1t chain blocks for safe loading n.
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1t Chain Blocks For Safe Loading PowerPoint Presentation
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1t Chain Blocks For Safe Loading

1t Chain Blocks For Safe Loading

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1t Chain Blocks For Safe Loading

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  1. 1t Chain Blocks for Safe Loading 1t chain block is made from high quality steel material with a rugged steel construction that gives an exceptionally strong performance in distinct application areas. If you want safe results, buy chain blocks from a leading manufacturer. Chain blocks are one of the popular industrial lifting equipment that can fit in different application areas such as mining, construction, industrial and other applications. They are the economical way to lift heavy loads and give overload protection for added security. A typical chain block contains heat treated spur gears and pinion shaft to make it easy to be compatible with your desired requirements. Salient Product Features of Chain Blocks ➢Made of high-quality steel. ➢Best for long-term use. ➢Affordable cost. ➢Customized lift height.

  2. ➢Hardened alloy steel load chain. ➢All chain blocks supplied with overload protection. ➢Thrust bearings on bottom hook. ➢Needle bearings on load sheave. ➢Alleviated headroom restrictions with close and extra close coupled girder trolleys. ➢Enhanced design and finish for long life expectancy. ➢Brake lockout bearing to get secured braking mechanism. ➢Encapsulated and side plate bearings for smooth operation. ➢Special hand wheel design to reduce pocket wear and hand chain slippage. ➢Gear system design to employ less effort when lifting loads. ➢High strength end strop consisting secondary end anchor for safe results. Important Points Before You Buy Chain Blocks The hand chain blocks are available in different versions and capacity range with varied suspensions. You are free to hand-pick the most suitable block and then perform the lifting with ease. ➢The suspension types used in a basic chain block, like a 1t chain block, are hook or trolley. ➢Capacity, range and class of lift are also few of the important considerations to make. ➢These blocks are designed only for vertical lifting. ➢Chain blocks must be dry, clean and away from corrosion. ➢It is important to take proper care to avoid dropping, throwing and dragging across the floor. ➢There must not be any galvanization of chain or other load bearing parts to other related plating process. In any lifting operation, the basic objective is to move load to a specific location and then land it efficiently without any damage. A good quality of 1t chain block has an amazing short head room that prompts for easy installation. The high-quality calibrated load chain, twin pawl mechanical brake and a double cover protection for brake chamber gives additional features for smooth performance of every practice. Contact- Address: Bishop Lifting Services , The Sling Centre, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AF Email: Fax : +44 (0)2920471613 Phone: +44 (0)2920465988 Website: