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JFMIP Property Management System Requirements Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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JFMIP Property Management System Requirements Briefing

JFMIP Property Management System Requirements Briefing

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JFMIP Property Management System Requirements Briefing

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  1. JFMIP Property Management System Requirements Briefing Interagency Committee on Property ManagementFebruary 4, 2004

  2. Overview • The mission of the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program • JFMIP financial system requirements documents - Property Management System Requirements • Status of the project to update Property Management System Requirements.

  3. What is JFMIP?

  4. What is JFMIP? • Joint undertaking of the Department of the Treasury, the Office of Management and Budget, the General Accounting Office, and the Office of Personnel Management, working together with each other and program agencies in the executive branch to improve financial management policies and practices. • Serves as a catalyst to stimulate action, mobilize resources and coordinate efforts to accomplish this objective.

  5. Who is JFMIP? Principals David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the U. S.   John W. Snow, Secretary of the Treasury Joshua B. Bolten, Director, OMB  Kay Coles James, Director, OPM Steering Committee David Zavada (Chair), Chief, Financial Standards and Grants, OMB Jeffrey C. Steinhoff, Managing Director, Financial Management and Assurance, GAO  Robert N. Reid, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Accounting Policy, Department of the Treasury  Clarence C. Crawford, Associate Director for Management and Chief Financial Officer, OPM Kathleen M. Turco, Chief Financial Officer, GSA  Karen Cleary Alderman, Executive Director, JFMIP

  6. JFMIP Focus • Financial Management Systems • Financial System Requirements • Property Management System Requirements • Software Testing and Qualification Process • Financial Management Human Capital • Directed Studies and Projects • Interagency transactions, Payroll Study, etc. • Education and Outreach • Annual conference, awards, forums, newsletter,, knowledgebase,

  7. Publish JFMIP Financial Systems Functional Requirements Status —October 2003 Direct Loan System Seized Property and Forfeited Assets System Guaranteed Loan System Benefit Payment System Travel Systems Insurance Claim System Human Resources and Payroll Systems Core Financial System Financial Reporting System Non-financial Systems Grant System Budget Formulation System Inventory System Property Management System Revenue System Acquisition System Issued Since 1998 Development in Process Update in Process Never Issued Communicates Common Mandatory Requirements

  8. Why is an update needed? • Integrated financial management systems is biggest obstacle financial and program performance. Need to integrate property with core, acquisition, etc. • Increased emphasis on fiscal accountability (FFMIA; ‘clean’ audit opinions, etc.) requires improved data integrity....agreeing on data requirements is a first step in the right direction. • New changes in laws (FASAB, UID’s) and increasing emphasis on property management and utilization. • New emphasis on JFMIP requirements as the Financial Applications and Services layer of the Federal Enterprize Architecture.

  9. Budget Formulation System Acquisition System Acquiring Inventory Logistics/Executive Information Systems Core Financial System Control of Inventory Property Management System Disposition Of Inventory Revenue System Issued/Customer Disposal Illustration of an Integrated System from Inventory, Supplies, and Materials System Requirements

  10. Property Management System Requirements Efforts in 2004 • Led by Department of Defense • Working Group representatives from NASA, GSA, HHS, DHS, GAO, NIH, DOD, USDA, DOE, DOI, OMB, FASAB • Re-write and expansion of a previous document( • New FASAB Standards • Developed new requirement in support of Unique Item Identifiers (UIDs) - Software must have UID field

  11. Charter Revise the government-wide JFMIP Property Management Systems Requirements document. • Minimum acceptable requirements for what the system must be able to perform • Consider value-added functionality • Facilitate COTS development • Facilitate consolidation of financial statements

  12. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Source: OMB Financial Management System Inventory, 2003 *Excludes DoD which underreported financial applications for 1999.