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Review for Psychology Final

Review for Psychology Final

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Review for Psychology Final

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  1. Review for Psychology Final • Part I: Early Psychology and Definitions • Part II. Psychological Theories • Part III. Research Methods • Part IV. Defense Mechanisms and Control • Part V. Neurobiology • Part VI. Abnormal Psych • Part VII. Autism, Eating Disorders, Sleep and Consciousness

  2. Part I: Early Psychology and Definitions

  3. Part I: Psychological Theories

  4. The definition for psychology; includes The term “processes” He was # 1 – first Psychologist Goals of Psychology: acronym is D.P.U.I. First American Psychologist Had a lab Not a dog – the other kind Theory: All my problems are due to my repressed sexual and aggressive needs and also because I never got a red bike as a kid, (insert crying) Theory:“Stop that!” “NO” “If you stop beating your brother I’ll give you a cookie” (gives cookie) Next day….give cookie Brother survives another day

  5. Theory:It’s all in your head…really…I mean that…your brain dude. Theory:If everyone was treated with “unconditional positive regard”, we would all reach our potential Theory:Change your thinking, change your habits, change your life Theory:Tell me about your past, talk therapy, go to a meeting, take this prescription, feel better about yourself and make an appointment next week at the desk

  6. Part II: Research Methods

  7. Research Methods: “I believe this will happen” IF this happens Then this results My belief in what will happen is called the _______________ Research Methods: One group gets the real pill, one group gets the placebo pill The group that gets the placebo pill is the

  8. Research Methods: This group GETS the pill Research Methods: This group may have a member with a cold who would Skew the results of the experiment… Research Methods: This makes an experiment non biased Research Methods IF a mall cop is dressed in a uniform; THEN people will listen to him more: Which is the Independent Variable? Which is the Dependent Variable?

  9. Research Methods: Study that follows a group of people over a long span of time Research Methods: Study that compiles a diverse group of different Types of people from multiple ages, races, etc. Research Methods: Observing people in their natural environment with no discussion

  10. Research Methods: A long-term research study that Looks at all aspects of one person’s life. Research Methods: An experiment where every aspect of it can be controlled. Pros: You can control everything in environment Cons: Not reflective of real life

  11. Part IV. Defense Mechanisms and Locus of Control

  12. Locus of Control “It isn’t my fault, the teacher hates me, I always have bad luck, They like her better, if I had her money I’d be fine… Locus of Control “If I work hard, I have a better chance of getting what I want, I didn’t study for my test So that’s why I probably didn’t do as well as usual. It’s how we protect our minds from emotional pain, much Like you would defend yourself against physical pain… to avoid The impact.

  13. Defense Mechanisms “After witnessing a tragic event, no longer actually remembering what happened. Defense Mechanism After a big disappointment, Sometimes you will say “I didn’t care Anyway!’, expressing t he opposite of What you really feel Defense Mechanisms “After witnessing a tragic event, You push away the memories and choose not to remember them Defense Mechanisms “Going backward in time to a place where we felt safe, often a better time In our lives….behaving younger than we are.

  14. Your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you Your best friend takes up with your boy/girlfriend You take a math test and fail it You get cut in lunch line and complain, nobody believes you After you get off the bus on the way home you drop your iphone into a sewer You open the door and your puppy runs up to you happily barking and jumping on you out of Joy You yell: BE QUIET YOU STUPID PUPPY… I DON”T EVEN LIKE YOU!” Defense Mechanisms After listening to his parents argue all the time, Johnny decides To leave the house and take a walk, soon he starts running, eventually he runs Regularly and it helps him deal with his parents arguments.

  15. Defense Mechanisms “After witnessing a tragic event, no longer actually remembering what happened. Defense Mechanisms You feel bad about not liking Your Aunt Nancy, she always teases you When she comes over and compares you To her perfect kids…but when she comes over, you Make her favorite dessert and give her a hug.

