how does a heroin addict get hooked n.
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How Does A Heroin Addict Get Hooked? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Does A Heroin Addict Get Hooked?

How Does A Heroin Addict Get Hooked?

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How Does A Heroin Addict Get Hooked?

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  1. How Does A Heroin Addict Get Hooked? Any form of addiction to drugs or substance normally starts to different reasons. If you want to know how a heroin addict get hooked with this drug and lead to uncontrollable stage, take time reading below some of the reasons. 1.Social pressure Yes, this is initially one of the reasons why an individual may be tempted to use, then eventually lead to dependency and addiction to heroin is due to social pressure, particularly coming from your peers or people around you. There are instances where a person may try heroin for the first time because of the desire to satisfy others or belong to their group. 2.Curiosity Another reason that will compel an individual to try heroin is due to one’s curiosity, either hearing about it or seeing others take the drug. The most vulnerable individuals who give in to this curiosity are the young who wants to be adventurous and try all sorts of activities like taking heroin as part of a recreational use and eventually being addicted to this drug. 3.Treat chronic pain There are cases where a patient will resort to heroin to treat chronic pain when his or her doctor decided to discontinue the prescribed opiates medicines. A patient withdrawing from opiates may experience painful withdrawal symptoms and the only way they could reduce or control pain is by taking heroin. 4.Recovering from a major injury

  2. If you are a victim of a major accident and incurred a severe injury, your attending doctor will surely prescribe morphine to relieve pain. Morphine is regarded medically as heroin, but when a patient develops dependency on morphine and the doctor stops prescription may turn to heroin and become hooked with this drug. 5.Tried the street heroin This is one of the alarming reasons why an individual could turn into heroin addict because he or she has tried the street heroin. If this habit goes on and mixed with other drugs or substance like alcohol, could later be the cause of one’s addiction problem. 6.Form of relaxation Taking heroin gives the person the feeling of relaxation and may become addictive for over a period of time due to continuous usage. Heroin produces the feeling good, so anyone who is currently experiencing a bad day or feeling stress would resort to heroin and later form as a habit in order to achieve the relaxed mode. 7.Self-medication to treat mental disorder There are some individuals who are experiencing mental disorder like feeling of depression or anxiety and would self-medicate through intake of heroin to let these bad feelings go away. Taking heroin can give the person the feeling high, meaning problems like problems of anxiety will disappear after the initial intake and once they achieved that desired effect will depend on this drug for lifelong effect. 8.Treat boredom Among the common reasons why a person will get addicted to heroin is to treat their boredom. People who are idle most of the time, feeling bored and would find ways to amuse themselves and find heroin to solve this problem. When people use heroin to eliminate boredom and get instant result from its intake will be tempted to continue using this drug. People become addicted to heroin due to its euphoric effects like the feeling good, relaxed and with no problems. The moment a person turns to heroin use, it could quickly transform into addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, withdrawal from this drug needs professional intervention and right treatment program. Stop now this addiction problem before it can completely cause permanent destruction to your life, health and relationship with loved ones. Website -