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CCF Summer camp

CCF Summer camp

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CCF Summer camp

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  1. CCF Summer camp What's going to happen

  2. Penhale 2007. Penhale THS CCF

  3. Administration • CCF T-shirts are a necessity for camp in order to be part of a team- “Swift and Bold” • Males will be split into two billets, one under the command of CSM Spriggs/ Sgt Harraway, the other under command of C/Sgt Daw and C/Sgt Kircher-Smith. • The girls will be in separate billets which will be under the command of the female NCO’s- Cpl Fitz-Gerald. • You will be split into three sections and get mingling! • You will have a kit list given to you before camp, you must make sure you have all the kit stated. • REMEMBER-Camp may be challenging at times, give your 101% and you will get a lot out of it. • You will need to maintain a high standard of kit, this is important as there will be other cadets from other units, we need to show that we are the best, don’t worry the NCO’s will help you.

  4. Camp Daily Routine. • Reveille-0630 • Breakfast- 0630-0800 • First Parade/Block and Area inspection-0825-0830 • Training begins- 0830-1230 • Lunch-1230-1330 • Training ends-1600 • Evening Meal-1700-1830 • Evening Activities-1830-2000 • Own time-2000-2200 • Bed check-2230 • Light’s out-2300 • (Daily routine subject to change)

  5. Saturday 14th July • You will leave from school and take approx 4 hours to get to Penhale, on the bus the CSM and C/Sgt’s will provide in-flight entertainment including- “Wheels on the Bus”. • Once you have arrived at camp you will need to listen to the NCO’s instructions and follow their orders, it will be a bit daunting but we will be there as a team. • Once you have arrived into your billet you will sort out personal admin and the billet NCO’s will teach you how to make your beds. • In the evening there will be time to go to the NAAFI. (Little tip though, get your head down early, as you need as much sleep as you can).

  6. Sunday 15th July • Day on the ranges • Chances to fire LSW’s • Learn how to use the LSW’s • An observation stand. • A Survival stand. • Cup of tea and a biscuit

  7. Evening • This is an orienteering competition in which everyone must participate in and you have half an hour to find as many stamps as you can. • Be able to spend some time in the NAAFI as well as making sure the billets are clean. (This will be part of every evening routine)

  8. Monday 16th July • This day is spent at the lake where there is the chance to go kayaking, raft building, racing and sailing.

  9. Tuesday 17th July • Tests on all Cadet skills. • AFV recognition • 25 metre range • First aid • Command tasks • Treasure hunt • Obstacle course training • Climbing and abseiling

  10. Wednesday 18th July • Signals day. • A day of learning about comms and radio equipment, this is taught by members of the Royal Signals and involves talking on a National Radio Net.

  11. Evening • In the evening cadets are given the opportunity to participate in a competitive March and Shoot. This involves a two mile run followed by a shoot on the 25 metre range.

  12. Thursday 19th July • Military skills including Camouflage and Concealment • Ambush stand • Jungle lane • Section attacks

  13. Evening • In the evening there is an obstacle course competition in which teams of 10 race against each other and the clock! • Then you have your own time and the NCOs may buy you a drink if you have been good boys and girls!

  14. Friday 20th July • Leave camp around 9 or 10 am after block inspection and hand over. You will arrive back at THS at around 1 pm. • Time for the summer and flip-flops!