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About us

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About us

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  1. About us • LLC «CronaTrans» is the successful, dynamic developmenttransportation Company. Using our international experience and all innovations in transportation of cargos, we provide high quality service during all services of transportation of cargos. • A distinctive feature of the company is individual approach to each client in the construction of logistics optimization, taking into account traffic, including the time and cost of delivery. Our company specializes in the delivery of goods to the remote places of the republics of Tajikistan and Afghanistan without going through the territory of Uzbekistan. • Priority account in its work "CronaTrans" Company gives to reliability and quality of services provided. • By entrusting us with your cargo, you can be assured that it will be delivered to destination in complete safety and as soon as possible.

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  3. Our services

  4. Our services

  5. Main directions of goods delivering

  6. International AND INTERCITY Transportation by trucks • Transportation of oversized, heavy cargo, whose parameters (including transportation to transport) exceed, in width - 2.5 meters in length - 21 m, height - 4 m. • Transportation of cargo not requiring temperature-controlled truck body volume from 82 to 120 cubic meters • Transportation of Cargo with temperature from -20 to +15 • Transportation containers of 20ft, 40 ftwith total weight till 35 tons per truck.

  7. Equipment of the company • Since the company specializes in the delivery of oversized cargo, and freight delivered in severe geographical conditions (passes, groundswell, no paved trails), the technique that we use for delivery of goods corresponds to the given conditions of operation. • Our company use American Trucks with high-capacity, with 3 axes (2 of them are driving) with power 430 HP and higher.

  8. Transit of cargos through kyrgyzstan to tajikistan and afgHanistan • Our company offers a full range of services to ensure the transit of goods to Tajikistan, Afghanistan, bypassing the territory of Uzbekistan. • This service includes a set of actions to ensure that the process of cargo to Tajikistan, Afghanistan, such as: • Freight by rail from the departure station to station Alamedin (AWG railroad) • Deposit provision for transit through the territory of Kazakhstan • Transit security in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. • Custom services in Kyrgyzstan. • Overloading from railroad wagonsor containers in heavy duty vehicles • Delivery to Tajikistan (Houdjan, Dushanbe), Afghanistan (Shir Khan Bandar city) • Customs escort to your destination in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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  14. Our projects in pictures

  15. CUSTOMS SERVISES • We offer the following customs services: • Declaring all kinds of goods coming by road, rail - road and sea transport; • Accreditation of foreign economic activity in regional customs; • Consulting on customs legislation; • Viewing the tariff (rates of duty, excise duty, other fees and charges) and non-tariff (regulations, permits, licenses and other restrictions) regulation; • A full calculation of the necessary customs duties to the formation of the customs value, taking into account the conditions of supply and transport, and / or insurance costs; • View the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade to obtain full information on product.

  16. International sea freight forwarding • We glad to propose you full complex of organization multimodal and logistic services: sea and river freight forwarding, including shipment, all port, custom and transit services, and cargo delivery by all types of auto, railway and air: • Import, export and transit shipments • Containers shippment20’/40’ DryVan, HighCube,  OpenTop, FlatRack, Tank, REF , 45’ HC и т.д. • Shipment of oversize and heavy, high-value cost • In-Port services • Full expedition services • All paper formalities for shipments

  17. international air forwarding The international air transportations let you deliver your cargo quickly all over the world. Thanks to our great experience of our managers in international transportation, we propose you high quality services on each stage of our services. Our managers will choose for you best way for your transportation and give best rates and full-information services. International freight forwarding: • Air transportation all over the world. • Organization of transportation cargo in airport. • Transportation of heavy and oversize cargo. • Organization of transit shipments.

  18. Railway Transportation • TheCronaTrans propose you multimodal and international railway transportation, all custom, station services and freight forwarding of export and transit cargos. • CronaTranspropose you services of railway transportation by best prices. You could use best alliance of railway and truck transportation of your cargo. • The railway transportation is: • high capabilities • High effective transportation of cargo for long-distance • High security • Low-cost transportation

  19. • We are ready to be Your • SAFE PARTNER!