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Flaws in Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Flaws in Design

Flaws in Design

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Flaws in Design

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  1. Flaws in Design By: Ralph Young Thursday night class 1/20/2011

  2. The Samsung Intensity Slide Phone A basic cell phone with a keyboard that slides down for texting. To unlock the keypad, a series of keys must be pressed

  3. Design Flaw • Lock function automatically unlocks when the keyboard is slid open even the slightest bit • Due to the unreliable lock function, repeated “pocket calls” are made from saved phone numbers • There is no lock function for the keyboard, only the keypad

  4. Recommended Solutions • Eliminate the automatic unlock when the keyboard is slid open • Lock feature should be available for the keyboard • The unlock sequence for the keyboard should be similar to the keypad to make it recognizable • Solution is a programming issue and wouldn’t require additional hardware

  5. Graco Pack and Play A Pack N Play is a portable, collapsible play yard for infants and young babies The unit collapses by pressing a hidden button located on a hinge in the middle of each side, top and bottom In order for the unit to collapse, all sides must be released and folded simultaneously The unit is typically used and collapsed by mothers with young children

  6. Design Flaw • The hidden buttons are hard to find, and very difficult to press. • When one side is released, the opposite side tends to snap back into place and relocks • Two hands are required to collapse the unit, but usually takes two people working the different sides • The time it takes struggling to collapse the unit, the parent isn’t able to watch or hold the infant or young baby

  7. Recommended Solutions • The unit should have a single button or lever to release all the hinges simultaneously • There should be a locking mechanism that would need to be unlocked prior to releasing all the hinges for safety and to prevent accidental collapses

  8. Spray Bottles A bottle use for spraying some sort of mist or liquid The spray bottle consists of a trigger, a nozzle, and a tube inside the bottle in order to retrieve the liquid The tube that retrieves the liquid usually goes straight down and touches the middle of the bottom of the bottle

  9. Design Flaw • It is very hard to get all the liquid out of the bottle with the tube barely touching the bottom. • Most spray bottles are sprayed at a downward angle making the amount of liquid accessible even less.

  10. Recommended Solutions • The tube should be an extra inch longer and angled toward the front of the bottle • This would allow the maximum amount of liquid to be retrievable from the bottle • The cost of an extra inch of bent tubing would be minimal, while decreasing the amount of liquid left unused and inaccessible at the bottom