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University of North Carolina SNMA PowerPoint Presentation
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University of North Carolina SNMA

University of North Carolina SNMA

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University of North Carolina SNMA

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  1. University of North Carolina SNMA

  2. Presidents’ Welcome On Behalf of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) we would like to welcome you to UNC School of Medicine. We are excited about the great things SNMA is doing and we welcome EVERYONE who shares the mission of our organization to join. This year we will continue to lead through mentoring, service and academic excellence and we hope that you will join us in the historical traditions of the Student National Medical Association. Sincerely, Jessica Isom and Ayesha Lovick 2011-2012 SNMA Co-Presidents

  3. Who Are We? • The Student National Medical Association (SNMA)is the nation's oldest and largest student organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. Membership includes more than 7,000 medical students, pre-medical students, residents and physicians. Established in 1964 by medical students from Howard University and Meharry medical schools • SNMA boasts over 40 years of service to underserved communities and medical students.

  4. How Can You Get Involved? • It’s very easy to do so! • Become a member! There are many benefits to membership • Run for one of the MS1 positions to obtain a hands on experience • Attend all of our many events, talks and luncheons • Volunteer for HPREP, YSEP, MAPS, or many more programs!

  5. Pipeline Programs: these programs directly serve minority students through mentoring, education and guidance • Pre-medical Minority Enrichment and Development (PMED) • SNMA members act as mentors to pre-medical undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students in efforts to increase medical school matriculation rates of underrepresented mentors • Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS) • Pre-medical students are also encouraged to form SNMA MAPS chapters at their respective institutions. There are currently over 100 MAPS chapters nationwide which comprise about one third of the SNMA membership • Health Professions Recruitment Exposure Programs (HPREP) • HPREP continues to expose high school students to science-related activities while introducing them to careers in the health professions • Youth Science Enrichment Program (YSEP) • YSEP serves to stimulate elementary and junior high school students’ interest in science and health SNMA National Programs

  6. Education and Prevention Protocols • Sexual Health Awareness • Violence Prevention • Smoking Prevention/Cessation • Healthy People 2010 Health Fairs • Mental Health: Treatment, Awareness, and Prevention • HIV/AIDS Intervention and Prevention Corps • Tissue and Organ Donation Education and Recruitment Program • Health and Wellness Program • Greater than AIDS Campaign SNMA National Programs

  7. How does our Chapter fit in? • We try and succeed at being one of the most ACTIVE organizations on campus! • We work hard academically and devote our time and energy to service simultaneously • How do we do it? • Support • Commitment to academics • Network of friendly and approachable admins • Dedication to service

  8. 2011-2012 Calendar of Events • Fall Semester • August 15th - 19th: Change Your Mind Week (see for details about each day) • Tuesday, August 16th : First General Body Meeting and Elections • Friday August 19th: Executive Board Retreat (for newly elected officers!)

  9. Fall Semester • Sunday August 25th Wine Tasting • Thursday, Sept 27th Business of Medicine Talk with Dr. Bonnie Mason 2011-2012 Calendar of Events

  10. How Does It All Work?

  11. Welcome to the Listserv! • The listserv is an amazing resource. It can be utilized for a variety of different reasons to send information to a large group of individuals connected to the organization • For business purposes only; many administrative employees receive emails from the listserv and would appreciate a level of professionalism! • Class listservs, for members only

  12. We’re on the Net!

  13. We Love Google!! • We use Google products quite often: • Gmail • Contact Jessica and Ayesha (presidents) jointly at • Contact Luke and Brandon (HPREP) jointly at • Contact Indira and Mariatu (MAPS) jointly at • GoogleCal: ALL of our events are posted to our Google calendar so you can find out what we have going on with just the touch of a button! • GoogleDocs: we love to get your input and feedback in the form of a GoogleDoc! It streamlines sign-ups and allows us be more efficient!

  14. How to Join Our Chapter! Membership Information Click to download and print the membership form National dues are $100 (pays for all four years!)  Chapter dues are $20 per year Membership forms (and cash/check dues will be accepted here and online (! Dues may also be paid via Paypal/credit card ($3.78 transaction fee applies)

  15. Benefits of Membership! • SNMA members enjoy the following benefits • Publications • Journal of the Student National Medical Association (JSNMA) • President's newsletter • MAPS newsletter • Educational Resources • Academic Clinical Education in Training (ACE-IT) (Active Members) • Introduction to Clinical Medicine (Active Members) • So You Want to be a Doctor (Associate Members) • Discounts • Princeton Review (MCAT) • Scrubs and Lab Coats • JSNMA and Website Ads • Car rentals • Scholarships • Kaplan Board Review • SNMA Member Scholarships • Other Benefits • Loan Consolidation • Free membership with the Global Health Council • Members only listserves • Become a national officer • Member-exclusive events • National Leadership Institute • Leadership Development Series • Annual Medical Education Conference • Annual community service project • Annual Research Forum • International Medical Missions

  16. Election Process • Only members of the organization are eligible to run for a position • Members must pay dues by Friday, August 19 2011 • Prepare a short 90 second blurb about your qualifications and interest • A survey will be used to determine the elected officials • Good Luck!!

  17. Open Officer Position Descriptions Secretary (1) • Attend all general body meetings and prepare minutes and distribute to the chapter before the next meeting • Keep an updated record of all minutes Community Service Chairs ( 2) • Develop and execute monthly chapter community service projections within the scope of the national agenda • Coordinate the annual Share Your Christmas initiative in November and December • Coordinate the annual Bone Marrow Drive during February Health Professions Recruitment Exposure Program (HPREP) Sub-Chair (1) • Role: work with the HPREP Co-Chairs in coordinating the 7 week HPREP program which runs from January to March Youth Science Enrichment Program (YSEP) Sub-Chair (1) • Role: work with the YSEP Co-Chairs in coordinating the 7 week YSEP program which runs from January to March

  18. Open Officer Position Descriptions cont’d Social Chairs (2) • Develop monthly social events that will serve the purpose of bringing chapter members closer together • Coordinate social events with other SNMA chapters and graduate program organizations in the area • Coordinate the Annual Ski Trip during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend or an equivalent social event at the discretion of the general body. Recruitment Liaison (2) • Serve as the official liaison between the Office of Special Programs and SNMA • Coordinate meetings between SNMA members and potential applicants to the School of Medicine • Oversee and coordinate the Annual Open House during the spring semester • Work with the MAPS Liaison to coordinate the Annual Premedical Conference • Coordinate the annual Second Look Dinner Historian (2) • Attend and take pictures at all chapter events • Keep a written and photographic record of all chapter activities • Send pictures to the chapter Webmaster and Regional Director • Develop a quarterly newsletter outlining chapter events (Fall—November, Winter—February, Spring—May)

  19. Open Officer Position Descriptions cont’d Fundraising Chairs (2) • Develop fundraising events to raise money for the National Conference as well as for a charity/scholarship • Coordinate the Annual Speed Dating Event or an equivalent fundraising event at the discretion of the general body. Webmaster (1) • Oversee and update the chapter website at least twice a month • Maintain the chapter list-serve Parliamentarian (1) • Assist the Co-Presidents in the interpretation of the SNMA National Constitution and UNC Bylaws in accordance to Robert Rules of Order • Be responsible for the collection and correction of all amendments to the Chapter Bylaws and their distribution to chapter members Minority Men in Medicine Chairs (1)Conduct weekly meetings and workshops for undergraduate participants • Network with physicians in order to establish connections to assist in meeting objectives • Organize activities to improve preparation for professional school applications • Serve as primary role models for all group members