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Dear Viktor, PowerPoint Presentation
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Dear Viktor,

Dear Viktor,

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Dear Viktor,

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  1. Prof. Victor A. Matveev, Director, INRProf. Leonid Bezrukov, Deputy Director, INRDear Professors Matveev and Bezrukov,I was terribly saddened to hear of the sudden death of Stanislav Mikheev. Hewas a great physicist and a wonderful person. His work with Smirnov openedan exciting new phase in neutrino physics. This is a terrible loss to theentire physics community. Please convey my deepest condolences to hiscolleagues, friends and family.Best regards,Hank Sobel Professor Henry W. SobelDepartment of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of California, Irvine 92697

  2. Dear Viktor, please accept my personal condolences and those of the whole OPERA Collaborationfor the passing of Prof. Mikheev.This is a big loss for physics and for neutrino physics in particular. Kind regards,Antonio____________________________Prof. Dr. Antonio EreditatoAlbert Einstein Center for Fundamental PhysicsLaboratory for High Energy PhysicsUniversity of Bern

  3. Дорогие коллеги!Примите наши соболезнованияпо поводу кончины С.П.Михеева.С уважением,зам.директора ЛЯП,В.Бедняков

  4. Dear professor Matveev,I have just been informed simultaneously by Oleg Smirnov and VladimirGavrin of the death of Stanislas Mikheev and this is a very sad news.He had become famous for the “M” of the MSW effect in 1985, thisimportant discovery for the solar neutrino community (and beyond forthe whole neutrino community) which triggered thrilling research inour group in Saclay. I met him later several times in the 90’s at theGran Sasso laboratory and it was always a pleasure to discuss withhim. Please accept my sincere sympathy and transmit to his family.Best regards,Daniel VignaudAstroparticule et Cosmologie APC10, rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet75205 Paris cedex 13

  5. Дорогие коллеги,Му получили вчера печальное известие о безвременной кончине СтаниславаМихеева. Это огромная потеря для мировой науки, Института и всех, ктознал Станислава.Мы скорбим вместе с Вами.Елена и Михаил Шапошниковы

  6. Dear Professor Matveev,I was very sad to hear of the passing of Mikheev from my friend Obolenskyat APC in Paris. On a visit to Russia as a young man in the 1980's he madea big impression on me by his enjoyment of his work, his interest in whatI was doing, and his invitation out to dinner where he introduced me toRussian caviar and vodka. He helped many of us young Americans on ourfirst visit to Russia at a time when Cold War tensions were still in theair. He will be missed.Bob SvobodaProfessorUniv of California, DavisSpokesperson of the LBNE experiment

  7. This is very sad news. I have fond memories of him as very human as wellas a pathbreaking scientist.Please convey my sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.Best regards,John Ellis