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My favorite school

My favorite school

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My favorite school

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  1. Regional Specialized School No.8 for Gifted Children is situated in the city of Oral, West Kazakhstan. Our school is a mixed government aided school. We have more than 430 students. As a regional specialized school, our aim is to know 3 languages very well: Kazakh, English and Russian. My favorite school

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  3. Map of Kazakhstan It‘s my city, which is situated in Europe

  4. DearMs or Mr, • I’m DaurenNaukhanov of Regional Specialized School No.8 for Gifted Children. We are a small government aided school with more than 430 students. There are about 60 teachers in the school and the pupils are in 21 classes. The school is mixed, with both boys and girls. It is a urban school in a very beautiful central part in the city of Uralsk, West Kazakhstan. • We‘d love to be your partner school. Please write and tell me about your school. • Best regards • DaurenNaukhanov

  5. My school • I started school at the age of 7. I study at school number 8. This school is the only one for gifted pupils and majors in English, Kazakh, Russian. It is a two-storeyed building in Dzezkazganskaya Street. Our school is situated in the centre of our town and a lot of pupils from different parts of it attend this school. Last year our school was reconstructed. So entering the building you come into a pleasant hall. It is light and well designed. On the ground floor you can see the office of our Headmistress, the Teacher‘s room, a canteen, a gymnasium and some classrooms for small children. Other classrooms, studies and the library are situated on the first floor. There is a large hall there, and our school meetings and concerts are held there. Our gymnasium is small and when the weather is warm our pupils have their P.T. lessons outdoors. • School also leaves a strong impression on a person‘s character, because it‘s the where we make our friends. Our teachers not only give us deep knowledge in various subjects but they also teach us to be honest and hardworking, to love our motherland and to treat nature carefully.

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  8. In my school Our school is computerized: we have computer studies, a multimedia study and some studies with interactive boards. The library processes a great deal of text-books and books for reading. I‘m a pupil of the ninth form. Our curriculum includes a lot of interesting subjects. My favorite subjects at school are English, Geography and Kazakh. We have 6 or 7 lessons every day. During the breaks we attend our canteen, to take a bite. After classes we have got some extra classes in English, Chemistry, Biology and etc.

  9. It‘s me… I began studying English in the first form of a secondary school. We started with the A, B, C …, transcription and sounds. Then we learned some English words, conversational phrases and dialogues by heart, read and translated easy topics. And nowadays English is my favorite subject at school. I would like to connect my future with English