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Carl D. Perkins Act 2014 Data Reporting

Carl D. Perkins Act 2014 Data Reporting. Dave Laton Sharon Ingram Randy Bowman. Perkins Reporting. Accessing reports the DAX system Pell certification Perkins performance reporting Verifying and reporting data Final steps. Overview. Accessing DAX Login. Login. Pell Certification.

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Carl D. Perkins Act 2014 Data Reporting

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  1. Carl D. Perkins Act 2014 Data Reporting Dave Laton Sharon Ingram Randy Bowman

  2. Perkins Reporting • Accessing reports the DAX system • Pell certification • Perkins performance reporting • Verifying and reporting data • Final steps Overview

  3. Accessing DAX Login

  4. Login

  5. Pell Certification

  6. Accessing Reports

  7. Accessing Reports

  8. Accessing Reports

  9. Verifying and Reporting Data

  10. Verifying and Reporting Data

  11. Perkins Performance Reporting

  12. Perkins Reporting Accessing Reports

  13. Accessing Reports

  14. Verifying and Reporting Data

  15. Data Not Provided by DAX Verifying Data • 1P1 – Technical Skills Attainment • 2P1 – Columns A9 and A12 • 3P1 – Column A15 – No out-of-state Transfers • 4P1 – Columns B3 and B4 • Column B2 might be incomplete (DIR Wage data)

  16. Verifying and Reporting Data

  17. Perkins Reporting How to use “Get Details” Verifying Data • Export to Excel • Format the data as a table • Use sorting and filtering as needed

  18. Perkins Reporting Reconciling Differences between DAX and Local Verification Verifying Data • Data is not correct or complete in Local Administrative System • Supporting data in DAX is not coded correctly (i.e., check the CTE Course Verification and CTE Program Verification reports) • An error in logic used to pull the data

  19. Perkins Reporting Send details to ADA Office Verifying Data • Download the Get Details file for each of the columns • Give the files to your ADA office and ask them to return an aggregate number of matches per indicator • Enter the data into spreadsheet.

  20. Perkins Reporting Changes to Reporting • Page 3 – General Instructions • Removed requirement to explain how funds will be used (report on this later) • Added requirement to report articulation and PLA credit for CTE programs (Pages 9-10) • Added change page at end of instructions booklet

  21. Perkins Reporting • Verify data is accurate • Enter percent totals from spreadsheets in the appropriate section on the 2013-2014 report Final Steps

  22. Perkins Reporting • Complete Subsection 2.2 - Strategic Analysis Team • Complete Subsection 2.3 - Articulation and Prior Learning Assessment Report Final Steps

  23. Perkins Reporting • Obtain necessary signatures • Send to DPE according to instructions in the report NLT July 31, 2014 Final Steps

  24. Carl D. Perkins Act Budgeting Process Gene Dudley Sharon Ingram Dave Laton

  25. Perkins Budgeting • Budget form overview • Details for each page • Amendment process • Monthly expenditure reports Overview

  26. General Changes • 3 budget packages • Microsoft Word format • Page 1 – reason for amendment removed • Page 2 – General instructions

  27. Specific Changes

  28. Specific Changes

  29. Specific Changes

  30. Specific Changes

  31. Specific Changes

  32. Specific Changes

  33. Specific Changes

  34. Specific Changes

  35. Specific Changes

  36. Specific Changes

  37. Specific Changes

  38. Specific Changes

  39. Perkins Budgeting • Final Actions • Obtain signatures – page 1 • President signs assurances (basic budget only) • Submit to DPE (fax, email, or mail)

  40. Carl D. Perkins Act Monthly Summary Reports Sharon Ingram

  41. Monthly Reports

  42. Monthly Reports

  43. Monthly Reports

  44. Monthly Reports

  45. Monthly Reports

  46. Monthly Reports

  47. Monthly Reports

  48. Monthly Reports * *Out of state travel – ACCS Fiscal Services Policy Section VII, para G. See ACCS web site

  49. Monthly Reports

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