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Introduction to Day Schools, Home Schools & Weekend Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Day Schools, Home Schools & Weekend Schools

Introduction to Day Schools, Home Schools & Weekend Schools

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Introduction to Day Schools, Home Schools & Weekend Schools

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  1. Introduction to Day Schools, Home Schools & Weekend Schools

  2. Content About the Founder, Paramahamsa Nithyananda Nithyananda’s Vision for eN-Education eN-Education’s mission eN-Education Programmes About eN-Vidyalaya (weekend school) Where every child is a genius Other systems vseN-Vidyalaya Roadmap of lesson plans FAQs eN-Vidyalaya Singapore First Intake Links to more details

  3. About the Founder, Paramahamsa Nithyananda A rare living Avatar from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, has emerged as a compelling spiritual force of this millennium. Working and sharing with over 20 million people worldwide every year, Nithyananda is committed to help humanity make the next big breakthrough:  into Super consciousness. As spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to sannyas, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques and tools for lasting inner transformation. A powerful spiritual healer, Nithyananda has healed thousands of people of diseases ranging from depression to cancer, often with a single touch. Today, Nithyananda is currently the most watched spiritual master on youtube, and the bestselling author of over 200 books in 26 languages. A recent survivor of violent religious persecution and unlawful imprisonment in his own country, Nithyananda has emerged still stronger from the attack, and continues to reveal to the world the deeper dimensions of yoga and meditation drawn from the ancient mystic disciplines of the East. Nithyananda’s  authenticity, spontaneity and his deeply compassionate insight into our own struggles and aspirations make his teachings relevant across the barriers of space, time and mind.

  4. ParamahamsaNithyananda’svision on eN-Education Planet earth needs more and more people who are awakened and enlightened. The age group that transforms the fastest is youth.  We have created a brand new form of education, ‘Enlightening Nithyanandam based Spiritual Education -eNBSE’ for children. This learning is based on stimulation of non-mechanical parts of the brain, right brain activity-based experiential assimilation, activating multiple intelligence channels and most importantly understanding life solutions. Swamiji’s Vision – “To create a quantum intelligent civilization based on consciousness, compassion, creativity and confidence in at least 10 million children.” “I want the students to wake up like a flower, with deep love, and live with people who are meditators so they know how to balance themselves. The children will not absorb the negativity of the outer world and will maintain the purity of the inner world radiating Nithyananda – the eternal bliss!” –Paramahamsa Nithyananda

  5. eN-Education’s Mission To make children spontaneous by awakening their intuition To develop the children’s dynamic energy, so that they learn how to think laterally in any situation, and fully express their creativity, love and compassion. To provide an integrated education that will instil and nourish the development of the child’s inner calmness and excellence in outer world performance

  6. eN-Education Programmes eN-Vidyalaya (Weekend Schools) The three-hour weekend school gives prominence to character development based on consciousness rather than conscience. The program is based on raising the human consciousness from basic intelligence to spiritual intelligence. Values-based education hinges on five prime principles - Love, Truth, Peace, Right Understanding and Non Violence. These values are taught through weekly lessons using several teaching techniques - Quotations, Silent Sitting, Creative visualization, Right brain activities/games, Song/Music, Brain Yoga, Story and Group Activity.

  7. About eN – Vidyalaya What does “Vidyalaya” mean? Vidyalaya means inner knowledge, or knowledge of inner space i.e. “How do we understand ourselves as who we are so that we can be happy with ourselves and reflecting it on the world around us” What is eN-Vidyalaya? eN-Vidyalaya is a compassion-based reality tuition for the children using Living Enlightenment (LE) & Guaranteed Solutions (GS) as the base for understanding life eN-Vidyalaya is a 2-3 hr school which includes the use of yoga, meditation, games & activities to teach the children about life solutions, give them greater understanding about themselves and eventually help them find happiness within themselves At eN-Vidyalaya, we teach the children how to flow with life instead of resisting life at every moment, to awaken their ability to go beyond different emotions, stress and depression. By giving them a solid foundation and tools about life, they can create anything they want using the available resources

  8. About eN–Vidyalaya What were Swamiji’s insights when he developed this programme? According to Swamiji - “The inner flowering that happens, should be through the education we give the children so that the children will be successful in the outer and inner world. – Making them Buddha & Bill Gates” Swamiji also revealed that the first fourteen years of a child’s life plays a major role in his/her life. It is important that a child lives in an enlightenment-based community as much as possible where many brains have 6th sense access (i.e. cosmic connection) In a spiritual community (where everyone is working on awakening the non mechanical parts of the brains), the child always catches the highest possibilities & imbibes the truth whereas an adult always tunes to the lowest possibilities Usually a man can only enjoy pleasure from the 6 points (5 senses & heart). Just by living in an enlightenment based community, one experiences pleasure in all points of your life.

