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New Student Parent Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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New Student Parent Orientation

New Student Parent Orientation

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New Student Parent Orientation

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  1. New Student Parent Orientation A Guide to the Commuter Student Experience at Monmouth University

  2. Profile of Commuter Students at Monmouth University 44% live at home 61% have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better 63% work 10 or more hours a week 55% commute 4 to 5 days a week 74% of all students (undergraduate and graduate) at Monmouth commute

  3. Making the Transition The experience a student has in high school will be quite different once they get to college. Students may find it exciting, stressful, or both when they begin their classes this fall. How will you feel when your student begins his/her first classes at Monmouth this fall? Keys to success: communication and time management.

  4. Balancing Act for Commuters Commuter students have to juggle work, academics, family, a social life, and whatever else may come up. Help your student find a sense of balance. Time management is a critical. A daily planner can play an important role in your student’s success. P.S. This is also a great high school graduation gift.

  5. Commuting to Campus Unless your student’s car is relatively new, think about having it tuned up before he/she begins driving to campus each week. Encourage your son/daughter to get to campus 20 to 30 minutes before their first class of day during the first month. Students must have a valid parking decal for their vehicle. Deadline to apply: September 1, after 9/1/12 there is a $50 late fee. When creating their fall schedule of classes, see if they can cluster the courses to save $$$ and wear and tear on the car.

  6. Navigating Campus The success your student hopes to achieve will be based on his/her willingness to take advantage of the many programs, services, and resources that are offered on campus. Many first year students may feel a bit overwhelmed during their first few weeks of college. Students who need academic help should speak to their professors, the Center for Student Success, or the First Year Office. Students are also encouraged to contact the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services when they have a question.

  7. Making the Connection Students who are actively engaged are more satisfied with their college experience. There are approximately 90+ student clubs and organizations. Recipe for dissatisfaction: come to campus, go to class, then go home right away. Effort in the classroom + student engagement outside the classroom = student success in college

  8. Getting Involved The success a commuter student hopes to achieve in college is based on his or her commitment to academics and their level of engagement to experiences outside the classroom. Joining Student Clubs and Organizations Campus Work-Study Jobs Campus Meal-Plans Assisting with Academic Research Attending Campus Events

  9. Campus Resources There are a number of services available to commuter students at Monmouth University. They include: Center for Student Success (CSS) Counseling and Psychological Services Your student’s professors First Year at Monmouth The Guggenheim Library The Health Center The Fitness Center MUPD Off-Campus and Commuter Services

  10. Family Involvement Getting involved with out-of-class activities will enhance your student’s level of satisfaction with Monmouth University . Encourage your son or daughter to ask questions and seek out help when they need it. Students need to take an active role in getting the most out of their education at Monmouth (attending class, completing course assignments, seeking tutoring when necessary). Feel free to come to any of the advertised programs and events that are sponsoredthroughout the school year.

  11. Did You Know? • Commuter students can and should use the University Health Center when necessary? • Commuter students can contact the MUPD and request an escort across campus? • Commuter students may apply for up to 2 parking decals. • Most events on-campus are FREE to all students. They only need to show their student ID. • Commuter students can contact the MUPD for assistance when they have locked their keys in the car or when their car battery has run low. • Commuters can get a meal-plan or what is called declining balance dollars. • Monmouth University has a substance awareness counselor on-campus to assist all students. • The University offers all of its students a wide array of tutoring services. • The success your student hopes to have is dependent upon what kind of effort they make both inside and out of the classroom. • Commuter students who get in the habit of using a daily planner are more likely to have a good academic year.

  12. New Student Orientation Schedule The best way your son or daughter can begin his/her first semester is by attending New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation will be held between July 9 and 25, 2012. Orientation is presented by students and it’s designed to be positive, informative, and interactive. To learn more about this summer’s new Student Orientation program go to