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The boot

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The boot

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  1. The boot By: Hannah Winstel

  2. Land and Climate Q:How is their geography, climate, and natural resources connected to their daily life and/or jobs? A:Their climate makes them wear warm clothes. Their natural resources form jobs as miners, fisherman, and transportation with those certain types of minerals. They might need to make suitable cars for their geography. • Italy is filled with the Italian Alps are the only mountains they are located at the northern part of Italy. • Italy is slightly larger than Arizona. In the southern part of Italy are coastal lowlands. • Italy covers 116,305 square miles. • They have a lot of Natural Resources they are coal, mercury, zinc, potash, marble, barite, asbestos, pumice, fluorspar, pyrite, crode oil, reserves, fish, arable land. • They climate is alpine in far north, hot and dry in the south. • Population is 61,261,254.

  3. Economic DATA Q:What does the economic data revel about their quality of life? (Be able to describe weather they are a developed or developing country and weather they have a high and low standard of living). • their poverty rate is 16% • Italy's GDP growth rate is -2.3% • Their GDP per capita is $30,100 • They export food, beverages, and tobacco; and this cost 483.3 billion • They also have export partners Germany 13.3%, France 11.8%, and the US 5.9% • Imports 469.7 billion clothing, minerals, and chemicals • Their import partners are France 8.8%, China 7.7%, and Germany 16.5% • It is a developed country. A: It revels that Italy has a good amount of import and export partners so they can have certain products from that. Also a good quality from that. It also revels that they have a high GDP per capita. They have a low standard of living because of their poverty rate.

  4. Culture Q:What do we need to about these people to understand what makes their culture unique? Food • Lunch or dinners are mostly pasta, fish or meat, and vegetables. In the north they eat pasta or rice. For breakfast they eat bread with jam or honey. Pasta is dominate in the south. A simple salad too. Clothes • Italians seldom wear dirty, worn, or sloppy clothing. In many cities clothing and shoe shops are more plentiful then bakeries. Older women mostly wear dresses. Religion/Language/arts • They speak Italian, German, French, and Slovene. Their religion is Christian 80%, Atheists, andAcrostics. They have an Italian renaissance it includes some of the Western painters, architects, and sculptors. A:You need to know that they rarely dress in dirty, worn and sloppy clothing. They also mostly speak Italian then any other language. They also have an Italian renaissance. Their religion is mostly Christian. That’s what makes Italians so unique.

  5. Current Events Q:How has this event affected the US? Or How has the US affected this event? Italy has several holidays that the US has to. • New Years Day • Easter • Labor Day Some of these holidays are invented in the US or Italy. • Labor Day- US A:New Years Day – It affected the US with celebrating a new year. Easter- Has affected the US with celebrating the ending of lent. Labor Day- Also affected the US with giving thanks to the veterans that have gave us their lives.

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