  9. eN-Vidyalaya: Where every child is a Genius In Vedic learning system, each individual was able to learn shiploads of books/data. The main system of learning was to teach them through sound waves and different methodologies which our sub-conscious mind can register. Basically, our mind can register a lot more info. We are taught from young age that our brain is a PC. But we are a PC with Internet connection. By nature, we have a 6th sense (cosmic connection) and we can download anything we want In the first 6 yrs of a child, their right brain is open. They can see through their ears, smell through the eyes …all these possibilities exist. If we provide them with possibilities, they will get very creative and expand their dimensions. The innate genius is already present in each child, we just have to bring out the possibilities in them. At eN-Vidyalaya, we awaken different dimensions of life in a child such as Intelligence Quotient (Intellect), Emotional Quotient (Balanced emotions), Spiritual Quotient (Lateral Intelligence / Divergent Thinking) & Holistic Quotient (Go beyond the mind), Quantum Quotient ( Enlightenment Zone) As children are neither clutched ( emotional attachments) nor unclutched, they are able to catch the higher dimension space very fast.

  10. Other Systems of learning vs. eN–Vidyalaya Competition vs. Compassion Majority of the outer world education is based on competition. The comparative-based education breeds superiority & inferiority complex in the children. They have one set of curriculum based on the sheep mentality. Past vs. Newture Swamiji coins a new term “newture”. We often teach our children of our past & they take our past & create their future. That’s what the world has taught them: to do the same thing everyday. They should be encouraged to do things in new ways, see everything with fresh eyes everyday. We must show them the possibilities and tools so that they can create themselves. In that way, they will be fulfilled in their inner space. Logic vs. Beyond Logic The current system of education is logic based and it is missing out the concept beyond logic. So the right brain is being suppressed. The problem with Western schooling system is that they only give one way to solve & present the same problems again & again which makes the children bored. We use guessing games, yoga & meditation to keep the right brain functioning alive so that they will be spontaneous. We also give them a lot of visualisation methods in pictorial form.

  11. Normalisation vs. Expansion We also use the Montessori idea where the bigger children teach the younger children in a mixed age group setup. Normalisation is a Montessori technique where a child is given activities which they are interested. We expand their inner space & go beyond normalization into the dynamic personality through out of box thinking and creating many possibilities. Rules vs. Response from Within Another example like teaching manners/behaviors – Taught in schools as rules without the understanding of why they should follow it. Here, we teach them using their inner space i.e. how they feel inside with the manner rules? How their inner space is affected when they are hurt? They will automatically know how to behave. The response comes from within spontaneously and is not forced on them. Proving vs. Creating We have a rule “Stop proving”. As we constantly try to prove to others to boost our ego. Constantly, we have to tell the children to stop proving by turning their energy inwards to start creating instead of dissipating it outside by telling the world “I am right”. Other Systems of learning vs. eN – Vidyalaya

  12. One Dimensional vs Multi Dimensional Learning We also have a multiple dimensional learning. One child could be drawing, one child could be singing, playing a game etc on the same subject by bring out the different dimensions of the children. The the whole classroom becomes a carnival – a celebration. The learning is through fun which leads to higher concentration among children and increased intensity and passion for learning. IQ vs SQ All leading MBA’s train the CEOs with SQ rather than IQ due to the right understanding which brings in the change in the way the patterns or wiring in the brain. This leads to awaking of new avenues in life. Children when groomed with the higher concepts land up more successful than the child who is give only IQ education. Harvard school have conducted many test eg: Marshmallow test on children and how their brain wired during the young age changes their very being to achieve greater success than others who have been given only knowledge. Other Systems of learning vs. eN – Vidyalaya

  13. There are 50+ clicks for the children in this first level program Use of healing words to heal the cracks in their inner space The end goal is to bring the children in awareness so that they make less mistakes or have less problems. The different lesson plans come with various games that act like vaccines for life to all the negative emotions A typical flow of a class Yoga series using story/eN- Kriya or NithyaDhyan Life Solutions & sharing session (5-6 classes for each chakra) An activity based on the life solution that day (card games, movement, meditation etc) Art work or theatre This system can work in any education for any level which can be packaged according to the duration of class, age range of children. A happy child is a learning child and a creative child. How is eN–Vidyalaya conducted?

  14. Roadmap of Lesson Plans Level #1 70-week programme covering 50+ clicks focusing on different emotions such as Love Desire Guilt Fear Pain Worry Stress Compare Gratitude The curriculum will be continuously updated by Swamiji’s truths. Level #2 & Future Plan 1 are already in place which has more than 100 clicks Unclutch You are intelligence Responsibility Leadership Global peace More….

  15. Links to More Details Video clips in Youtube Email: