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My favorite

My favorite

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My favorite

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  1. My favorite By Mayela Gzz

  2. My favorite color is the pink ,I love it for me is the best color. I think is a color very feminine and sweet. My favorite color

  3. My favorite food is the Italian food I love it but the one that I like more is the Fettuccini Alfredo. My favorite food

  4. My favorite videogame is Sims 3, I always play this game in my PC I love it, something that I like is that you can do whatever you want is like your life but in a game, you make a sims and live the life. My favorite videogame

  5. My favorite movie is A walk to remember ,I can see it many times but every time I saw the movie I cry, this movie have really emotions and make me cry but I love all the love that are in the movie. My favorite movie

  6. My favorite song is Kiss me of Ed Sheeran I always heard that song is my favorite one I like the way Ed Sheeran sing I love the rhythm of the music and the lyrics are amazing. My favorite song

  7. My favorite TV series is The vampire diaries I JUST LOVE THE SERIE. I like the drama and is very interesting and something that I love is that the actors are so hot they are beautiful I love them, is the perfect combination of love and fear. My favorite series TV