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Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10 PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10

Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10

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Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10

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  1. Building Your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10 2013 Anders Jeppsson Director, Global Head of Gaming, BlackBerry RamprasadMadhavan- BlackBerry Sr. Application Development Consultant

  2. BB BlackBerry 10 launched January 30th 2013 Z10 Q10 / Q5

  3. Our “mantra”

  4. Three years in the making…

  5. A secure platform based on open standards and QNX POSIX and STL C++,Sockets (libstdc++, libsockets) OpenGL ES 1.1 / 2.0 (libEGL, libGLESv1_CM, libGLESv2) OpenAL 1.1 (libOpenAL, libalut) Imaging (libpng, libjpeg) Compression (libz, libbz2) Fonts (libfreetype) Math (libm) XML (libxml2, libxslt) Database (libsqlite)

  6. Very low device fragmentation 1280x768(720) Touch Dual Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm or TI 4G LTE 2GB RAM Micro SD Swappable battery 720x720 Touch+HW keyboard Dual Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm 4G LTE 2GB RAM Micro SD Swappable battery Q5

  7. 89 public repos (so far!)

  8. (by far) the most compatible HTML5 performance in the industry! And it’s FAST as well!

  9. BlackBerry 10 updates this summer JavaAndroid™ Runtime Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ActionScriptAdobe® AIR® v3.5 Stage3D HTML5 WebWorks™ApacheCordova C/C++/QtNative SDK

  10. Full over the air debugging!

  11. The top cross-platform game engines / frameworks


  13. Full Unity Pro + part of the free Unity license!

  14. + 2000 Unity devs in the beta!

  15. Blackberry innovation - “Micro console” gaming, social, contextual, … What gamepads are supported right now? The SteelSeriesFree, Gametel, MOGA and the Wii Remote New controllers become available in system updatesand your game will start receiving gamepad inputs from the new hardware. Because the Gamepad API is an abstraction above HID, and because we map each gamepad’s unique HID report format to the Gamepad API, you don’t need to write any code that’s specific to a single controller. The Gamepad API is integrated into the Screen library, the same library you are already using to handle touch, keyboard, and other input events. All users have to do is pair their device through the Bluetooth settings screen for it to start sending inputs to your game.

  16. The biggest and fastest growing app eco system for a new mobile platform BlackBerry 10 Now Offers More Than 120,000Applications (May 13) Application catalog grew by more than 30,000 apps in the seven weeks since launch(since February 2:nd!) Industry-leading reach: available in >175 countries Carrier Billing with >60 major carriers across 35+ countries and expanding rapidly (>650 carrier partners)

  17. Incredible developer community momentum App Availability by Store by Month following Launch

  18. BlackBerry World – a unified storefront Multiple Feature Opportunities Easy Discovery Multiple Payment Options Monetization Opportunities Dedicated Content Channels Feature Banners Cross-Platform Promotion Universal Search & App Details Top Lists & New Arrivals App Social Sharing Content Industry Rating & Filtering PayPal Credit Card Carrier Billing* Subscriptions Sell Digital Goods

  19. BBM, a REAL differentiator; robust chat, voice, video and screen sharing!

  20. BBM - 60 million monthly active users 10B

  21. … and it’s going cross platform to iOS and Android this summer!! 10B

  22. Stéphane Khalil Jacoby CTO / Co-Founder • BlackBerry NDK - pure C/C++ platform API • No glue required! • Designed from the ground up for nativedevelopment • QNX Momentics IDE • Very easy to use • Fast deployment and debugging • QNX Neutrino runtime: • Very fast • Low overhead OS • Great developer support! • Considering BBNDK as a principal dev platform for • future cross platform projects

  23. Porting experience to BlackBerry NDK Functional port time: 2 days BlackBerry NDK overlaps Android and iOS APIs EGL, OpenGLES OpenAL cURL, pthread, POSIX etc… Input system maps to Android native input Additional functionality specific toBlackBerry: 2 days In App Purchase transactions Native video player OS specific event handling… BlackBerry was by far the easiest port 24

  24. PlayBook and BB10 • Games running after a couple of days, First runs in the simulator • After the simulator runs, the games worked perfectly on the device after we got one • It looks like the games will run without changes on BlackBerry 10 devices • 10tons has always used native C/C++ and standard technologies, thus the BlackBerry SDK was a perfect match for our existing tech. • One of the most hassle free platforms ever (we've done iOS, Symbian, Android, webOS, bada, Windows, Mac OS X) • Number of unique code lines in the BlackBerry implementation is only around 400 (Android implementation has around 2000 lines). • Great support from RIM (technical, marketing etc.) • Check out our PlayBook games at:

  25. Alpha Zero on BB10 and Playbook • Lower initial sale peak at launch (than iOS) • BUT, slower decline and reoccurring peaks • 50/50 sales between Playbook and BB10 so far • Great development tools, it took us about one week to get full QNX platform support in our in-house engine. • Well worth the investment!

  26. "one f***ing day”! - Michael Schade "My CTO likes the platform and tools. My CFO likes the app store and security, and I like the devices," – CEO Michael Schade (PocketGamer 2012-05-11)

  27. Thank you! Anders Jeppsson- BlackBerry Director – Global Head of Gaming @ajeppsson RamprasadMadhavan- BlackBerry Sr. Application Development Consultant @rmadhavan7