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Module Two Session 2 The Landscapes of Snow Mountains PowerPoint Presentation
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Module Two Session 2 The Landscapes of Snow Mountains

Module Two Session 2 The Landscapes of Snow Mountains

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Module Two Session 2 The Landscapes of Snow Mountains

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  1. Module Two Session 2 The Landscapes of Snow Mountains

  2. Ⅰ. Lead-in questions • Can you list some snow mountains in Yunnan? 2. Have you ever had the experiences of climbing snow mountains? 3.What are supposed to carry with if you intend to have a travel to snow mountain?

  3. Ⅱ. Vocabulary/key words snow-capped adj. adjoin n. azalea n. glacier n. altitude n. mountain range herbal medicine scenic status geographic location

  4. Ⅲ. Contents • Meli snow mountain (1)Basic Information ☆Geographic location: about 10 kilometers north of Deqing County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  5. ☆Scenic status: the core area of the Three Parallel Rivers World Natural Heritage; the Three Parallel Rivers National scenic area ☆Tour time:1 ~ 3 days ☆ Recommended Tour Route Mingyong Glacier → Siqia Glacier → the Taizi Temple → the Lotus Temple → the Qudenggong Temple and the Gunmading Temple → the Kagebo Peak and Yubeng Waterfall

  6. (2)The Introduction of Meli Snow Mountain ☆Name:“Taizi (Prince) Snow Mountain”; the “Holy Mountain” ; “the mountain of the medicine king” ☆ Features:20 peaks above 5,000 meters and 6 peaks above 6,000 meters, highland meadows, deep valleys, glaciers, large-scale vegetation of frigid zone, and typical alpine views.

  7. (3) The Famous Peaks ☆ Kagebo Peak: the highest point (6740 m), meaning: “white snow mountain” in Tibetan, legend

  8. (3) The Famous Peaks ☆ Mian Cimu Peak: to the south, be personified as... a graceful goddess, aloofness, mist and cloud

  9. (3) The Famous Peaks ☆ Jiawarenan Peak the highest elevation of 5 770.5 meters , the north of Mian Cimu Peak, a crown of Five Dhyana Buddhas in Tibetan language.

  10. (4) Glaciers ☆ Siqia glacier extends from an elevation of 6,000 metres, and disappears into the thick forests at 2,660 meters. ☆Mingyong glacier can be considered as the most spectacular glacier in the whole Kagebo, ranging from 2,700 meters to 5,500 meters.

  11. 2. Cangshan Mountain (1)Basic Information ☆ Geographic location:it is located in the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake scenic areas ☆ Scenic status:major part of Dali National Scenic Area ☆ Tour time:1 ~ 2 days

  12. (2) The Introduction of Cangshan Mountain ☆ The Basic Facts Diancang Mountain, Hengduan Mountain ranges, 42 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width, 19 peaks and 18 creeks

  13. (2) The Introduction of Cangshan Mountain ☆ Features snow, clouds, springs, and marble, virgin forests, rare trees, and flowers

  14. (3) The View of Clouds ☆ Husband-expecting Cloud appears above the Yuju Peak , a heavy gale will blow ☆Jade Belt Clouds appear halfway up the mountain, an indicator of harvest

  15. 3. Jade Snow Mountain • Basic Information ☆Geographic location:15 kilometers away from Lijiang Ancient City ☆Scenic status:one of the 66 national 5A tourist attractions rated by China National Tourism Administration in May 2007, a provincial nature reserve ☆Tour time:1 day

  16. (2) The Introduction of Jade snow mountain ☆ The Basic Facts in the North end of Yulong County, 35 kilometers from the south to the north and 25 kilometers from the east to the west. 13 peaks, the highest being Shanzidou Peak, 5,596 meters above sea level.

  17. (2) The Introduction of Jade snow mountain ☆ Features glaciers , trees of economic value, herbal plants, flowers like azalea, primrose, orchid, and herbal medicines more than 20 forest clusters and varieties of birds and animals

  18. (3) The Four Kinds of Landscapes of Jade snow mountain the snow landscape, the spring landscape, the forest landscape and the meadow landscape.

  19. Ⅳ. Culture Notes ☆ Meli snow mountain is endowed with the religious and cultural implications. It is considered as the holy place by local Tibetans . A pilgrimage to the mountain is supposed to drive off misfortune. ☆ The Jade Snow Mountain has been a holy mountain in the heart of Naxi people from old times.

  20. Ⅴ. Homework ☆ to get familiar with the key words and vocabulary mentioned above. ☆ to compose an tour guide speech to introduce the landscapes of snow mountains in Yunnan.