Tools – links to many of our most popular databases and resources

  4. The AWIN Homepage The AWIN homepage also provides… • A fast method to jump directly to a specific segment of the market • The ability to perform searches for data, fleets, articles, organizations, products and services, personnel and program suppliers • Easy knowledge of the product and database rights available to you through your subscription

  5. The AWIN Homepage The days top stories, as selected by our editorial team, will always be featured prominently on not only the homepage, but on each segment (channel) homepage • Click on either the headline or the link beneath each synopsis to jump to the full article

  6. Accessing Articles On the AWIN homepage, you will also see a tabbed table which shows the 5 most recent articles broken down by market segment • Commercial Aviation • Defense • MRO • Space • Business Aviation Article sources and dates are clearly noted

  7. Accessing Specific Products Any product with a green checkmark alongside it is included within your AWIN subscription • Click on the product name to be • brought to it’s homepage

  8. Channel and Product Homepages within AWIN

  9. Commercial Channel Homepage Different than the other channel homepages, the AWIN Commercial channel homepage: • Contains Featured Articles in the top portion • Has a tabbed table with easy and direct access to commercial data

  10. Commercial Channel Homepage Executive Quick Views • Provide fast access to a number of “snap-shot” reports that combine many data points into a one page report, complete with a summary, charts and graphs • These reports are segmented into four focal points: • Airline Profiles which are summaries of company information • Financials includes summaries of select carriers’ profitability drivers • Traffic • Fleets

  11. Commercial Channel Homepage Executive Quick Views

  12. Commercial Channel Homepage Program Profiles • One-click access to a database of today’s top global commercial programs • The programs are segmented by Airframe and Engine programs • Each profile contains: • A program summary • Hyper-linked listings of program suppliers • Recent program articles • Specifications • Hyper-linked listings of operators for each program

  13. Commercial Channel Homepage Airlines • An easy way to access fleet data by carrier or world region • You can also view a report which lists total aircraft n service by world region: • Africa • Asia Pacific • Europe • Latin America / Caribbean • Middle East • North America

  14. Commercial Channel Homepage Organizations • Segmented into five major industry organizations: • Airlines contain a listing of commercial operators (passenger, cargo and charter), aircraft and personnel by operator • Airports provides listings of airports and personnel by airport • Government Agencies provides listings of government agencies as well as a report of personnel by agency • Manufacturers offers listings of global manufacturers, along with a report with personnel by manufacturer • Distributors & Suppliers contains a report of global distributors/suppliers, as well as a report showing the personnel at each entity

  15. Commercial Channel Homepage Regulatory & Safety • A comprehensive listing of recent airworthiness directives, including: • Directive Number – hyperlinked to a pdf of the directive • Company • Model / Applicability Group • Federal Reg Published Date • Effective Date • Type

  16. Non-Commercial Channel Homepage The other channel homepages – Defense, MRO, Space and Business Aviation – contain a featured story up top and additional relevant stories below

  17. Product Homepages • You can tell a product’s homepage by the way it is noted in the upper left corner • On a product’s homepage, you have the ability to jump to past issues of that product by using the “Search Past Issues” box

  18. MyAWIN Personal Alerts

  19. MyAWIN Personal Alerts The MyAWIN homepage is accessible through the link the AWIN Tools Box

  20. MyAWIN Personal Alerts • Build and maintain up to 15 profiles • Results can be viewed on AWIN or be sent to you via e-mail • You determine the format in which you view your alerts (html or text) • Profiles can be edited, added and/or • deleted as often as you desire • Best for tracking: • Programs • Companies • Technologies • Requires a personal user name

  21. MyAWIN Personal Alerts • Setting Up Alerts • Once on the MyAWIN homepage, in the left hand column, make note of your preferences, including: • The format in which to see the alerts • The frequency of the alerts • The bottom section of the left hand column will again let you see which products and databases you have access to • To create a new profile, click on the “Create a new Saved Article Search” link to go to the MyAWIN homepage

  22. MyAWIN Personal Alerts • Setting Up Alerts – Group Account Employees • If you are an employee of a group account, you will need to set up a unique user name and password before you can begin setting up a MyAWIN account • When you click on the MyAWIN link, you will be taken to a page asking you to log-in or register; click on the “Register” link if you haven’t set up your user name and password • Complete the form that appears, including creating a MyAWIN User Name (your e-mail address) and Password, then hit the “Submit” button • You will then be able to create personal alerts

  23. MyAWIN Personal Alerts • Setting Up Alerts • The first thing to do is name the profile • Then make note of your search terms • You can use a plain language query of the search assistance • 3. Follow this by entering your search parameters • The length of time to search • How to display the results • The products you want searched • 4 Once you have made note of everything, click the “Save and Close” button at the bottom of the page

  24. MyAWIN Personal Alerts • Once alerts have been created, they will display on the MyAWIN homepage • When Alerts can be edited or deleted at any time; click on the buttons to the left of the name

  25. Searching Within AWIN

  26. Searching Within AWIN Quick Search • The easiest method to locate the intelligence you are looking for within the site is the Quick Search • Located in the upper left portion of each page • To see the results from one specific database, click on that database

  27. Searching Within AWIN Quick Search Results • Across the top of the results page, you will see your search terms, along with the results, broken down by the database they came from • The results page displays a small number of articles that match your search criteria; to see all the articles or the results from any of the other databases, simply click on the specific database Articles(7251) | Organizations(23) | Fleets(5)Products/Services(8) | Personnel(66) | Program Suppliers(2824)

  28. Searching Within AWIN Advanced Search – Article Search • Offers the opportunity to tailor the search by selecting specific dates, products, etc. through the use of filters • Allows you to determine how the results are displayed • Provides the ability to search through an archive that goes back over 15 years

