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Lecture 9: Default Settings in Open Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Lecture 9: Default Settings in Open Office

Lecture 9: Default Settings in Open Office

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Lecture 9: Default Settings in Open Office

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Temple College English Department Lecture 9: Default Settings in Open Office

  2. If you have not already downloaded Open Office, go to, download the software, and then return to this lecture. If you are ready to continue, press the Esc key to advance this presentation one slide at a time, so you can toggle back and forth between Open Office and this presentation. Step One

  3. Step Two • Click on text document

  4. Step Three Click on Tools, and then Options

  5. Step Four Double click on Load/Save to expand the tree

  6. Step Five Click on General, set the “Always Save As” drop down menu to “Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP,”and then click OK

  7. Step Six All your documents will now automatically save as DOC files, which will allow you to view my comments on your papers

  8. Step Seven • Tap the F11 key to bring up the Styles Display

  9. Step Eight • Right click on default; left click on modify

  10. Step Nine • In the paragraph style dialog box that is now open, select the tab labeled Indents & Spacing, set line spacing to double, check the first line automatic box, and then click OK.

  11. Step Ten • Click on Font, and change the settings to Times New Roman, Regular, 12 pt; click OK

  12. Step Eleven • Save the document as a template file somewhere convenient.

  13. Step Twelve:We are ready to import the template into Open Office's Template Repository • Click file, new, templates and documents

  14. Step Thirteen • In the Templates and Documents dialog box, click the Organize button.

  15. Step Fourteen • On the Template Management dialog box, right click on the My Templates folder

  16. Step Fifteen • Click on Import Template

  17. Step Sixteen • Use the file chooser dialog box to open the template you just created.

  18. Step Seventeen • Click on the My Templates folder on the Template Management dialog box.

  19. Step Eighteen • Right click on the Template you just imported and select Set as Default Template

  20. Default Settings are Now Set • Now, whenever you create a new text document, Open Office will use that template, and the formatting will be in place. You can try it now.