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I’m Amie Regester, President of Greater Than Rubies. PowerPoint Presentation
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I’m Amie Regester, President of Greater Than Rubies.

I’m Amie Regester, President of Greater Than Rubies.

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I’m Amie Regester, President of Greater Than Rubies.

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  1. I’m Amie Regester, President of Greater Than Rubies.

  2. Our mission is to provide resources and experiences that empower young women to live their best lives possible for Christ! We’re working to carry out that mission by

  3. One of our resources is a newly launched program called Rock Your Life, which is a girl’s success boot camp designed primarily for 14 to 18 year olds.

  4. The course leads each girl through: • discovering her identity • mapping her future • understanding God’s design for romantic relationships • designing her own one-day service project • & More! Best of all, the information is all presented from a Biblical perspective.

  5. One of the girls’ and parents’ favorite session is the one that teaches the girls how to get what they want out of life with no begging or manipulation.

  6. The material in this course is drawn from my 15 years of experience in working with girls in: • The Pulaski Co. Youth Leadership Program • on crisis hotlines • As a Resident Assistant in girls dormitories • From my gig as dress model. (I’ll explain that bit later.)

  7. Girls who have taken the course report the following benefits: • Increased confidence • Clear life purpose & goals • Commitment to Biblical standards of purity • Understanding of how to implement practical success tips • Increased interest in leadership roles at school and work • More interest from potential employers

  8. Karla, 18, Conway High School “In the relationships section of Rock Your Life, I learned how easy it is to become seriously attached to a guy. The struggle is real! I will definitely be able to do a better job guarding my heart.”

  9. Savannah, 14, Greenbrier High School “My favorite session was the one where I learned that my spiritual gift is giving.”

  10. I would love to talk with you about making the Rock Your Life boot camp available to the girls at your school. For questions or booking, please email Visit us at