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The Boot

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The Boot

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  1. The Boot BY: Jacob Little

  2. Background Information • Population: 61 million people live in Italy (2011) • Government: Democracy, Republic • Flag: The colors represent these virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red). • Italy is slightly larger than Arizona. • Italy has a variety of varied landscapes. • Italy is shaped like a boot. • Italy is generally mountains. • Italy surrounds two independent nations: San Marino and Vatican City (Holy See). • Mostly rugged and mountainous, some plains, and coastal lowlands.

  3. What does their economic data reveal about Italy’s quality of life? By their GDP (30,100) I think they are probably developed and they have a high standard of living. They import and export with many countries around the world like, Germany, France, and China. Their industries involve tourism, machinery, and many other things.

  4. What do we need to know about these people to understand what makes their culture unique? We need to know that nearly all Italians are Roman Catholic, although many do not participate on a regular basis. Dictator, Benito Mussolini ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943 and they initially aided Adolf Hitler in World War II. Italy has been a birthplace and center for the arts for many centuries. That is what makes their culture unique.

  5. How is their geography, climate, and natural resources connected to their daily life Italy is not land-locked therefore, a primary resource is fish. There is flatland for farming and agriculture. They use some resources like Pumice for making light concrete, Feldspar which is used in ceramics, pottery, and abrasive cleaners, and natural gas which is used for heating, cooling, and cooking. Their climate is Mediterranean which is good for fishing and farming.

  6. How has the Pope retiring affect the United States The Pope retiring can affect anybody in the world that is Catholic, which consists of about 1.2 billion people, 66.3 million in the United States alone. Choosing a new Pope will affect the way the Catholic Church is run. When deciding on a new Pope they are not just looking for a spiritual leader, but a person who can work with world leaders and manage all Catholic Church’s in the world.

  7. The World Awaits….. White smoke from this smoke stack tells the world that a new Pope has been elected.