major debates in psychology n.
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“Major” debates in Psychology PowerPoint Presentation
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“Major” debates in Psychology

“Major” debates in Psychology

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“Major” debates in Psychology

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  1. “Major” debates in Psychology NATURE NURTURE

  2. Learning Objectives • To introduce the nature and nurture debate • To examine the significance of this debate to Psychological theory

  3. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” William Shakespeare, Twelfth night: act II, Scene V

  4. Using Shakespeare’s famous quote as a clue, can you separate this list of words into two groups? Culture Nature Learned Inherited Hereditary Genetic Innate Environmental Biological Social Nurture Acquired

  5. Culture Innate Learned Inherited Environmental Hereditary Social Genetic Acquired Biological Nurture Nature

  6. TASK • Now, IN NO MORE THAN 50 WORDS, explain how you decided on the make-up of your two groups. Try to avoid using any of the listed words in your explanation

  7. How would I do this? Culture Innate Learned Inherited Environmental Hereditary Social Genetic Acquired Biological Nurture Nature The group on the left are all words which describe ways in which we develop because of the way we are brought up. The words on the right are all used to describe the way behaviour can be inborn or comes from our parents (44 words)

  8. Theorists tend to explain behaviour in terms of one of two factors Genetics, biochemistry and physiology (Biological make-up) Socialisation, learning and experience. (Environmental factors) NATURE NURTURE NATURE vs. NURTURE

  9. Identify on your grid, things which… …are probably due to a mixture of both …are definitely a product of nature …are definitely a product of nurture PRACTISING PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS

  10. Watch the short clip • • What issues does this raise in relation to the Nature Nurture debate?

  11. The Nature Nurture debate in Psychology: The standing of the different approaches NATURE NURTURE BIOPSYCHOLOGY Focuses on genetic, physiological, hormonal and neurochemical explanations of behaviour PSYCHOANALYSIS Focuses on instinctual drives of sex and aggression, expressed within the restrictions imposed by society via the ego and superego COGNITIVE Focuses on innate information processing abilities or schemata that are constantly refined by experience HUMANISM While accepting basic psychological needs, the focus is upon the person’s experience of their social and physical environment. BEHAVIOURISM Focuses on the acquisition of virtually all behaviour from the environment via conditioning.

  12. Look at the arguments/standpoint that you have been given • You have 5 minutes to read through your argument(s), make brief notes in your own words and be ready to pass this information on to the rest of the class to put on to their ‘scales’.

  13. For Nurture/Against Nature Against Nurture/For Nature NATURE NURTURE DEBATE

  14. Where do you stand? NATURE NURTURE • Place yourselves on the continuum and prepare to justify your reasoning as a psychologist!