fatal flaws n.
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Fatal Flaws

Fatal Flaws

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Fatal Flaws

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  1. Fatal Flaws By Stephanie, Chloe, Mareli

  2. What common flaws in human nature are present in this play? • Lear’s understanding of nature is respect for parents and king, to be important regardless of circumstance. Edmund, however, see’s nature as the opportunity for self-advancement. Edmund, among other character’s in the play, have a natural impulse to better themselves and their situation at the expense of others.

  3. What consequences do these flaws have? • Edmund’s desire for power and prestige leads him to resort to betrayal and treachery of his father and brother. The fatal consequences for Edmund as well as Regan and Goneril, suggest that betrayers inevitably turn on each other and lead to mutual destruction. Lear’s blindness to the loyalty of his daughters ultimately causes his madness and only then does he come to the realisation of his errors in judgement. Lear and Gloucester’s blindness to the truth cost them dearly.

  4. What is implied about human nature in the play? • In the play it is implied that an upset in the chain of being or ‘natural’ order will result in chaos, destruction and inevitably, death. The idea that actions and events are chosen and influenced by fate reinforces this idea. Each character’s fatal flaws interferes with these Elizabethan values, resulting in disarray for all involved.

  5. How are the Elizabethan beliefs about nature reflected in the play? • Because of Lear’s decision to divide his kingdom and authority between women, it is considered an upset in the natural chain of being which states that men have more ‘spirit’ than women. Therefore, it is implied that Lear’s decision is the catalyst for the impending chaos that ensues.