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The Cay

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The Cay

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  1. The Cay By:Theodore Taylor

  2. Character List • Phillip Enright- he is eleven years old. He lives in Willemstad on the island of Curaco, the largest of the Dutch islands, just off the coast of Venezuela. Philip is excited about the war because he has never experienced it before. He is a skinny boy with dark brown hair and he is short.. He’s the type of boy who brags about himself and is proud of whatever he does. • Timothy - He is an old black man with white hair. He is not good with spelling or his speech but he was very helpful old man on the island. • Philip’s mother- She lives and her husband on the island of Curaco. She’s a women whose afraid of war. She always try’s to run away instead of just facing it. • Philip’s father- He is a strong man like Philip who is proudly working in the war (fighting). He lives most of the time on the island of Curaco with his family. • Henrik- Is a good little boy who is one of Philips best friends. He lives with his family on the island too. He was a boy who grew up without prejudice the opposite of Phillip.

  3. Setting/Plot/Opinion Summary • This story takes place in Willemstad on the island of Curacao the largest of the Dutch islands, just off the coast of Venezuela. The city looks like part of Holland. The other part of the story takes place on a island off the coast of Panama. • The Cay is about a boy who lives on a large Dutch island. His parents are scared because their is going to be a war. So his mom decides to get on a ship to come to the U.S. While they were on the ship, they got torpedoed and the ship sunk. phillip got hit in the head and was knocked unconscious. He was saved by a black man on the ship named, Timothy. They sailed in a raft until they found a island in a Cay off the coast of Panama. After a few days Phillip was blind. They built a hut and Phillip learned how to work his way around the island so he could survive if Timothy died. They always kept a rescue fire going so someone could see them. One day their was a hurricane and Timothy got hurt just to protect Timothy. He died because he was old and injured. A few days later a helicopter flew by and rescued Phillip. • We think the book was pretty good. It was very descriptive. We were all happy when Phillip was rescued. It was very creative how they built their hut and survived on that little island.

  4. Flow Chart

  5. Ending • As the wind rises, and the tide got higher, Timothy and Phillip held on for dear life. When winds rose to its pinnacle, the rope that was wrapped around them suddenly snapped. Phillip was swept into the dark, wrathful sea, and in desperation, Timothy leaps into the raging water in look for him. • After the great effort, Timothy half alive himself, gives up. The tide bakes out and the sun comes out to see the outcome of the storm. A sudden blast of a horn brings him back to reality. fatigued and rundown Timothy waits on his knees in the sand for the boat to approach. The three white men on this petite boat asks him if he has seen a little boy by the name Phillip. Timothy still in mute because of the tragedy looses his tongue. The white men are still unaware of what happened but they are afraid of bringing him on the ship because of disease and illness of a Negro. The sailors in thought that Timothy lives on the island, they row back.

  6. Credits • Michael • Eze • Bernice • Lindsay • Brandon.