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Sao Tome

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  1. Sao Tome By: Karina Gonzalez



  4. HUMAN &PHYSICAL FEATURES Sao Tome has many human and physical futures. For example, the population of Sao Tome is 153,000 people. Compared to the United States, it is 299,846,0 people. Therefore population is human. In addition infant mortality is also human and in Sao Tome it is 72.3% and compared to the United States it is 6.3%. Similarly, there is total area, and it is physical. In Sao Tome is 386%. Compared to the United States it is 3,794,083%. There is many human and physical features of Sao Tome But those are three.. Sa Tome

  5. SAO TOME FLAG The Sao Tome flag has many symbols and colors that each mean something different. In this case if you look at the Sao Tome flag, the red symbolizes the hard-fought struggle for independence. Also , the two black stars represents the country’s two main islands. In addition, the green, yellow, and black are pan-African colors. This and more are the symbols of the flag of Sao Tome.

  6. SAO TOME GOVERNMENT Sao Tomes government is republic and Sao Tome is the capital. In Sao Tome the suffrage is when you are 18 years of age universal.Sao Tome got it’s independence in July 12, 1975 and it,s constitution on November 5, 1975

  7. SAO TOME MAIN RELIGION The main religion of Sao Tome is Christianity. Therefore, the origins and history of christianity is founded by JESUS CHRIST in Israel. In addition, there is two billion adherents worldwide. Also, all sinned so this means that they are separated from God's salvation through faith in christ and sacraments and good works. People believe that in the afterlife you will go to eternal Heaven or Hell or temporary purgatory. Those were some things about the main religion of Sao Tome.

  8. SAO TOME TIMELINE 1975: Sao Tome achieved independence from Portugal. 2006: Sao Tome voted for a new president. 2010:In Sao Tome the democratic action party of pres. practice trovoada won legislative elections. 2011: Manuel Pinto Da Costa returned to power after el election campaign based on fighting corruption. 2013: MIssionary Jerry Krause disappeared near Sao Tome as he flew to Mali.

  9. ANIMALS, PLANTS, &NATURALRESOURCES The best animals, plants, and natural resources are in Sao Tome!! First of all, the main animals of Sao Tome are the birds because there is 25% bof birds that go there during the summer. People have named Sao Tome one of the important bird areas. Also, one or the plants in Sao Tome is the Lobelia Barnesii which grows 10 inches and it only grows in the summer. Cocoa is one of the natural resources and it is found in hot, rainy climates. There are many more but these are some of the animals, plants, and natural resources.

  10. GLOSSARY WORD:agriculture SYNONYM:tillage DEFINITION: cultivating land, crops, or livestock. WORD:anthem SYNONYM: chant DEFINITION:song or praise. WORD:capital SYNONYM :prime DEFINITION: Occupied by a stale legislature. WORD:language SYNONYM: accent DEFINITION: words people speak. WORD:location SYNONYM:area DEFINITION: place of settlement.

  11. Sao Tome

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