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Steve Santorsola

Steve Santorsola

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Steve Santorsola

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  1. Steve Santorsola

  2. Local Search Dominance A “Do it yourself” Approach to Local SEO Plus “Do It Yourself” virus removal

  3. The two primary activities happening on the internet are… Search Social Media

  4. Your ranking in Local SEO is determined by • Approximately • 50% of your ranking is driven by your “offsite” content • 30% of your ranking is driven by your “website” content • 20% of your ranking is driven by your “social media”content content…content…content

  5. SEO vs. Local SEO • The key factor in transforming SEO into Local SEO is the use of a geo-modifier or geographical identifier like … • Tampa • Riverview • Palm Harbor • Zip code • Street name • In 2012 there were 90 weight factors for Local SEO results.* • 20 of the 90 are social media relevant • These relevant factors can change weekly, monthly or quarterly. • *(Reference David Mihm) Local SEO requires continual review and adaptation of your website

  6. BUYING INTENT • With the use of a geo-modifier or a geographical identifier there is buying intent on the part of the searcher. • This is of huge importance because the intent is to act on purchasing a product or service. This is very similar to the use the Yellow Pages had years ago.

  7. 54% of searchers use a local modifier

  8. Raising your ranking… • There are 2 primary Algorithms in use now for • scoring & ranking your website

  9. Keep in mind that new algorithm updates come out periodically . These may necessitate an analysis & modification of your website for maximum Local SEO results. Google Panda Update vs. Google Penguin Updates Writing by Nick Stamoulis Between February 24th 2011 & January 22nd 2013 there were 26 Panda updates Between April 24th 2012 and October 9th 2012 there were 3 Penguin updates

  10. Pandais based on • “site-wide penalty”

  11. Pandameasures user accomplishments and experiences. • Fixing & updating static elements within your website will help in ranking. • Privacy policy • Contact information • About… • Terms of service • Warranty information • Articles & content from multiple authors

  12. Penguin is based on key words and links and applies an “over optimized penalty”

  13. Keyword stuffing or repetitive key words (i.e. writing articles like we did 2 years ago) • Over use of links on your site or bad links (non-functioning) on the site • Penguin assigns a penalty for too many • key words, too many links or bad code

  14. Examples of Local SEO

  15. Local Pay per click Local Map Lisiting Local SEO Lisiting

  16. Your ranking in Local SEO…

  17. 1 Major factor is

  18. Google+ Account If you don’t have a Google+ account you need to get one = convergence of “Search” and “Social Media”

  19. Content with “consistency” is king when it comes to local search. Website

  20. facebook

  21. Repetitive key word content in a structured coherent format

  22. Examples of “Geo Modifiers” in website “Contact Information” Brandon Sarasota Clearwater

  23. More examples of Geo Modifiers?

  24. One of the newest tools for Local SEO offered by Google is Business Photos Maps

  25. 360 Degree Panoramic view of the interior & exterior of your business

  26. Weighting factor on Business Photos is about the same as it is currently for having a YouTube video on your website. The weighting factor is expected to increase as more businesses use this new tool.

  27. Because Steve Cares…

  28. Google Analytics Features

  29. Results can take months or even a year or more to achieve. It all depends on how aggressive you choose to be or can afford to be. There are never any guarantees. If someone guarantees to put you on the first page or to be the first listing in a matter of a defined time…run…run…run… Results take time

  30. Initial steps for “DIY” removal of A “how to” guide for removing Virus – Spyware – Malware Virus – Spyware – Malware

  31. Virus, Spyware and Malware • PREVENTION • __________________________________________________ • PC or Mac • You are at risk if you do not protect your computer or network

  32. Cleaning your infected computer • First - Always backup all of your data. • So often individuals will accidently loose data in the cleaning process. The backup resolves the problem. • If it were “simple” everyone would do it. • There’s not just one miracle software to clean a computer. • Many intrusions require utilizing multiple target specific programs to rid a computer of a problem. • Each one has it strengths . So, using different removal software will assure a more complete cleaning process. • Run just one antivirus software at a time on your computer. This means uninstall and not just disable. Antivirus software will typically conflict with each other even when one is disabled.

  33. Blocked from installing new antivirus software? • Web based programs like Comodo Cleaning Essentials 6 • USB based programs like FixMeStick 2013 • “Run” prompt line programs like Emsisoft • If any of these work to begin the cleaning process you most likely can now install some of the prior mentioned antivirus programs for more thorough cleaning.

  34. Bottom line is… • Do not begin the process thinking it is going to be a 15-30 minute process. • Be patient and expect the worst so that you do not get frustrated and abandon trying other removal approaches. • The typical start to finish process can easily take 2-3 hours or more.

  35. Bottom line is… • Do not begin the process thinking it is going to be a 15-30 minute process. • Be patient and expect the worst so that you do not get frustrated and abandon trying other removal approaches. • The typical start to finish process can easily take 2-3 hours or more. • Recommended antivirus software • Norton AntiVirus 2013 • Norton 360 Everywhere • Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2013 • Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 • Trend Micro Titanium 2013 • Comodo Internet Security Complete • AVG Antivirus 2013 • Daily Safety Check Home Edition Steve’s Picks When Viruses Attack

  36. If all else fails…

  37. One Hour Courtesy Consultations Available