step by step guide to using the cv facility on f s jobs ireland n.
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Step by Step Guide to Using the CV facility on FÁS Jobs Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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Step by Step Guide to Using the CV facility on FÁS Jobs Ireland

Step by Step Guide to Using the CV facility on FÁS Jobs Ireland

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Step by Step Guide to Using the CV facility on FÁS Jobs Ireland

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  1. Step by Step Guide to Using the CV facility on FÁS Jobs Ireland FÁS Employment Services Support Unit March 2006

  2. Where can you access the CV Service? • From Home - PC connected to the Internet. • The local Library • Internet Cafes • Colleges (if you are a student) FÁS Employment Services Support Unit March 2006

  3. Accessing FÁS Jobs Ireland • Access to FÁS Jobs Ireland FÁS Employment Services Support Unit March 2006

  4. select

  5. Click FAS Jobs Ireland Logo

  6. Select Job Seeker

  7. Registering to Use the Service • Necessary if you wish to use the Curriculum Vitae facility and send your CV to an Employer. • You must have an e/mail address to use the service. If you do not have a current e/mail address there is a facility available to set one up (not a FÁS address). • You should be aware that registering to use the CV service on the web does not imply that you are formally registered with FÁS. To register with FÁS you can call into any FÁS Employment Service Office nationwide. FÁS Employment Services Support Unit March 2006

  8. Now you are Registered to Use the Service • Once created you can access, modify/change/print your CV at any time from ANY location worldwide. • You can set up automatic notification of vacancies to your e/mail or system account (setup robot). • As a Non-registered user you can access all job vacancies, course information, allowances etc. but cannot set up your CV. FÁS Employment Services Support Unit March 2006

  9. Existing Users insert Username and Password

  10. To register for the first time select: Register

  11. Gender and Date of Birth are used for statistics only and are NOT displayed. When completed click

  12. If you do not have an e/mail address you can select to use one of the services listed or another similar service

  13. System will allocate a username and password. The password should be changed to protect your data. System also issues a unique reference number you should note. Click to proceed to CV template.

  14. Once Registered You can now set up your CV, change your password or details (system issues the same password as the username).

  15. To create/edit your CV select To change your password select

  16. Click

  17. Complete relevant fields – save regularly

  18. You must include at least ONE wanted job

  19. To protect your work you should save details regularly

  20. Expiry Date can be set. Insert password and save CV. Preview CV see how it looks. Open means name and details (not DOB) are visible to Employer. Closed they are not.

  21. Recommendations Unless you have all your information to hand to complete your CV you are advised:- • To change your password and keep the Username and Password issued safe (need it to log on). • Examine the fields required for your CV and print a copy of the Template. • Off line you should prepare the text to be included on the CV template avoiding formatting where possible (as the web is written in html code formatting used in Word for example may appear differently when inserted on the web). • Once you have completed the CV offline, you can log onto your account and copy and paste the details into the CV template. To protect your work (in case your connection drops to your internet service provider) you should regularly SAVE details within the document before exiting (need your password for this). • This reduces lengthy sessions on-line and prevents you losing any data.

  22. CV is completed and Saved? • You CV is now awaiting validation by FÁS staff before being made available to Employers. • FÁS will examine the content of the CV for particular areas such as:- • Wanted job inserted • Education/work details included • General issues such as spelling may be advised to you if we feel its creating a poor image of your CV (you should spell check it first) • Feedback may be given by e/mail where FÁS feels that work is still required before validation. The CV may be temporally closed by FÁS until you make any amendments. Once you save the CV again it returns to FÁS for validation.

  23. Other Features available to You • Access to daily jobs, courses, allowances and other information • Facility to save your selection of jobs viewed regularly. • Facility to set up an automated notification of jobs based on your ‘selection’ ‘Robot’. • Facility to modify/print CV for any position from any location worldwide. • Facility to change details i.e. address, phone number, availability etc

  24. Job Search can be viewed by different criteria. Northern Ireland Vacancies Automatic notification can be set up Once job type and location is selected you can save selection for future searches

  25. What does the Employer see? • Validated* Employers looking for CV’s can search using a number of criteria:- • Text Search • Occupation (job wanted) • Location • Education • Driving Licence *Employers are also validated before they have access to CV’s.

  26. Employers can also save their selections and use this to search for CV’s

  27. By selecting a CV Employer can view and make contact directly with job seeker Employers tend to prefer ‘Open’ (name & Details available) CV’s. This is an example of a ‘closed CV’.

  28. Employer can make direct contact with CV owner and arrange interview.