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Trust Builder:

Trust Builder:. What characteristics make you a global citizen ? Cuales caracteres lo hacen a usted un ciudadano global?. Think/Pair/ Share. Purpose/ Proposito : Desired Outcome:.

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Trust Builder:

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  1. Trust Builder: What characteristics make you a global citizen? Cualescaracteres lo hacen a usted un ciudadano global? • Think/Pair/ Share

  2. Purpose/Proposito:Desired Outcome: To make connections and continue meaningful dialogue about our Vision, Mission and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes. Understanding the overview of our “WASC” Self-Study.

  3. What are we doing here at SEHS? Queestamoshaciendoaqui en SEHS? • Multi-Media Student Presentation

  4. Western Association of Schools and Colleges South East Senior High School Accreditation Process 2014-2015 Visit: Spring 2015

  5. 2014-2015Proceso de Acreditacion de SEHS Asociacion de Escuelas y Colegios del Oeste Visita: Primavera del 2015

  6. What is WASC? • An agency responsible for accreditation of schools • It is a meaningful self-evaluation & plan • A Focus On Learning (FOL)

  7. QUE ES WASC? La asociacion responsible de acreditacion de escuelas. Es un auto estudio y plan de avaluar. Esparaenfocar en el aprendizaje

  8. WASC Report Focus on Learning (FOL) • Who we are? • What we do well? • What we need to continue to improve?

  9. Quiensomos? Quehacemosbien? Quenecesitamosparaseguirprogresando? Reporte de WASCEnfoque en Aprendizaje

  10. Self Study: School-wide Action Plan CORE Waiver SIG Grant SPSA PSC The Action Plan is aligned with much of what we are already doing through PD, PLC Work, assessment, analyzing data, standards based learning, building school culture etc..

  11. El plan de accion se vaalinear con lo queyahacemos en el desarrolloprofesional, analisis de datos, aprendizaje de normasrequeridas, etc., Auto Estudio: Plan de accion de la escuela PSC, CORE Waiver SPSA, SIG Grant

  12. Participation • All participating shareholders include: • Certificated Staff • Classified Staff • Students • Parents • Community • Board Members/District Personnel

  13. Participacion • Todos los participantes: • EmpleadosCertificados • EmpleadosClasificados • Estudiantes • Padres (Homogeneo y Heterogeneo) • Communidad • Miembros de la junta directiva/Personal del Districto

  14. Participation Areas & Teams • Leadership Team • Self-Study Co-Chairs • Administrators • PD Planning Team • Department Chairs • Home Group – Homogenous • Led by Designated Leaders • Focus Groups - Heterogeneous • Mix of members from all areas of school • Led by Lead Teachers and Assistant Chairs

  15. Focus Groups (heterogeneous) consist of: • Organization: Vision and Purpose, Governance, Leadership and Staff, and Resources • Curriculum: Standards-based Student Learning • Instruction: Standards-based Student Learning • Assessment and Accountability: Standards-based Student Learning • Culture: Support for Student Personal and Academic Growth

  16. What will you do? • Gathering Evidence • Conduct Research • Assess Data • Developing an Action Plan • Written Report

  17. Que van hacer? • Pruebascrecientes • Conducireinvestigacion • Asignardatos • Desarrollar un plan de accion • Informeescrito

  18. The Visit • 3 Days, not including Sunday evening, consist of • Validation of what’s written in the WASC FOL Report • Visits/Observations of classrooms • Interviewing groups (heterogeneous/homogenous)

  19. La Visita: 3 dias(no incluye Domingo) • Validez del informe de aprendizaje WASC • Observaciones/Visitas de salones • Intrevistas de grupos (homogeneo/heterogeneo)

  20. SEHS WASC Goals • High achievement of all students • Involvement of all staff and shareholders • To create an effortless, reflective and continuous WASC process • Simplify and streamline the WASC process for all • Six Year: With a Mid-Cycle Progress Report

  21. Metas de SEHS para WASC • Alto rendimiento de todos los estudiantes • Envolver el personal y accionistas • Crear un reflexivo y continuo proceso de WASC • Diplomas acreditados y validados. • SeisAnos: Con un informe de mitad de ciclo

  22. WASC Accreditation Terms • Six Year: • With a Mid-Cycle Progress Report • With a Mid-Cycle Progress Report & 1 day visit • With a Mid-Cycle Progress Report & 2 day visit • Limited: • 1 or 2 year Probationary Accreditation Status • with in-depth progress report & 2 day visit. • Withheld: • Accreditation Status Withheld

  23. Terminos de acreditacion WASC • SeisAnos: • Con un informe de mitad de ciclo • Con un informe de mitad de ciclo y unavisita de un dia • Con un informe de mitad de ciclo y unavisita de dos dias • Limitada: • Visita de 1 o 2 anosacreditacion de prueba con informe en profundidad y unavisita de 2 dias • Retenida: • AcreditacionRetenida

  24. El Proceso

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