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Texas Burn Injuries Lawyer

Texas Burn Injuries Lawyer

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Texas Burn Injuries Lawyer

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  1. Texas Burn Injuries Lawyer Burn injuries are painful and may leave long-lasting physical and psychological scars. Whether it's a chemical burn from an unsafe product, a burn caused by a hazard on the poorly kept property, or an accidental burn at a bonfire or gathering, you'll need an experienced burn injury lawyer to form sure you're compensated for your medical costs and suffering. Our attorneys at The Benton Law Firm have earned a number of professional honours that set them apart from other firms in the city. Managing partner ​Jeff Benton​ is a member of Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and has an AVVO rating of 10 BURN INJURY CASES WE HANDLE The Benton firm, our experienced trial attorneys have experience handling all kinds of burn injuries that our clients have suffered. we will assist you if you've got suffered an injury including:

  2. ● Thermal burns​ – often caused by open flames, scalding predicament, and hot surfaces ● Electrical burns​ – these burns are often caused by energy discharges ● Chemical burns​ – contact with toxic or corrosive chemicals may end in a chemical burn ● Radiation burns ​– exposure to radiation can harm one’s skin and should end in a radiation burn ● Friction burns ​– commonly mentioned as “road rash”, these burns are often extremely serious in nature According to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, “infants had the very best rates of burn-related inpatient stays” within the year 2013. the foremost common burn site was the wrist and hands, and second-degree burns were the foremost common. Most Emergency Department visits were “accidents caused by hot liquids and steam, or other hot substances.” generally, there have been more males than females who suffered from burn injuries. Patients who lived within the eastern us and in “low-income zip codes and in rural areas” had the very best number of burn injuries. The H-CUP concluded that even with burns covering up to 90% of a patients’ body, burn victims can still survive with “appropriate treatment.” Our legal team is here to assist. If you or a beloved have received burn injuries, don't hesitate to contact one among our experienced ​Dallas personal injury attorneys​ at The Benton firm today. Our attorney has years of experience handling burns and other related injuries and understands that burn injuries are quite extensive and should end in

  3. permanent scarring. No amount of rehabilitation is going to be ready to heal skin that has been exposed to severe burns. Contact ​Texas Burn Injuries Lawyer​ today at ​(214) 777-7777 ​for your free initial consultation where we'll re-evaluate the facts of your case and develop a technique to urge you the compensation you deserve.