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The Amber

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The Amber

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  1. The Amber Room

  2. Have you ever heard of amber? • Have you ever seen anything made • of amber?

  3. amber • It has a beautiful yellow-brown colour. • It feels as hard as stone. • It easily melt when heated. • Once it is heated, it can be made into any shape.

  4. Raw amber Can you imagine what a room made of amber looks like?

  5. the Amber Room

  6. 1. 7,000 tons of amber 2. It was also made with gold and jewels 3. It took ten years to make it . 4. It is about four meters long

  7. Six hundred candles lit the room

  8. Its mirrors and pictures shone like gold It is now missing Do you want to get more information about the Amber Room?

  9. In search of the Amber Room Read the text once, then put the following statements in right order:

  10. 2 3 1 Fredrick William Ⅰ gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift. The Czar gave Fredrick William Ⅰ55 soldiers. The Amber Room was made for Fredrick Ⅰ. The Russians removed art objects from the Amber Room. More details were added to the room’s design. The Amber Room was taken apart and moved away. A New Amber Room was built. Catherine Ⅱmoved the Amber Room to the palace outside St Petersburg. 6 5 7 8 4

  11. Read para 1 and answer the following questions. 1. How much amber was used to make the Amber Room? Almost seven thousand tons of amber were used. 2. How many people and how long did it take to make the Amber Room? It took a team of the country’s best artists ten years to make it. 3. What did people think of the Amber Room? The best and biggest work of amber art ever made.

  12. Read para2-5 and fill in the form. Frederick Ⅰ He made it. Prussia Frederick William Ⅰ He gave it to Peter the Great as a gift. The Winter Palace Added more details to its designs. The Summer Palace Catherine Ⅱ Konigsberg Nazi German Army Stole it. The Summer Palace St. Petersburg Rebuilt it.

  13. Read the text again and discuss the main idea of each paragraph. • Paragraph 1: ____________of the Amber Room. • Paragraph 2-3: __________ of the Amber Room. • Paragraph 4: ____________of the Amber Room. • Paragraph 5: _______________of the Amber Room.

  14. Find out all the people related to the Amber Room from the text. Frederick I Frederick William I Peter the Great Catherine II The German Nazi What’s the relationship among them?

  15. Frederick I Frederick William I the Amber Room Catherine II The German Nazi Peter the Great

  16. Overall reading • The king of Prussia who gave the Amber Room as a gift to Russia was _______. • A. Frederick Ⅰ B. Frederick William I • C. Peter the Great D. Catherine Ⅱ • 2. The king of Prussia gave the Amber Room to Russia because_______. • A. he wanted to marry Catherine Ⅱ • B. he was kind • C. he needed better soldiers • D. he wanted to make friends B D

  17. B • 3.The Amber Room was stolen by _______. • A. Russian soldiers B. German soldiers • C. people in Konigsberg • D. people in St. Petersburg • 4. In 1941, the city of Konigsberg was in ____. • Germany B. Russia C. Sweden D. France5. • 5. The Russians didn’t hide the Amber Room because ________. • they were at war • they couldn’t find a place • the German soldiers arrived too soon • no train could take it away A C

  18. 6.What’s the main idea of the text? • It is the eighth wonder of the world. • How was the room created and missing and the work and the way that people looked for the Amber Room. • The Amber room was lost during the war and never to be found again. • The life of Frederick William I. B

  19. 7. How was the Amber Room supposed to have been lost? A. It was hidden by some Russians in fear that it might be stolen by the Nazis. B. It was separated and taken to Konigsberg by the Nazis. C. It melted in the fire during the war between the Russia and the Germany. D. No one knows it for sure. D

  20. Look at every statement. If you are “sure” it is sure, mark “S” to the left of it. If you are “not sure”, mark “NS”. ( ) 1. The Amber Room was not easy to make. ( ) 2. Catherine Ⅱdidn’t like everything about the Amber Room when she first saw it. ( ) 3. The Amber Room was taken to Konigsberg and hidden there in 1941. ( ) 4. The Russians didn’t care about the Amber Room. ( ) 5. The Russians don’t think the Amber Room will ever be found. S NS S NS NS

  21. In Search of the Amber Room About the Amber Room? What happened,1941 What ,Cather-II,do, Seven tons,yellow brown,heated,any shape,fancy style War,remove furniture,wooden boxes Add more details Why,made? What else,made? Amber Room Palace of Fr-,friendship Gold and jewels Ten years 55,best soldiers Reception hall How many years,make? What,give,in return What,served as?

  22. Discuss the following topic in groups, then show your opinions: Do you think it is meaningful to rebuild the new Amber Room? Why?

  23. Homework: 1.Read the text and try to find out the useful phrases in the text .