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Carl D. Perkins

Carl D. Perkins. Hosted by:. Carolyn Zachry. Let’s Begin. Equipment. Use of Funds . Supplies. State Plan. Potpourri. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. Equipment – 100.

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Carl D. Perkins

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  1. Carl D. Perkins

  2. Hosted by: Carolyn Zachry Let’s Begin

  3. Equipment Use of Funds Supplies State Plan Potpourri 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  4. Equipment – 100 Perkins funds are used to secure a new piece of instructional equipment. In order to install the equipment and make it functional, upgraded electrical service must be completed by a local construction company. Can Perkins funds be used to cover this cost?

  5. Equipment – 100 Yes The cost of “any modification, attachments, accessories, or auxiliary apparatus necessary to make the equipment usable” is an allocable expense.

  6. Equipment - 200 The Automotive program is in need of a new wheel balancer. The cost of the balancer is $6,429. What needs to occur before this purchase can be made?

  7. Equipment - 200 Since the cost of the wheel balancer is over $5,000 the LEA must complete a capital outlay request and receive approval from CDE prior to the purchase of this item.

  8. Equipment - 300 A piece of equipment in the construction program is in need of repair. The equipment was not purchased with Perkins funds. Can Perkins funds be used to repair this item?

  9. Equipment - 300 Yes Even though the equipment was not purchased with Perkins funds, the funds can be used to repair the equipment if the cost of repair is less than the cost of replacement.

  10. Equipment - 400 The computer used by the accounting teacher needs to be replaced. Can Perkins funds be used to replace this computer?

  11. Equipment - 400 No Equipment purchased using Perkins funds, solely for teacher use is not allowed. All equipment purchased with Perkins funds must be for student use or utilized in instructing students in the classroom.

  12. Equipment - 500 Can equipment purchased with Perkins funds be used by non-CTE  students?

  13. Equipment - 500 Yes Equipment purchased with Perkins funds may be used by non-CTE students but only if the use will not interfere with work on the projects or program for which it was originally acquired.

  14. Funding - 100 Is there a minimum allocation in order to receive Perkins funding?

  15. Funding - 100 Yes the minimum allocation for section 131 (secondary) funds is $15,000. The minimum allocation for section 132 (Adult) is $50,000.

  16. Funding - 200 Are carryover of funds allowed for Perkins?

  17. Funding - 200 No! All funds allocated to each LEA must be legally encumbered by June 30 of the current program year. Any money that is not encumbered by June 30 is released and reallocated to all LEAs by formula the following year.

  18. Funding - 300 Is a district program area that received Perkins funding in the past automatically required to receive Perkins funds this year?

  19. Funding - 300 No! It is a local determination as to which program areas receive assistance with Perkins funds.

  20. Use of Funds - 400 Can Perkins funds be used to pay for a student to take a certification examination?

  21. Use of Funds - 400 No! Perkins funds cannot be used to pay for tests and certifications such as A++, Net+, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MOUS, etc.

  22. Use of Funds - 500 If I work part-time on Perkins related matters, is my salary part of administrative costs?

  23. Use of Funds - 500 Yes! Your salary associated with working part-time on Perkins related matters is part of administrative costs if you are doing administrative work. No more than five percent of the total amount expended with Perkins funds may be used for administrative purposes.

  24. Supplies – 100 Can I use Perkins funds to purchase any CTE supplies?

  25. Supplies – 100 No! Perkins funds may only be used to purchase those supplies that improve or enhance the program.

  26. Supplies - 200 Can I use Perkins funds to purchase jackets for my CTSO students?

  27. Supplies - 200 Maybe You cannot use the funds to purchase a jacket for an individual student however, you could use the funds to purchase jackets to be checked out to students.

  28. Supplies - 300 Can I purchase gas and welding rod for my welding classes?

  29. Supplies - 300 No! Perkins funds can only be used to purchase supplies that improve, enhance or expand the course and not used to maintain the program.

  30. Supplies - 400 I run a restaurant careers program and would like to purchase T-Shirts for my students to wear in the restaurant. Can I use the Perkins funds to purchase the shirts?

  31. Supplies - 400 No! Perkins funds may not be used to purchase T-shirts, jackets, or other items which would be retained by the students.

  32. Supplies - 500 I run a program in the Agriculture & Natural Resources industry sector. Can use Perkins to purchase the FFA leadership kits?

  33. Supplies - 500 No! The FFA leadership kits include dues and therefore Perkins cannot be used.

  34. State Plan - 100 The State Plan has a date on it…2008–2012. Does that mean the plan has expired?

  35. State Plan - 100 No The State Plan will actually continue until Congress has reauthorized the Perkins Act.

  36. State Plan - 200 I have a pathway in the Engineering and Architecture industry sector. I have a teacher with a single subject Business credential teaching a CAD class. Can I support that class with Perkins funding?

  37. State Plan - 200 No Perkins funds may only be used to support a class that is staffed by a qualified CTE teacher. This is a teacher who 1) posses a standard secondary, single-subject or designated-subject credential which authorizes the teaching of the CTE course, and 2) can document employment expereince, outside of education, in the career pathway addressed.

  38. State Plan - 300 Eighty-five percent of your Section 131 or 132 funds must be expended on what type of activities?

  39. State Plan - 300 Improving, enhancing, expanding the CTE program including (but not limited to) curriculum and professional development, instructional equipment and materials, and providing for special populations.

  40. State Plan - 400 Can middle schools receive Perkins funds?

  41. State Plan - 400 Yes Middle school (grades 7 & 8) CTE courses may be assisted with Section 131 funds only if integral to approved sequences of courses by a high school.

  42. State Plan - 500 Are districts required to match the Perkins funds?

  43. State Plan - 500 No, but… Districts must be actively involved in the delivery of CTE programs, meaning that the districts must provide at least one CTE sequence of courses that includes at least one district-funded course. Additionally, districts must be able to prove that they are not supplanting or running the CTE program with only the Perkins money.

  44. Potpourri - 100 Who is the current CDE Career and College Transition Division director?

  45. Potpourri - 100 Russ Weikle is the interim division director.

  46. Potpourri - 200 What did the State Board of Education do at the January 17, 2013 meeting?

  47. Potpourri - 200 Approved the revised Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards.

  48. Potpourri - 300 What was added to the revised standards, that was not explicitly Included in the prior version?

  49. Potpourri - 300 Standards for Career Ready Practice

  50. Potpourri - 400 What are the forms that need to be submitted annually to receive Perkins funding?

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