  29. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – Article Search • First select the type of search to run – natural language or Boolean • Then add filters to the search: • Product (s) • Search dates • How to display the results • When all set, click the APPLY FILTERS button at the bottom Note that only those products you have access to through your AWIN subscription will appear on the advanced search page

  30. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – Article Search • After your search has been run, you will see a results box in the upper right hand column of the page • This will display: • The sources you selected to search through • The search term(s) you entered • The number of results • You then have the option of: • Viewing the results • Saving the search (it will appear within MyAWIN) • Editing your search filters

  31. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – World Aerospace Database • Using the World Aerospace Database is ideal if you are looking for: • Organizations • Personnel • Products & Services • Program Suppliers • You can also use the World Aerospace Database to locate Fleet by: • Aircraft Model • Engine Model • Operator

  32. Searching within AWIN:Advanced Search Advanced Search – World Aerospace Database • Make note of the report type you want • Select the criteria for your search by clicking to expand the filters from which you can make your selections: • Business Criteria • Keywords • Location • Personnel • Fleet • Products / Services • Major Programs • Once filters are selected, click the “Apply Filters” button that appears at the bottom of the page

  33. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – World Aerospace Database • Just like an advanced article search, you will see a results box in the upper right hand column of the page after your report has been run • This will display the details of the search you ran • You then have the option of: • Viewing the results • Exporting the results to an excel file • Saving the search (it will appear within MyAWIN) • Editing your search filters

  34. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – Fleet • The continually updated fleet database provides access to global operators of over 130,000 aircraft, including: • 55,000+ commercial aircraft • 26,000+ business aviation aircraft • 66,000+ manned military aircraft • Searching is done within one of three unique fleet sectors: • Commercial aviation • Business aviation • Military aviation

  35. Searching within AWIN Advanced Search – Fleet • After you enter your search parameters, you will see a table listing all the possible results (here was search was run for Fleet by Operator using British Airways) • Clicking on the Operator will take you to its home page within AIWN

  36. Organization Home Pages • Within the AWIN organization homepages, you will see: • Contact information including street address, the main phone number and company website • Number of employees • A company description • Links to products & services, programs they participate in and related organizations

  37. Organization Home Pages • If the organization is a carrier, you will also see: • IATA and ICAO Codes • Alliances • As well as details on: • Financial & Traffic Profiles • A listing of Airports Served • Fleet

  38. AWIN Tools

  39. The AWIN Tools Box Within the AWIN Tools Box in the right hand column of the AWIN homepage are links that give fast access to AWIN’s exclusive data and proprietary reports: • MyAWIN personal alerts • MRO Prospector • The most recent U.S. Budget Proposal • Top Performing Airlines & Companies • The most recent Source Book and Specs • Whitepapers • Major Program Profiles • Leading Airline Quick Views

  40. The AWIN Tools Box MRO Prospector • This module enables global commercial MRO professionals to locate new business opportunities and generate revenue with in-depth data segmented by Contracts, Opportunities and Fleet (including serial and tail number, age, hours, cycles and more • MRO prospector also provides access to the Aviation Week MRO show presentations, as well as industry forecasts

  41. The AWIN Tools Box • 2013 U.S. Budget Proposal • This dedicated section within AWIN is a repository for everything related to the 2013 U.S. Federal Budget • Updated throughout the year • Contains tables, spreadsheets, analyses and highlights of the procurement and RDT&E requests for: • Air Force • Marines • There is also coverage of the NASA budget request, the U.S. transportation Department and the FAA • Army • Missile Defense Agency • Navy

  42. The AWIN Tools Box • Top Performing Airlines • This annual study is segmented by carrier type: • Mainline / Legacy Carriers • Low Cost / Niche Carriers • Regional Carriers • For all carriers mentioned within the study, you can also access detailed company profiles and data

  43. The AWIN Tools Box • Top Performing Companies • This annual study is segmented by company size for more accurate comparisons and rankings: • Revenue greater than $20 Billion • Revenue between $5 and $20 Billion • Revenue between $1 and $5 Billion • Revenue between $250 Mill and $1 Billion • In addition to the Aviation Week expert analysis and insight, Top Performing Companies also includes analyses from industry experts from PwC

  44. The AWIN Tools Box • Source Book & Specs • This annual forecast provides in-depth forecasts, exclusive charts & graphs and searchable specifications for thousands of military and civil aircraft, as well as engines, weapon systems, launch vehicles and more • Segmented by industry sector: • Commercial Aerospace • Military • Space

  45. The AWIN Tools Box • Major Program Profiles • One click access to a database of today’s top global programs • Program profiles are continually enhanced and each profile contains: • A program summary • Specifications • Hyper-linked lists of program suppliers • Operators (if applicable) • Programs are segmented by type: • Airframes • Engines • Missiles • Satellites • Seaframes • UAVs • Other

  46. The AWIN Tools Box • Leading Airline QuickViews • A direct link to key comparative indicators for leading global airlines • Includes traffic and financial data and can be sorted by: • Carrier • Region • Carrier Type • Operators are hyper-linked to their AWIN Organization homepage

  47. AWIN Tools Box • Also included within the AWIN Tools Box are links to: • Proprietary white papers and reports • Set up RSS feeds

  48. User Communications and Assistance

  49. User Communicationsand Assistance This user guide is meant to help you maximize your usage of AWIN. In addition to this guide, AWIN also provides: • Weekly eTips electronic newsletters • A “What’s New on AWIN” box on the homepage • Search tips • A “Forgot Password” link on the log-in page • Training sessions throughout the term of your subscription • If you have any questions, or to set up a training session, you can contact us: • Within N. America 866.857.0148 • Outside N. America +1.515.237.3682 •