tier i and ii technical assistance webex n.
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Tier I and II Technical Assistance WebEx PowerPoint Presentation
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Tier I and II Technical Assistance WebEx

Tier I and II Technical Assistance WebEx

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Tier I and II Technical Assistance WebEx

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  1. Tier I and II Technical Assistance WebEx March 5, 2010 Oregon Department of Education

  2. Today’s Objectives • Update on application to USED • Update on timeline for Letter of Acknowledgement & Intent • Update on application process • Update on Technical Assistance Meetings

  3. Update on Application to USED • Application was submitted on February 9 • ODE staff have not heard from USED to date and are planning to follow up

  4. Letter of Acknowledgement & Intent • Letter is undergoing a final internal review and will be sent early next week • Letter will be e-mailed to Superintendents of Districts with Tier I and Tier II schools • Letter will be due to Stacie Ankrum on March 16, 2010 • District will not have to commit to a particular model in the Letter • ODE will release some funding to Districts for use during Spring 2010 to prepare for implementation of the school improvement grant requirements

  5. Requirements [1] The number of Tier I schools an LEA has capacity to serve may be zero if, and only if, the LEA is using all of the capacity it would otherwise use to serve its Tier I schools in order to serve Tier II schools.

  6. Capacity • If the District decides not to fund a Tier I school under this guidance, it must explain lack of capacity to ODE in the Letter of Acknowledgement and Intent for not serving an identified Tier I school

  7. Application process • Final LEA grant applications will be available as soon as we receive approval from the USED • We will send our current draft application to districts upon request, however, it is in draft form and subject to revisions per USED • Applications will be due to ODE May 7, 2010 • Reviews will be completed by May 28, 2010 • Funding for 2010-2011 school year will be released upon approval of the grant application

  8. Technical Assistance • We are planning periodic Webinars to provide updated information as it becomes available. • ODE will be adding a webpage dedicated to the School Improvement Grant program • The School Improvement team will be holding technical assistance workshops very late March and/or very early April to assist districts with the application

  9. School Improvement Team • Tryna Luton, Director • Brad Capener, Team Lead • Jan McCoy, Education Specialist • Russ Sweet, Education Specialist • Kirk deFord, Education Specialist • Denny Nkemontoh, Education Specialist • Gary Graves, Education Specialist • Stacie Ankrum, Support Specialist

  10. Questions

  11. Thanks for attending today’s WebEx.