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Environmental Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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Environmental Health

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  1. Chapter 14 Environmental Health

  2. Health Goal #81: I Will Stay Informed About Environmental Issues • Global environmental issues are concerns that affect the quality of life of people everywhere • Five environmental Issues that interest many people around the world are: • Population growth • Poverty and hunger • Greenhouse effect and global warming • Thinning of ozone layer • Reduction of rain forests

  3. Staying Informed About Environmental Issues • There are several ways to stay informed about environmental issues • Media • Radio • Television • Magazines • WWW sites

  4. Health Goal #82: I Will Be Aware of Organizations and Global Initiatives to Protect the Environment • Governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations are reliable sources of information about environmental issues • A regulatory agency is an agency that enforces laws to protect the general public • The following are primary federal agencies charged with protecting the environment • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

  5. Health Goal #83: I Will Help Keep the Air Clean • Air pollution is contamination of the air that causes negative effects on life and health • Affects various areas of health, such as respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune system • Even healthy people who exercise and stay fit can become ill in areas where air pollution is concentrated

  6. Sources of Air Pollution • Fossil fuels • Particulates • Motor vehicle emissions • Smog • Indoor air pollution • Second-hand smoke • Environmental smoke • Asbestos • Radon

  7. Health Goal #84: I Will Help Keep the Water Safe • Water covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface • Less than 1 percent of the water on earth is fresh • Fresh water is water that is not contaminated or salty • People need fresh water to live and comes from: • Streams • Rivers • Reservoirs • Wells

  8. Water Pollution • Water pollution is contamination of water that causes negative effects on life and health • Water run-off is water that runs off the land into a body of water that can pick up pollutants along the way

  9. Water Pollution Sources • Toxic chemicals • Fertilizers • Trihalomethanes • Sediments • Radioactive waste • Thermal pollution • Microorganisms

  10. Health Goal #85: I Will Help Keep Noise at a Safe Level • Noise is a sound that produces discomfort or annoyance • Noise can cause health problems and is a leading pollutant of the environment • Sound waves are vibrations of air • Pitch is how high or low the sounds are • Amplitude is the loudness of a sound

  11. Noise Pollution • Noise pollution is a loud commotion that causes hearing loss, stress, fatigue, irritability, and tension • Can also cause accidents by preventing people from hearing warnings or interfering with the ability to concentrate or perform • Over 85 dB will result in hearing loss (OSHA)

  12. Keep the volume of radios, etc., at a safe level Avoid listening to music through headphones or headset at an unsafe level Wear protective earplugs when operating loud machinery/power tools Wear protective earplugs when attending loud concerts Use your fingers to protect your ears if you don’t have earplugs Distance yourself from loud sounds if you cannot avoid exposure to the sounds and don’t have earplugs Be considerate of others Avoid drinking alcohol Keeping Noise at Safe Levels

  13. Health Goal #86: I Will Help Improve My Visual Environment • The visual environment is everything people see around them • Visual pollution refers to unattractive sights (e.g., litter, graffiti, dilapidated buildings) • Can also include indoor surroundings, such as clutter and trash

  14. Positive Visual Environment and Health Status • The following are ways that that positive visual environment improves health status: • Improves mood • Improves motivation • Helps relieve stress • Contributes to quality of life • Improves social health

  15. Pick up clutter Clean up litter Put up pictures Add plants and other living things Improve the view outside Change the colors Organize a clean-up campaign Write to community leaders about visual pollution in the community Improving the Visual Environment

  16. Health Goal #87: I Will Help Conserve Energy and Natural Resources • Natural resources include anything obtained from the natural environment to meet people’s needs • Energy is the ability to do work • Sources of energy are: • Fossil fuels • Nuclear energy • Hydroelectric power • Solar energy • Biomass • Geothermal energy • Wind energy • Hydrogen power

  17. Health Goal #88: I Will Precycle, Recycle, and Dispose of Waste Properly • Solid waste is discarded solid materials • A landfill is a place where waste is dumped in layers and buried • Solid waste is a problem because it: • Pollutes the air • Pollutes the soil • Pollutes the water supply • Takes up space • Precycling is a process of reducing waste by using packages over again • Recycling is a process of re-forming a waste product to be usedagain

  18. Waste Disposal • Landfill • Incineration • Composting • Deep-injection wells

  19. Health Goal #89: I Will Protect the Natural Environment The Natural Environment is everything around a person that is not made by people • Natural environment improves health status • Influences quality of life • Allows for people to enjoy and appreciate nature

  20. Follow all rules Do not leave belongings behind Do not litter or leave other objects Do not destroy or harm the environment Do not take things out of the natural environment Do not feed wild animals Stay on trails Keep fires small and make sure they are extinguished before leaving Be considerate of others when in the natural environment Do not drink out of lakes and streams or consume wild plants Protecting the Natural Environment

  21. Health Goal #90: I Will Be a Health Advocate for the Environment • Health advocacy for the environment is taking responsibility to improve the quality of life about the environment • Health advocates take action to improve the quality of the environment • They have successfully influenced the passage of laws that protect the environment

  22. Take responsibility for your personal actions regarding the environment Stay informed about environmental issues that affect the community, nation, and world Take actions to promote the environment Encourage others to protect the environment Volunteer to work on environmental improvement projects in the community Organize environmental improvement projects How to Become an Effective Advocate

  23. Chapter 14 Environmental Health