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  1. EARTHQUAKE • Learning Objectives • To begin to understand the impact on the people of Japan

  2. KWL Complete the first two columns of your KWL grid.

  3. MIND MOVIE “The entire building was shaking violently and I was hanging onto furniture just to stop myself from being thrown around the room and praying that the big concrete pillar in the middle of my office would not break and bring the whole building down on me. When it subsided, access to outside from my office had been blocked off so all the people like me had to get out of my window and go down three storeys on a ladder, a rather rickety ladder. When I reached the bottom, I just looked around me and saw...... FINISH THE STORY. WHAT DID YOU SEE?

  4. What do you think happened two hours BEFORE this photo was taken? What do you think happened two hours AFTER this photo was taken?

  5. MAPS FROM MEMORY PAIR WORK You are about to see a map of Japan for 30 seconds. You need to remember as much as you can of the map. You will then have two minutes to draw as much of the map as you can remember on your A4 paper! You will repeat the process three times until you have built up a complete map.


  7. Outline of the countries? Names of places?

  8. What caused the Japanese earthquake? Watch the clip once all the way through. Watch it a second time and; Write down: Plate names Any other important bits of information! The BBC explains the science behind the Japanese earthquake

  9. What caused the Japanese earthquake?

  10. Friday the 11th March Draw the timeline and write down one thing that happened each day after the quake struck alongside the correct day. Have any buildings fallen? How many people have been injured? Saturday the 12th March Sunday 13th March

  11. KWL Add 3-5 things you have LEARNT today about the Japanese earthquake.