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Xbox 360 Kinect and Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Xbox 360 Kinect and Education

Xbox 360 Kinect and Education

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Xbox 360 Kinect and Education

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  1. By Jennifer Chitnis Xbox 360 Kinect and Education

  2. Connecting the Kinect • A new Xbox 360 has a built in Kinect port for the system • For an older Xbox 360, there is an AC adapter for power and a USB input to plug into the back port

  3. Calibrating Use “smiley face” card that comes with bundle to set up play space and try to line up the card with on-screen glasses

  4. You are the controller-- • Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in amazing new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology disappears, letting the natural magic in all of us shine.

  5. Setting Up • Place the sensor 2-6 ft off the floor and center it with your TV. • Make sure there is room to play—6 ft between you and the sensor, and 8 ft from other object and people

  6. How it works • Navigating • wave your hand so sensor can see you • Moving your hand moves the pointer on the screen • To select an item, hold your hand over it until the ring completely fills up with color • Kinect automatically recognizes you and will automatically sign you into your profile after the initial setup (Kinect ID is located in the Kinect Hub item)

  7. Guide Gestures Hold your left hand out and down to bring up the Kinect Guide The guide is where you can pause the game, look at your profile and friends, tune the sensor or access Kinect Hub to see other things

  8. Voice Recognition The microphone icon indicates speech recognition is available– say “xbox” to bring up voice commands available to use

  9. 20 ways to use it in Education • Meet students from different schools • Practice proper footwork for dancing (ballroom, square, etc.) • See if students really studied for a test by checking if they logged on to the content • Enhance real-world environment • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game helps students with disabilities practice range of motion on a prescribed schedule and then assess their performance • Displays virtual humans so you can learn their parts and do an anatomy course without the formaldahyde • Easier for special needs people to play because they don’t have to use hard to hold and manage controllers • Kinect Adventures is good for full body motion encouraging people to get moving • Kinectimals teaches students how to care and feed for a pet

  10. Kinect Sports can be used for students with disabilities that cannot participate in gym • This game can also be used to encourage movement and reduce boredom during indoor recess • Brings kids, parents, educators, mentors, etc together by “breaking the ice” • Promotes teamwork • Sportsmanship and fair play • Encourages creativity • Allows students to discover things outside their classroom (studying volcanoes, weather patterns, etc without actually being in harms way or leaving the classroom) • Encourage students to participate in gym class • live stream educational videos • Allow students stuck at home to “come into” the classroom • Study shows that Kinecthelps student with autism connect with other people

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