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My big picture e-Profile PowerPoint Presentation
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My big picture e-Profile

My big picture e-Profile

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My big picture e-Profile

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  1. My big picture e-Profile Type your name here

  2. My big picture e-Profile Instructions for the teacher/learning support assistant • You are able to input information onto each slide for individual students. • You do this by selecting Normal in the View menu. Overtype the text that is already on the slide by selecting it and then typing in the new information. • You can add photos and sound. • Where there is an instruction or information in blueor (blueitalic)select and cut the text to remove it from the slide, once you have followed the instruction. You can also delete anything else that is not relevant. • Green slides are instruction slides for teachers/learning support assistants and should be deleted when no longer needed. • The white slides are a suggested starting point for young people. • Run the presentation. • When the presentation is complete, delete this first slide.

  3. Who I am I want to tell you about: • my hopes and dreams: • what I am good at: • new things I want to try: • what I need help with: • things that worry me: (It is important to ask the people who know them well what they think the young person’s good points are.)

  4. Things that are important to me • My friend, Thomas. • My sister, Jade. • My brother, James. • My bedroom. • My CD player. (Find out from the young person and the people who know them well, what makes a good day and what makes a bad day.)

  5. When I leave school I want to go to: (Click and drag the arrow and make it point to where you want to go when you leave school.)

  6. How I communicate • I find it hard to speak. • I can sign. • I can listen well. • I see everything. • I can draw. (Make sure that the young person’s communication needs are up to date and recorded, so that others will know how to communicate with the young person in the future.)

  7. Keeping safe and healthy • I have to take medicines each day. • I have a special diet. • I need care during the day and night. • I have a Health Action Plan. (Check that all information relating to health and support needs are up to date and recorded ready to share with any relevant new people in the young person’s life.)

  8. My family • This is my dad and my little brother. (Do the parents/carers know that once the young person becomes 18 they can no longer give consent on their behalf and how this will affect the way agencies will work with them?)

  9. School to college When I change from school to college, I know how to apply: • to my local college • to a residential college • to attend a specialist course on ... • for a grant • for help with travel. (Check that the young person and his/her family know the procedures for applying, selections and interviews.)

  10. Transport and travel I will need help: • with travel that includes my wheelchair • so I could learn to travel on my own • to record travel arrangements for attending college, employment or a training provider. (Record how the young person will access leisure activities. Are there any arrangements to make?)

  11. Help with money • I need help to manage my independent living fund. (Confirm that the young person and their family/carers have had information about financial changes and new benefits.)

  12. Friends • I would like to keep in contact with my special friends Louisaand Jade. (Explore ways the young person can keep in touch with their friends from school and home.)

  13. Having fun • I like horse riding at the Fortune Centre. • I like growing plants. (Does the young person have information about the different options and how to access them?)

  14. What I want to do during the day • I would like to look at day service and other day opportunities. (Does the young person have information about work and training options? And how they can be supported to prepare for work or supported in work?)

  15. How I want to live • I would like to live: • on my own • with my friends • with my family.  (place the tick in the young person’s choice) (Record how the young person wants to live now and in the future.)

  16. Anything else? • I would also like ... : (Check if there are any concerns about leaving school not covered. Is everybody clear how the action points will happen and be shared?)