  16. Part VI Brain and Sleep

  17. Brain The Hypothalamus controls these autonomic functions throughout The day……. Brain The outermost layer of your brain Holds all your higher thoughts Unless you’ve lost it In a vortex Brain When you rub your eyes and see Flashing lights And colors – you are Putting pressure on this Part of your brain In the back of your skull Brain If you damage this lobe, your personality can change

  18. Brain This part of your brain connects the left And right hemispheres – it’s the I 84 of your brain Between Newburgh and Beacon Brain The part of your brain known for emotion – in the mid brain but referred to as Brain Latin for little brain – the ____________ controls balance And movement Brain This part of your brain controls impulse and decision making And doesn’t totally develop until 25

  19. Brain Without this chemical – you may Be depressed Brain When you are in a Coma You DO NOT go through _______ Brain Also known as your C.N.S. - which stands for Brain L-Dopa was administered to patients in 1969 With Encephalitis Brain Neurotransmitter for movement.

  20. Brain This protects the brain from most infections Brain A concussion is when your brain becomes inflamed due To head trauma….you should always stay awake after a concussion For as long as doctors tell you to. Brain You are logical, mathematical and organized you are____ Brain dominant Brain You are intuitive, artsy, creative – you are ____ Brain dominant

  21. Brain This disease caused by Amyloid protein plaques on The brain causes you to lose memories – if a doctor asks You to draw a clock – they are testing you for: Brain A.D.H.D. can be treated with something that would cause Someone with a non-affected brain to become awake and shaky, But calms and focuses A.D.H.D. patients Brain Memories are located in several areas of the brain as well as The hippocampus – however flashbulb memory can be unreliable when Used for eyewitness testimony Brain Losing things can be a sign that you are sleep deprived

  22. Sleep Your natural biological clock is called this Sleep Period of sleep where you are physically paralyzed and your eyes Move back and forth – active brain Sleep “I can’t fall asleep, What’s wrong with Me? Sleep Strong emotions, loud Noises can make me fall Directly into REM sleep And fall down Wherever I am

  23. Sleep If you are sleep walking you are likely in Stage____ Sleep Sleep walking can be hereditary Sleep Period of sleep where you are physically paralyzed and your eyes Move back and forth – active brain Sleep “I can’t fall asleep, What’s wrong with Me? Sleep Strong emotions, loud Noises can make me fall Directly into REM sleep And fall down Wherever I am Sleep Sleep Apnea Is when you stop Breathing during sleep…a sign you have this is snoring

  24. Part VII Abnormal Psych

  25. Abnormal Psych What is the Global Assessment Scale? Abnormal Psych What does D.S.M. IV Mean?

  26. Abnormal Psych “I hate you! I love you! Don’t leave me! Get out!” Abnormal Psych Term Psychologists use to describe “abnormal” behavior Abnormal Psych “I’m going to paint a mural, and then go dancing right after I clean the entire House because I have no need to sleep or eat” Days Later: “I don’t care about anything. Who cares about that mural.” Abnormal Psych Feeling of nervousness, impending doom and unease Or sometimes extreme panic Abnormal Psych “I am perfect, some people Need to be stepped on so I Can succeed, I am So beautiful everyone Is always admiring me”

  27. Abnormal Psych Repetitive thoughts only soothed by an action – than repeated again And again as a pattern Abnormal Psych As children they sometimes set fires and injure small animals… As adults they do not possess empathy or ability to love Abnormal Psych 2 weeks of nonstop sadness, Numbness, not feeling happy About anything Abnormal Psych Mild constant depression Is callled… Abnormal Psych Sudden happiness After depression can Be a sign of possible Plans of suicide

  28. Abnormal Psych Limiting calories to the point of malnutrition in order to control Weight – sometimes to the point of death Abnormal Psych Characterized by eating a lot, (binging) and then vomiting (purging) or excessive use of laxatives Abnormal Psych Early signs can be lining up objects No eye contact, and hand flapping Abnormal Psych In terms of drug withdrawal, which Is the most dangerous to do without Medical help – sometimes fatal Abnormal Psych Signs are a child that Fixates on a subject to The inclusion of all others

  29. Abnormal Psych A type of dissociative disorder (amnesia) when you take “flight” From your regular life and relocate somewhere else but don’t remember Who you are. Abnormal Psych Desire to eat non-food objects, related to Pregnancy, nutritional deficiency or Psychological disorder Abnormal Psych Multiple Personality Disorder is actually called: __ And is usually caused by severed childhood abuse. Abnormal Psych Very serious Psychiatric Disorder where there is a split From reality – early signs are sounds and visions that are Not really there but very real to the person experiencing it